Thanksgiving Open Thread

It’s Thanksgiving, y’all!

I am grateful for my husband and children. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for foot rubs. I am grateful for Obama’s reelection. I am grateful for pie. Definitely pie.

And I am grateful for YOU. Yes, you: for being a part of this fabulous community. For offering advice, discussion, compassion, and support when I most need it. Thank you for returning to this little corner of the Internet day in and day out, for fostering true friendship, sight unseen. I am grateful that we have each other.

What are you grateful for? What are you not so-grateful for? You know you can always rant or rave here!

Chat away!




23 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Open Thread

  1. Oooo Katie is just going to love this thread! LOL!

    seriously though, the thankfulness thing is appropriate today :) I am so thankful for all of you, some of my nearest and truest friends. just thinking about this last year…the ups and downs of entering the foster care system and quickly realizing that the timing was not right. the first person to know I was pregnant besides my husband and one close friend was Mrs. Pastor…I confided in her because I was really sick, we had a foster baby at the time. I knew her wise input would help me decide what to do, and she gave me assurance that it was ok to ask for another placement in his best interest. you all kept me sane during the crazy hectic pregnancy/moving/looking for a house phase that we brought on ourselves! you guys talked me down from my anxiety-induced ledge so many times. and my dear friend LiturgyGeek was my virtual labor coach…I was texting her throughout the night and even at 4AM right before my daughter was born. if that isn’t a true friend, I don’t know what is! I’m amazed at this community and so very grateful.

    of course, thankful for my generally healthy children…even though we are all sick right now except the baby.

    thankful for the safe birth of my daughter. thankful that God was merciful to me to allow me to have one more child, and that this pregnancy was not as bad as the last one. and thankful that now we are DONE.

    most of all, I’m grateful to my heavenly father who loves me so much, despite my sins, that he sent his precious son to suffer and die for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all my friends! Thinking especially of our friend C today especially, and wishing the entire family a relaxing, stress-free and germ-free holiday.

  2. I”m grateful for health care professionals- of the cardiac, orthopedic, and rehab/OT variety- for the amazing things they’ve done for my family this year. My mom and I are meeting at the Y (they’re doing an Earn Your Pie thing this morning) here in about 45 minutes so she can do her rehab before dinner. DH and H ran (yes- RAN!) 5 miles yesterday and they’re planning to go again this afternoon. Having had a number of sad Thanksgivings over the last few years, this one feels like it’s been hard fought and hard won.

    Plus, you know, there’s this:

  3. I’m thankful for my family, our home, and the pets that are currently making me crazy.

    I’m thankful that it’s not this time last year, when my mom was spiraling downward.

    I’m thankful for all of you, my online friends.

    I’m thankful for pie! And prosecco!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I am so grateful for friendship and love everything this crazy life brings. I am so looking forward to Saturday, where I get the chance to share this holiday that I love with my family and some wonderful friends.

    Have a wonderful day, everyone. And, just ’cause I can: #soblessed

  5. Today I am grateful for my sons — they are loving, smart, and so fun to hang out with. We’ve had a blast today — a joyful meal with my MIL and her husband, several rousing board games, and now relaxing with the Muppet Movie. I’m also grateful that they are kind, caring and decent. This morning when I said, “Ok, I need someone to vacuum the living room and the couch,” DS2 popped up cheerfully and said, “OK! I’ll do it.” Yesterday afternoon, when DS1 was having a middle-school-attitude moment he caught himself, said, “Mom, I’m being a jerk. Sorry,” and gave me a hug. I am thankful for the internet and the wonderful web of relationships it helps me sustain. I am thankful for my dog,even though he wakes up too early every morning b/c he doesn’t understand daylights savings time. I am thankful for DH and nearly 15 years of marriage and the knowledge that I will always be safe and loved with him. I am thankful for this space where I know I will always find gentle, kind, snarky, and wise conversations going on. AND, I’m thankful for being able to host two straight thanksgivings at my home — I LOVE being the cook in charge :-)

  6. I love y’all and I’m thankful for you. Also, that my little family indulges my love of cooking on Thanksgiving. Also, pie. I’m sooo thankful for pie (all three pies turned out well). And meaningful, awesome work.

  7. I’m grateful that both of my boys genuinely hate turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Seriously, with the exception of the cranberry sauce there’s not one traditional item DS11 will touch, he considers it the worst meal imaginable. And so I’m grateful, because this gives me an extra excuse to bail on the holiday. Thanksgiving always gets me down a little, and it kicks off my least favorite season, the month long festival of forced cheerfulness, commercialized obligations, and declining daylight. So I’m grateful we can afford to fly to Hawaii at this depressing time of year. We haven’t been back since becoming parents.

    Of course DH just had to pick up a turkey breast anyway. DS11 was pissed, though it was tastier than anything we’d have made. But afterward they got to play in the surf, in the dark and the rain, so the evening wasn’t a total bust. Just now as the boys are preparing for bed (a pull out sofa in a condo) DS11 said, “thanks for taking us to Hawaii” and DS10 chimed in with, “and that’s why we’re grateful!”

      • Big Island. We waited until the last minute to make plans and ended up scoring a ground floor oceanfront condo near Kona that has definitely seen better days but is near a small sandy beach. This morning I was out on the lava directly in front of the condo in my pjs (I’m not one to worry about who sees my pjs) watching a pair of turtles struggle with the surf. Bliss.

          • My boys were surprisingly ‘meh’ about the volcano. There’s currently no opportunity to see lava flowing without a hike that’s well beyond their abilities (and increasingly beyond our declining abilities). So once they fully internalized the fact that the volcano wasn’t going to explode dramatically, they were kind of disappointed. The crater, lava tubes, rainforest, etc were cool to see but then they were done.

            We love the big island; we came here twice before we had kids. Pu’uohonua o Honaunau (I assume I’ve misspelled that) is my favorite place on earth.

            • My understanding is the Big Island is a little less beachy than some of the other ones but has more other kinds of things, snorkeling and nature. Is that your sense?

              I’ve been to Oahu, Kauai and Maui. I think Maui was my favorite with Oahu a close second.

              • Its a lot less beachy – mostly lava flows to the sea, with only the occasional pocket of sand or rocky sand. Plenty of good snorkeling. Serious tropical rainforest on the Hilo side, yet barren and desolate at the southern tip just an hour or two away. Really diverse. There are a couple of major tourist strips and some moderately settled areas but most of the island is sparsely inhabited. Kauai was probably prettier and we haven’t visited the others, but they say everyone picks one island and this one is ours..

  8. I? am a shopping ninja… 90 minutes in the mall from 530am to 7am and the clothes shopping for the girl is done… back home and created and ordered our holiday cards and personalized gifts for the girl and the lady from shutterfly…

    liza has one more big gift (a macbookpro) we are getting her but that will wait til later one when I have all the $$ saved up in a few weeks … so she’s done.

    since the theater is CRAY CRAY in December getting it all done now really helps me not have to do anything while I’m working nights at nutcrackers and holiday pops and midnight merriments… sigh…

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