Just Survived My First Slumber Party!

I am due for a day at the spa! This was the first year, in which Ari requested a slumber party as opposed to just a daytime party. He wanted to invite most of the boys in his class so I went ahead and invited all the boys in his class plus best friend Jude.

And except for one boy in his class, they all came. I had 14 kids total: 12 boys, Eli and one of her friends. Thanks to help from hubby and a nap, I survived!

It went well, too. I planned a mix of activities, including playing at the park, a couple movies and lots of home play. We have a great play structure in the backyard. The best part is we survived without any broken bones or drama. Whew!

What’s the craziest party you have hosted for your children?

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11 thoughts on “Just Survived My First Slumber Party!

      • Large sleepovers are the easiest parties. All you have to do is order pizza, tell them to clean up after themselves, then every half hour or so yell, “Hey! Settle down in there!” Easy peasy; you don’t even have to get off the couch, and they are unlikely to come close enough to spill your wine.

        • I tend to agree — sleepovers aren’t nearly as stressful to me as I always worried they would be. I remember the first big one we had when DD was in 1st grade — afterwards, I thought — this is how I will do ALL parties from now on. Pizza, cake, karaoke and a movie — easy as pie.

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