Sunday Open Thread

Happy Sunday! I woke up with a massive cold. Just snuck up on me. Ah well, at least it waited until after Thanksgiving and my cousin’s wedding.

What are some of your most tried-and-true home remedies?

What are you up to today? Chat away!


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  1. The Neti-pot. But you knew I was going to say that : ) .

    It really helps me feel better within 24 hours and has dramatically reduced the number of colds I get in the first place. I do boil the water beforehand now, though.

    • We use a sinus rinse bottle and distilled water and just warm it a bit, but it’s probably the same effect. It makes a huge difference in the duration of the cold and the likelihood of some kind of secondary infection. I’m a big believer in Zicam too.

  2. Dayquil. And my husband swears by sipping on scotch to kill a sore throat….that’s what he says it’s for…

    We just got back from Toronto where we saw The Who. Excellent show – amazing the way they play after all this time.

  3. No home remedies – but I swear by sudafed alternated with Dimetap. I’ll second Dayquil and/or Nyquil. They SLAM the symptoms down so you can get ahead of the cold and sleep a bit

    Today is an “at home” day – grocery shopping, cooking, laundry – and thinking about the BUSY week ahead of me!

  4. When I have a massive head cold, I like to stay in bed and make my family wait on me. I usually just take something for whatever symptom is bothering me the most–if it’s a pounding head, aspirin; etc. I drink lots of tea and Sprite and eat crackers.

  5. Pat of Butter – thank you so much for the photo compliment. My biggest tip is have Santa get you the Nikon 35mm fixed lens this year. It is just under 200 dollars and I love it. I also use Lightroom from Adobe for processing. The book “Understanding Exposure” also was a huge help for me when I first got my first “real” camera a few years back. (You can buy a used copy on Amazon for 10 bucks.) This year I hope to take some sort of Lightroom class because I really don’t know what I am doing. I mostly use their “presets” and just play around until I find something I like.

    I just finished a book my 14 yo daughter read this summer “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. It is written for teens, but I really loved it. I have heard great things about all his stuff. Happy Sunday All!

    • Thanks! This lens?

      I have Lightroom now and I was just playing around a bit with it. I went out and took some pictures today and did a little editing and created a Flickr photo stream and uploaded two photos (I added you as a contact, not sure if it will tell you that I did). I am still figuring all this out!

      • That’s the prime lens I have. It’s good for me right now but I’d love to have an f/1.2 someday! But for the money it’s a great prime lens to start. My favorite thing to do is portraits so I rarely use a zoom lens.

    • Are you on FB? Is that where the pics are? I would love to see them -I’m also somewhat of a shutterbug :)

      Love Lightroom. I have a lot to learn but I’ve learned a lot with it this year. I find a lot of tutorials for free online.

  6. I need some suggestions for a family vacation over Christmas week. We don’t celebrate Christmas, and DH refuses to think about visiting his mom, so we have the week off and no encumbrances…..DD wants to be “home” (college) by the 29th or so….NYE plans in NH or Maine, I think.

    I’m open to any US destination. Kids’ passports have expired, so we can’t leve the country LOL. So. 6 days, more or less. We do car travel pretty well, so road trip isn’t out of the question…..ideas?

    • How about georgia/carolina coast? Savannah and Charleston have great atmosphere and history. There are also some great natural areas to explore around Georgetown, SC. St Simons, Cumberland island are cool as well. Not sure how seasonal they are but we went there for our honeymoon in mid-november and it was very pleasant weather.

    • We did a getaway to San Diego of about that length last year in January and loved it. The weather was cool but still warmer than home! We spent time at the San Diego Zoo, downtown, toured a ship and went hiking in the most amazing Torrey Pines with Christina. Plenty for DS to do that we found fun as well so it was good for all ages.

    • Hawaii is idyllic over Christmas week, our favorite time to go (pre-kids). Spendy, especially from the east coast. But although tourism is supposedly rebounding this year there is still a high rate of vacancy on the big island and kauai, so there are deals to be found.

  7. Just dropped Jess off for a three-day school camp. She packed her own bag, refused to let us audit her choices, and instead proffered the school checklist with each item neatly checked off. She’s very excited – most of all, for archery practice and hut-building. So in the event of the Zombieapocolypse, at least I know one member of the family has requisite survival skills.

    But seriously, how did my first baby get that big?

    • My friend who grew up in South Africa talks of going to a camp that sounds similar — true survivor-skills type stuff. Is that customary in other places, too?

      I guess I’m not likely to need any of that in Austin…just curious about which different locales might do this?

      • oh, I don’t know how hard-core it’s going to be; we’re talking first-third graders here! I know there’s going to be some hiking and some other stuff, and a talent show as well. Plus the teachers have been organising music lists based on kids requests, which is just too cute.

      • My kids’ school does as well. But it’s an alternative type school, so I wouldn’t call it typical.

        Other activities on camp included making a camp shirt, a pillow fight, a treasure hunt, and going out to Penguin Island on a glass bottomed boat tour. So..not all survivor stuff. :)

  8. And my father turned 60 years old today! I know many of you will say that is SO young, and it really is. But all my life my father has been *truly* young, KWIM? I mean, I vividly remember his 30th birthday party. To think of him as 60 years old is pretty surreal. Thankfully he is in excellent health, very vital, and energetic as ever. He is still up to chasing his grandkids around, and for that I am so thankful.

      • My parents married VERY young. My mom is only 55, which is insane.

        DH’s parents also married young, but DH’s father passed away at age 47 of a heart attack (DH was only 18). So I am acutely aware of how lucky I have been so far.

        Today was his actual birthday but my mom has a surprise party planned for next weekend. Mariachi band and the whole 9 yards. She really knows how to do it up. Should be fun!

    • 60 seems so young to me. I have cousins in their sixties and I do believe that at least one of my half-sister’s from my dad’s 1st marriage is 60 by now (my Dad is 82).

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