Saturday Open Thread

It’s the weekend, y’all!

A quick but heartfelt thanks for all your support, sympathy and encouragement after my last post. Honestly, just writing about it helped me hash out my feelings a bit, which was helpful since I had been bottling it all up.

No decisions for now, and I’ve got plenty on my plate to keep me busy, which is good. I will say that my kids’ behavior over the last couple of days has me thinking: WHY did I want another baby again? Man oh man, they are quite the handful these days.

What are you up to this weekend? We’ve got Maya’s last soccer game of the season followed by a team party. Then we are dropping the kids off with my parents for the night and will try hard not to burn rubber as we speed away. Date Night, here we come!

Chat away  😀


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  1. Glad you’re feeling a little better Erika! Don’t be afraid to talk through things as they come up. We love ya!

    I’ve been a little sad about the accusations against Kevin Clash. I loved (and sobbed through) “Being Elmo.” Even though it doesn’t appear anything illegal was done, for some reason it really upsets me to see him in this light. A grown man having a relationship with a teenager is just not a balanced relationship, even in the best light. Especially a man whose career is with children. I’m more sad than creeped out.

  2. I’m looking for something cool for H for Christmas. I want to help him celebrate his math/gamer geek self but everything I can find is more my generation than his. Struck out on ThinkGeek (though the 1UP T is still in the running), he’s not a Dr.Who fan (yet) and the Star Wars stuff is just a little too “kid” for him right now.

    Suggestions from the MT Geek-sphere?

    • Does he play Settlers of Catan yet? It’s not really “gamer” but my DS loves it, and DD’s geeky (former) boyfriend and his friends all love it. Only buy it if the rest of you like games, too, since you need 3-4 to play.

      DS is into Big Bang Theory, and has a few of their tees. (Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock is a fun one, and “Bazinga” was in Kohls yesterday)

      • We’re lame- H has never watched Big Bang. Actually, he’s never watched any “grown-up” tv. Neither has M.

        We’re ignoring a vital part of his education, I know.

        Monty Python though…now there’s a thought.

          • I know, I know. He doesn’t really watch TV except sports, How It’s Made, and the NASA channel and M is hooked on all those Disney shows or HGTV. They go to bed by 8 so there’s not much time to watch.

            I knew you’d bust something when you heard.

            • not even Glee? how I met your mother? Once Upon a Time? (which BTW I bet H would LOVE – tons of action and plot twists galore.. totally hooked…) he’s in 6th grade – he can stay up til 9… 😉 Liza’s on a betwee 930 and 10pm bedtime these days

              • He could…but he’s still struggling to get up in the morning with his 8 pm bedtime. Maybe once he gets a little more adjusted to middle school time schedules- or gets through this growth spurt. He’s grown about 1/2 inch a month since August. We’re going through pants at an alarming rate.

                He would love Once Upon a Time. How I Met Your Mother is probably a little more sophisticated than he would get- the sex stuff at least.

            • My kids don’t really watch it either if it makes you feel better :)

              The older one isn’t interested in scripted TV. He’ll watch sports but he isn’t really interested in any regular TV shows (although has watched some Family Guy episodes on Netflix which I am not too thrilled about). The younger one is more interested but not really in sitcoms. He’ll watch the Simpsons sometimes, and he and I have watched a couple of episodes of Revolution. I tried Parks & Rec which they thought was ok but it didn’t hold their interest for long. I feel like most of the shows out there are either too girly for them or too inappropriate. They used to watch Mythbusters (esp the younger one) but it got repetitive.

              It’s kind of the same with movies. There seems to be a hole between stuff aimed at the toddler to early childhood set, and stuff aimed at teenagers.

              • Yeah, I agree. They still like the disney tween shows but I don’t exactly encourage those – they’re mostly pretty dreadful. But there isn’t much that holds their attention in the adult realm. The older one likes SciFi, cooking competition shows, that show where people bid on a storage unit, and Key and Peele (which has some questionably stuff but he’s old enough if we pretend we don’t notice he’s there). But his brother doesn’t watch those, so mostly they’d rather play video games with their screen time.

      • Settlers of Catan is very good. The geeks in our area are all into Magic The Gathering. And Munchkin appears to be trending among that set – I’m completely unfamiliar with that game but DS11 will be getting it for Christmas. And don’t forget the classic Risk.

        My kids watch very little TV but they do get the occasional episode of BBT. H should probably learn the rules of rock paper scissors lizard spock, so find it for him on youtube if he doesn’t watch TV.

  3. Last night we went to a wedding – our third family wedding in 2012! This was my cousin, who will be 60 this winter, in her third marriage. On the one hand, he seems like a genuinely nice guy who really loves her….OTOH, it’s hard to not be a tad cynical, seeing how much difficulty she’s had in previous relationships (many, in addition to the two previous marriages).

    At any rate, we went (DH couldn’t come because he had a family funeral, but the rest of my family was there), and supported her.

    In many ways this was one of the strangest weddings I’ve been too – it was a Western theme, complete with bride and groom, best man and matron of honor, all in cowboy hats….my cousin was in a long formal white gown (unusual for a 3rd wedding), the decor and cake were Western/cowboy and the music was mostly country. At this wedding were my aunt’s first husband (cousin’s father), my cousin’s first husband (father to her sons), and my other cousin and her husband (who no one has seen in 20 years because he supposedly doesn’t like my aunt). And then, in the mix, were the high heels/tight dresses/super made-up friends of my cousin who acted like they were in a strip club instead of a wedding reception.

    High point (as it was at my brother’s wedding) was dancing with my kids! DS is surprisingly cool about dancing with me in public and my Mom got up for a few dances, too, including LMFAO “I”m sexy and I know it”!

  4. Despite having a rock in’ cold, I spent the day yesterday on the road doing mom stuff. First, took the youngest to a birthday party, then drove 40 minutes across Mecklenburg County for the oldest boy’s final cross country meet. That was super fun. Three of the girls on our very little, very young team medaled. The boys didn’t medal, but they ran their best races. DS2’s best moment was holding off a challenger in the home stretch. The rest of our day was spent hanging out at the house and watching way too many episodes of Parks and Recreation. I love that somehow I’ve raised two boys who totally dig Leslie Knope.

    • I ran a few times in Mecklenberg co, where the state meet used to be held, I’m not sure what the name of the park was. It is a very flat course and we got fast times. My teammate won it one year I was there.

      The nicest one we used to go to was at Appalachian State. Beautiful course by a lake with the leaves turning.

    • You have XC in middle school? Cool. That’s not an option in Wake Co.

      If you ever come to Wake Med Soccer park to run, ping me. I can come cheer on your boy.

      • It’s a club, not a district-sponsored sport. It’s called Cross Country for Youth and is the brainchild of a former UNC runner who lives in CLT now. Very popular program with several middle schools in our area. This was our first year offering it. DH coached and I was the faculty sponsor.

      • We have it here starting in 7th grade. The kids seem to really enjoy it. They don’t run 5k at that age, they run 1.5 miles or something like that.

  5. I need a little old-site to new-site translating. Who is Mrs. Pastor now? I have a dear friend who’s adopting through the foster care system and she’s trying to work through some RAD questions. I’d love to connect her with folks who’ve been through it and can help- so far she’s only found doctors, therapists and educators. She could use a mom to talk to.

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