Tuesday Open Thread

It’s Tuesday, y’all! And I’ve got a bad news, good news scenario going on.

The bad news is: this nasty cold I am continuing to battle. Yes, I’m being a big baby. Not quite mansick; I’m still doing pickups and dropoffs and cleaning and making dinners. It’s just I don’t get colds very often but when I do, they’re doozies. AND, just as a little bonus, I seem to have developed a yeast infection! My first in, oh, about a decade, give or take a couple of years.

The good news is: DH. Even though he is battling the same cold, he has been making me the hot tea he knows I love. And giving me unsolicited foot rubs. And sitting down to watch The Good Wife with me on the DVR :-) It is past midnight as I’m writing this, and he is out at the pharmacy buying me a treatment. I told him to go to sleep, as he has to be up early in the morning, but he said he wouldn’t be able to sleep as long as I wasn’t home, and that he worries about me going out by myself this late at night. Which is totally unnecessary, but still very sweet.

Yeah, he’s pretty damn great.

How about you? Any good news/bad news scenarios to share? What else is on your mind today?

Chat away!


29 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Baby up half the night; kids up early. Dd tantruming that she didn’t want to go to school, which has my mom freaking out that “something is going on” at school. I think she just wants to stay home and play with her balloon and is being 2 and stubborn. Now she says she wants to go but I’ve still got my mom all freaked out. Sigh. Not the best day.

    • God if I freaked out everytime Liza said she didn’t want to go to school and had a tantrum between Kindergaretn and oh… 5th grade I’d be in the loony bin…

    • oh, I love it when the grandparents get all freaked out. Lily goes through periods of intermittant separation anxiety where she tells all and sundry that she doesn’t want to go to Dunstan (her creche). She means that literally – she doesn’t want to go to Dunstan and have that moment of separation, but she likes being there. But my MIL absolutely freaks out when Lily says that (mainly because she wants to take care of Lily all the time). I’m like, “suck it up, sweetheart, because you gotta get there to see the hermit crab.”

      • Yes! She likes being there but doesn’t want to GO half the time. She said in the car on the way home, “mom, I was crying this morning at the apartment but I had a great day!” But all my mom hears is that she doesn’t like being there and it plays into her fears…and I do not need to go there either!

        • It is my firm belief that there is nothing better for a toddler with a new sibling than a toddler-centered world of her very own where baby does not belong. Even the most devoted sibling needs to take a break from the stress of seeing mom repeatedly paying attention to the wrong kid.

          • so, so true. There was no way in hell I was going to take Jess out of creche when I had Lily, and you’re so right – she really needed to spend time with her friends her age and get that differing type of nurturing care from the teachers!

  2. Ugh. Spent the morning dealing with health insurance billing calls. I just want to yell at the computer voice phone thing. Ugh… At least the real people have been friendly if not always helpful. Insurance phone tag can suck it.

    • Doing the same thing here – I made the calls to billing for the clinic, DH is on with the insurance company. In our case, however, it’s because he didn’t send them a form very timely so I really can’t get too mad at them.

  3. Grading hell, grading hell, grading hell. Just counting the days until the end of the semester.

    We’re still doing okay and getting by. I have full time teaching for spring, DH has part time and is working on doing some more regular writing. No health insurance with our jobs but we’ll otherwise make ends meet with some to spare. I am so grateful that we were smart enough to use my income the last few years to make sure we had no credit card or car debt. We still have the student loans but things are way more manageable without the other big things looming. Mostly, we are happy to be out of the crazy that was life in the congregation.

      • Damn adjunct system we have going on in higher ed – I’m considered a contracted employee, semester-to-semester, not a yearly contract/regular employee. It sucks.

        • Yes, it does. I really believe that Higher Ed is the next bubble that will burst and it will all hinge on the caste system we’ve built. The whole multi-jillion dollar enterprise hinges on the work low-wage, non-benefited adjuncts who keep costs down so we can pour money into fancy dorms, expensive recreational facilities and a few high profile academics who will never, ever teach a student.

          • Totally agree. Although we don’t even have the fancy buildings here. But yes, administration heavy and tuition driven budgets leave things rather precarious.

            • The way that adjuncts are abused at many places is just horrible. We actually have a fairly humane system here. No one could be full time (or even 3/4) without being benefit-eligible. And we don’t have GTAs, so there are adjuncts teaching a class or two here and there, but it’s mostly full time people. Much better for everyone. I wonder if adjuncts could organize nationally for better working conditions?

              • Same here. That’s just crap. You can’t work on a casual contract for more than two days a week…after that you’re on a proper contract, with all the benefits.

                Of course, our employer benefits have nothing to do with health care…that’s federal. But still!!!

              • At the university I was at, in theory, they’re represented by the AAUP. In practice, the same unit represents both adjuncts and TAs, and frequently will screw over the former to benefit the latter.

  4. DD and I came down with a cold yesterday. I slept terribly, and have been up since 5 am. Being exhausted but not able to sleep is no fun. The timing isn’t good, either — on Friday I’m taking the kids with me to California to visit my grandparents and see my best friend’s new baby. I’m really hoping we’re all fine by Friday! I haven’t been sick in soooo long and I don’t want to have to miss seeing the new baby.

  5. Bad news–end of the semester grading hell just as Christmas stress is building means late nights and busy days for me. DH is working on some major grant and has also been stressed and burning the midnight oil.
    Good news–the birdies visited early this morning and made all the stress go away. What? Grant? Grading? No problem–it’s all good here. : )

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