18 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread

  1. Well – I don’t do too many “holiday” things this time of year, but one that I do is LATKES! I just grated a 10 pound bag of potatoes and four large onions () to make a big batch. Tomorrow is our agency’s Holiday party, so I’ll bring some then, and freeeze the rest… Hannukah starts Saturday night, but I literally will not have time between now and then to cook.

    mmmmmm fried potatos and onions! yum!!

  2. Ooo! I love latkes! A friend is having a Hanukkah party and serving frozen latkes (she does not cook). I offered to bring sufganiyot, although I might chicken out and just make Italian honey balls, (“not struffoli,” my mother says.) They’re still fried dough…

    • fried dough is good….I usually get my sufganiyot from the bakery – and if I can’t find them, I go to Dunkin Donuts. Last year, on the first night of Hannukah, I went to DD and the (Indian) owner said “why is everyone buying Jelly Donuts??” LOL they were practically sold out and didn’t have enough for all the hungry Jews!

  3. Another night in the ER. Baby is fine but has a mild case of croup. She’s just sick enough to keep having to be seen immediately due to her age, but not sick enough to need to stay,..so I’m stuck in that place where I’m afraid to go to sleep because I want to listen to her breathing.

    My moms leaving Thursday, and we will be staying in the rental by then. But I’m a little panicky. Baby just wants to be held all the time and when she’s sleeping (and dd is sleeping), *I* need to sleep!

    • Ugh. Can your mom extend her stay- or would you want her to? Croup is the so scary and ERs are awful places to go with a baby. Hope everyone is better soon!

      • She can come back if I need her, but she’s tired and I’m stressed and guilty that she’s tired, so it’s best that she go. The ER trips have thrown a wrench in things, but I think I can manage. Baby seems better today, so just hoping she continues to improve.

  4. This morning we were supposed to bring the angels out of our nativity scenes for a special blessing at church. I dug it out and even got it to church along with the kids and myself, all of us clean and fairly presentable for what turned out to be one crazy a$$ service. (Good, but crazy.) The high point? When we were supposed to hold our angels up in the air to have them blessed (just after the kids did an angel flash mob- I kid you not), H pulled a Lego ship out of his pocket and held it up. “It’s sort of like an angel,” he said. Later he told me that he was planning the opening salvo in the Battle of Bethlehem, and decided that his guys should get an equal blessing.

    I handed him the nativity scene box when we got home and told him to go crazy. I’m out of town the next couple of days, but I fully expect to find Mary, Joseph and the baby hunkered down behind barbed wire and a fully fortified star destroyer when I get back.

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