27 thoughts on “Midday Coffee Break

  1. Imagine Dragons is my 16 yo’s current favorite band. I think. Unless that’s last week’s news.

    DH and I are going to use an expiring groupon for a mid week date night. Here’s hoping we both stay awake.

  2. I’ve got to find a way to get M out of dance. Had the most horrifying conversation today with the people over there. I was a little concerned because M was looking a little peaked and I know they have this draconian policy about missing rehearsals. My question? What happens if a child is legitimately ill- with a fever and all- and they need to miss tech rehearsal? The answer: They’re out of the show.

    So… a feverish, contagious kid is expected to show up at rehearsal and stay the entire time (not just the time they’re onstage, also the time they’re backstage huddled together with 100 other little kids in a teeny tiny space). I swear, if M gets sick during this thing I’m going to tell her to go give the Director of Dance a great big hug and a kiss and to be sure to drink out of his water bottle.

    I get seriously ragey about this every single time we get to this point, don’t I? Eventually I’ll get over it I assume but, in the meantime, I want to put a fork in this guy’s leg every time I see him. I settle for giving him the serious stink eye and telling everyone I know that I think he’s running a miseducative program and should be fired.

    Which probably explains why M will never be Clara.

      • I’m currently conspiring with her gymnastics coach (whom I love) to try to find a way to make gymnastics the Most Important Thing in M’s life. Not hard- she has high aspirations there- but we may end up paying for some private coaching time.

    • We just had a talk with Mira about activities – she’s doing swimming (probably mostly because I make her…) and soccer. But in the past week she’s talked about adding: Science Olympiad, Book Club, Dance, Art, Russian, and something else. DH and I talked about it and felt pretty strongly that she could add one thing but not more as we’ve really noticed a difference in her when she doesn’t have free time. Anyways, after thinking it over, she’s decided she really wants to do dance. I spoke with a couple dance places and knew we’d need someplace somewhat laid back (I mean they basically have to be anyways to have classes for 8 year olds who are joining mid-year and with limited experience!). I really liked the one we settled on. But the whole time I was talking to people in my head I was thinking, “Does this sound like SnarkyMom’s place? Because if so I’m crossing it off the list!”

      • Liza’s been at a very professional yet very accepting and supportive studio for going on 10 years now.. if you ever have questions let me know… there’s a definite middle ground to be had…

        • Thanks. I’m still trying to get a sense of how interested Mira really is. If she does the next semester with this place and really likes it, then I’ll likely reach out for more guidance on finding the right place and classes. I’d love to see her stay excited by this.

          • I love Liza’s studio b/c the girls who audition for the competition team really know what they’re in for and are pushed pretty hard core.. the other girls (and boys) are pushed and challenged but not outrageously so.. they’ve always been supportive of her acting and the fact that kids do multiple activities.. she is in five classes a week now and hopefully will add pointe this winter…it’s been such a good experience for her.

  3. The 8 year old flushed half a box of wipes down the toilet. Tried plunging, the snake, no luck, so just made an appointment with the plumber. I had to call the electrician earlier today due to a short in an outlet. This is a banner day.

    • If misery loves company this should cheer you up: the neuropsychologist was attaching leads to DS11’s scalp and found lice. Lots of them. She seemed relatively unphased by this and continued the session anyway, but eeeew. So I’ve spent the last 5 hrs or so on lice duty, including the more than 2 hrs it took just to comb through my darling boy’s long, flowing, heavily tangled tresses.

      • Oh yuck. I’m sorry. I’m still traumatized from our lice infestation a couple months ago. I think it took me ~3 hours on Mira’s hair. And then Isaac just screamed the whole time. And the lice were just so gross… Eeeeew is right.

        Hope that lice duty has banished them!

      • Sounds like a good reason for a really short haircut to me!!! I threatened my daughter with short hair the last time she had lice. Combing out hair that is two feet long with a teeny tiny comb is just NOT fun.

      • Ugh. I live in fear of our first lice. We haven’t had fleas in the house for at least 18 months, since before our dog died, and yet I’m still constantly looking closely at every little black speck I notice. The battle with the fleas that went on FOR.EV.ER nearly did me in. God help me the first time one of my little darlings brings home lice.

    • We (probably me) locked the door to DD’s bedroom, which locks from the inside. The upside is she doesn’t live here full time, so she’s not locked out of her bedroom or anything. The bad news….all my Hannukah stuff is in the closet there. DH called a locksmith who will come on Friday…..and Hannukah starts on Saturday. It’s not the same scale as Christmas, by a long shot, but I miss my bowl of dreidels and all our menorahs. I have one Menorah that was in another box, so that will tide me over.

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