Sunday open thread

Hey there MTers, I hope everybody is having a great Veteran’s Day weekend.

I’ve been spending today doing some work on my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project, which is a group art project that I learned about from another Mothertalker. I received mine this week and it’s due in January. For those who enjoy art it seems like it will be a fun project to participate in. Meanwhile, my DH and DS2 just left to go see the Monkees play this evening in the Bay Area. That should be fun. DS1 and I will be going out to dinner and having a little mom-son time.


21 thoughts on “Sunday open thread

  1. Yay, it worked. Of course it is a little late to be posting the daily open thread. I just mentioned to Elisa that there wasn’t a Sunday thread open and that I would put one up if she wanted to give me posting abilities. It is not hard to do if anybody else wants to give it a try.

    By the way, there are a lot of cool images from previous Sketchbook Projects at:

  2. The Sketchbook project looks so cool. I hope you’ll share some of it with us when it’s done. I would like to do that some year — I am not the least bit crafty, but I think it would be a great way to engage the artsy part of myself (which IS there … it just doesn’t get to do much).

    I’ve spent most of my day working on a BIG report for work that is due December 1st. I’ve been slowly working on it all fall, but crunch time is approaching and I anticipate this will be my big weekend fun for the rest of the month.

  3. Hi! Wow, I feel like I’ve been on vacation. DH switched my browser to chrome & it’s been tough to get on here. It’s probably more to do with my lack of ability than any tech problem on this end, but here I am! I’m doing the Sketchbook Project for the third year & I’m thrilled to have Pat to bounce ideas off of. My theme is Chronicle & I’ve decided to work on points in my life that shaped my political beliefs. The election may be over, but politics is never over for me!

  4. For those of you who are not on FB. Our Baker Baker is in the hospital right now and her little one is on the way! Can’t wait to hear that she has arrived and all are well. So excited for the Baker Baker family right now!

  5. I can haz well children, please?

    Honestly, I’m not whinging too much because we are generally a very healthy family (thank goodness, knocking wood). But we’ve had a horrid run the past two weeks. Two days before Halloween, Lily got conjunctivitis. Then Jess and I got it. Then it all morphed into this hideous ear/nose/throat thing that has persisted in all three of us until now. Then this morning, Jess woke up with a fever and asked to stay home. She never asks to stay home because of illness, so she’s at home. Well, she’s been vomiting for the past three hours. On the plus side, a 7-year-old is able to get to the bathroom before doing the big hurl, which is a plus. But I’ve swabbed down both the upstairs and downstairs bathroom because she’s, uh, fallen slightly short both times.

    I’m thinking we’re just having a bad run of viruses, rather than some horrid bacterial ebola varient, but I would really, really like us all to be well, kthxbai.

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