Friday Open Thread

I completely forgot to post today’s open thread. My apologies! I blame the turkey coma.

What are you up to today?


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  1. Working on my big report for work today (it’s due a week from tomorrow). Not my preferred way to spend the day after Thanksgiving, but at least I know I won’t have to spend NEXT weekend working on it. Come hell and/or high water, it’s got to be submitted by December 1st.

  2. There is a reason that we send them off to college at a certain age. Because I am either wrong or merely pointing out the obvious, all the time. Obviously if she lived with me all the time I would make her crazy.

    • Lol I’m still like that with my mom. I’m working really hard not to fall into old bad habits. I think I came out if the womb being sarcastic and disrespectful of my mom. I remember being that way in kindergarden. It’s much better now but I was a bear in high school and college.

    • Ah, teen attitude. I’m already getting the starting of that kind of thing. The separation from parents takes a long time.

      Also, there’s a girl. And so it begins.

      • I had attitude from birth to about 12 years.. now? she thinks I’m brilliant and the best person in the world.

        I’ll take it. cuz I earned it LOL

  3. Gloria I bet you watched Spike Lee’s “Bad25” last night! I want to see the while documentary now! So sad and funny that MJ was so sheltered that he couldn’t believe people actually lived in the Harlem neighborhood where the “Bad” video was filmed. Loved seeing the choreographers in action. And I never knew Quincy Jones disliked “Smooth Criminal!” I always thought that song was genius and it was one of MJ’s faves. But it was the dancing in that video that made it so amazing, I think, on top of the song.

  4. Girl’s entire brand name centric wish list of clothes? DONE
    Family yankee swap gifts? DONE
    photo collage Christmas Cards? ORDERED
    Photo collage gifts for the girl and the lady? ORDERED

    all that’s left is to get the girl her laptop and shop for Kelly.. phew!

  5. Kids stayed at my brother’s with my mom, bro and SIL, my other bro, and two younger cousins. DS is in heaven with his boy cousins, and DD loves the woods. Mom, of course, is thrilled to have them all together.

    DH had to work today so we came home. I am spending he afternoon wandering around midtown manhattan! Right now I am alone (only moms know the true bliss of this) in Bryant Park. Cheesy music, people ice skating, fun shops to browse through…..and NO ONE who needs my attention!

    Dinner with DH will be the ending of a nice quiet day!

    • Heavenly! And good to hear your mom is getting a weekend away!

      My mom grew up in NYC (my grandma was raised in Jamica, Queens; mom raised in Manhattan till they moved to Long Island) and every year growing up we’d take a trip to NYC at Christmas time. There is nowhere as magical. Have a wonderful afternoon and a nice date with DH! Jealous!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I know I’m late, and in the wrong thread, but I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am for this community. Even when I don’t comment usually because someone else has already said it better than I ever could, I’m reading along in laughter and in tears (thankfully, usually from the laughter). I am inspired daily by each of you.

    We had a lovely dinner yesterday with my brother and his family, but did not one thing more. No shopping, no ordering, no decorating. I hope to be much more productive tomorrow and throughout the week.
    Recently, DH took a job that takes him out of the country for long-ish periods. One of the girls is still in rehab for an injury and we’re doing testing/consultations with surgeons for another reconstruction on her face (for those who don’t know, she was born with a visually small but structurally complicated defect). Our biggest development is that my SIL moved in with us, which is a very long and complicated story. Frankly, I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose these days!

    • Hey you! I am thankful for YOU, that you are always there to listen and talk things through…you are always a voice is reason and I’m so glad to have met you here!

      Prayers for your girls…would this be the last surgery for her? Hoping so.

      Is having your sil there a good thing? I hope it’s not a stressful situation for you.

      • Aww…thanks, baker. I so appreciate your kind words:)
        No, it won’t be the last surgery, but it will be the most significant. She’ll need a graft, which she’s had before, but this time it will come from a rib.
        Having sil here is really complicated, but we all like her and it’s going well so far-fingers crossed.

  7. The turkey is in the bbq, the pies are made, and it’s not going to be a stinking hot day! Happy Aussie version of Thanksgiving!

    I don’t really do the thankful thing…you know, all that emotion and stuff…but I’m having a pretty good year. New job, feeling pretty happy and relaxed, kids have good teachers for next year, no big dramas….it’s a good ending to the year! And I’m happy to have you guys to ask questions of, commiserate with, and generally be long distance friends with. Hopefully I’ll get to catch up with some more of you when we come over in July!

  8. I am a happy woman. I had such a great Thanksgiving with my friends. The turkey was divine (BBQ FTW, Aussieyank), the sides heavenly, desserts divine … And my friends are just lovely. My SIL and her family and my friend Fleur (she of sweet potato casserole fame) are our “anchors” and I have a few other families that come in and out over the years (the Aussieyanks, another Aussie/American family that live in the area) and this year, I invited my friend Kirsti and her family (Jess and her older son are in a class together, there’s a middle boy in middle school and her youngest is two days older than Lily). Everyone just got along so well and the conversation was fun.

    Gosh, I had fun.

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