Sunday Open Thread

Hello everyone!

Karina arrived yesterday from San Francisco and she will be staying home for a week. I am so grateful to have my oldest with me! We are headed to Big Bear for a mini vacay!

What are you up to today?


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  1. We were supposed to be out of town for the weekend with baseball but it got rained out. The kids are happy to be starting their break (our district gets the whole week off for Thanksgiving because they got tired of losing the attendance money for families that took it off anyway). Maybe I will design and order our holiday cards, that would be something useful I could get done.

    We still have an old non HD TV (we just have the one TV) and are thinking of upgrading. Does anyone have any tips about newer TVs or what to look for or avoid?

    • Get ones that end in “p” rather than “i” (e.g. 1080p, not 1080i), and go to Target or something and stand back as far as you’d watch TV from to check what resolution you need. In general I’d say small-to-medium TVs you want 720p and medium-to-large 1080p (otherwise you can see the pixelation). LCDs use less energy than plasmas, but can’t be seen from too extreme an angle. LED TVs are even better, but way more expensive. Get a known brand name–Sony, Samsung, Philips, Vizio, etc.–and look up reviews online before you buy any specific TV.

  2. I’m taking the tween daughters of my coworker to see the final Twilight movie today. In exchange, she’s kicking out DH and sending him to the local sports bar so she can have time with Bacon Baby and the dogs.

    A) Don’t judge. B) I can’t believe my first movie in God-knows-how-long is going to be Twilight either. C) Really looking forward to this, even if it isn’t adage with DH.

  3. I can’t post this on FB b/c I don’t want to embarrass Liza but this morning my 13 year old looked up the email for sending letters to Seventeen Magazine and then emailed them a long thoughtful email thanking the magazing for including gay couples in their articles and for a recent positive article on gay teens..she explained how as the daughter of a mom and stepmom, articles like this help her friends to see that being gay is completely normal. my favorite line in her email? “so I want to thank you for all you do to support the gays”

    I love this young woman so much I can’t even stand it..

  4. Erika I’m so glad the community helped. I really think the kind of support one can get through online communities is so great. I love love my San Diego friends and they have helped me so much, but there is something about written help that is different.

    Hope you all are having a great weekend. So far pretty good for me. Yesterday my future x-husband (we are separated and definitely will eventually divorce, but $ is tight so that is not happening now) got in a stupid fight. I was so mad because it was completely idiotic. I said something which made him mad – it was a totally innocent comment which he took the wrong way and he semi-exploded. I should have just kept my mouth shut since the kids were there but I got sucked in. I try SO hard not to fight when the kids are there, but sometimes it is just so hard. We were able to tell the kids that we really try not to fight, but sometimes we just lose our tempers. We apologized to each other in front of them so I left feeling OK, but still like I wanted to kill him. So last night I had a dream that I got a call saying he was in a terrible accident and they didn’t know if he was OK. I rushed to the hospital SUPER worried and when I arrived I was very very happy that he was alive in his hospital bed smiling. I woke up very happy he was indeed alive. When I called to talk to the kids this morning I told him about the dream which completely cracked him up. I wish all my dreams were that theraputic.

    • Wow! What an up and down – sorry about the fight (about not wanting to fight in front of kids) but how interesting how your subconcious “resolved” it.


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