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  1. Gingerbread latte and breakfast sandwich at the coffee shop as I work on some church service stuff for Sunday. Clara’s home sick with a fever and thankfully Nathan can take the morning duty while I get this crap done. And f&ck around on the internets some, of course.

  2. Good news from the land of therapy: everything i am feeling is NORMAL! My therapist has 3 kids also (now grown) so it was reassuring to talk through my experiences. I’m always worried about going over the edge, so to speak, since I’ve already got issues. But so far it seems I’m just experiencing normal baby blues/sleep deprivation stuff.

    Baby had a slight fever and a stuffy nose last night. She skipped 2 feedings so I called the nurse at 5 am and of course she directed me to the ER. Quick visit; no fever there (of course!!!) and so they made sure she peed enough and then sent us home. She’s just picked up a little virus from her older sibs, it seems. So that was exciting.

  3. Has anyone here seen Lincoln? I’m trying to figure out whether it would be suitable for my 4th and 6th grade boys. It’s a serious grown up movie, all talk and no action despite the attraction of the Civil War in the background. But DS11 is passionate about race and social justice, while DS10 is currently fascinated by the workings of government and Lincoln’s assassination. What do you think?

    • Didn’t take my kids because they’d have been bored out of their skulls – they don’t have the same interests as your boys…mostly space stuff…It’s good but quite heavy handed and slow and it should have ended about 10 minutes before it did. Daniel Day Lewis is crazy good though.

    • Katie saw it, so I asked about my DS (13) and she said “yes”. Her only hesitation was that it might be better on DVD where you could stop to explain things. I think we are going tomorrow. My DS is a history buff and has love Lincoln since he was 2 years old (cute pic of DS and AL in the Wax Museum!)

      • sorry I was out tonight… yes what Sue said.. I want Liza to see it but I think I will wait til it’s on dvd.

        I’m OB SESSED with this movie… so damn good…

        • But would you take a child younger than 13? My boys are both pretty intense and serious, and I do like to stretch them. Those of us who grew up in the dark ages before VCRs didn’t only watch movies narrowly targeted to our age group; we watched what was on when it was on, and stumbled upon some interesting stuff that way. But my 10 year old is a long way from your 13 year old; it’s too far above them I don’t want their squirming in the dark theater to spoil my enjoyment of the movie.

          • It’s Very very very wordy.. lots of intricacies of the vote but also punctuated with scenes that anyone can relate to — Mary Todd grieving her son, Robert Lincoln trying to defy his father to join the Army, Teddy Lincoln interrupting a cabinet meeting.. there are about 2-3 fairly gruesome depictions of the brutality of war… I don’t know if the under 13s would get much out of it…

            • It does look too talky to me. But I guess I’ll find out, because we’re all going. I showed the trailer to DS10 last night and he is totally pumped. “Oh, so it’s about how hard it was for Lincoln to get the senators to trust him so he could amend the constitution!! That looks like a really great movie!! Can we go see that this weekend?” #mychildrenarekindaweird

    • I took my 9th grade daughter and 5th grade son. My daughter loved it and luckily I was sitting next to my son so I could explain things. I thought it might be too boring for him but when it was over he said he liked it. I totally loved it. If Daniel Day Lewis doesn’t win the Oscar I will be shocked.

  4. After a couple of stressful weeks, I had lunch and went shopping with my BFF today – not only did I get needed friend-time, I also made a dent in shopping for DD and DS. Also bought a picture frame for my Mom. Her Hannukah present is some 5x7s from DS’s Bar MItzvah.

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