Friday Open

Happy Friday! I am thoroughly enjoying basking in the afterglow of Obama’s victory!

How are you doing? Any big plans for the weekend?


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  1. My 8 year old, looking through the laundry, just told me he wants to go shopping to buy some white clothes so he can wear white after Labor Day.

    Such a rebel, that one.

  2. I posted quickly on FB, but Good news good news! First of all, after seeing a couple gross rentals yesterday and dealing with frustrating landlords who don’t return calls, we saw a great house for rent this morning! Brand new everything (it’s an older house just remodeled), nice landlords, and they’re willing to knock a little off the price if we pay for 6 months up front (which we can, since we sold our house). and we can bring the dogs. it’s going to be great! i really hope everything works out. we have to do the credit check today and they’ll hold the place for us for a day. we’ll start out with a 6 month lease and go from there. it’s in the neighborhood we were looking in, too, so we love the location!

    so on the baby front, i had my 38 1/2 week checkup today and things are a go with plans to induce tuesday night. I’m not dilated hardly at all (WTH baby!!! dd was just about to fall out, at this point 2.5 years ago!) Seriously, I LOVE the midwives for totally being on board with this plan and understanding that the mental and physical stress from OCD is enough of a reason to plan to induce. I’m all for letting babies come when they come, but I’ve really really been under severe stress and the past 2 weeks the OCD has just ramped up to horrid levels. I just cannot do it anymore. Which is so disappointing because I really thought with the move it would go away, but of course living in someone else’s space is my OCD nightmare. Duh. I’m just so happy with the midwives and how they’ve said over and over that this is a good decision and they’re totally supportive. The midwife today (who is just back from maternity leave and i hadn’t seen yet) was sooo nice and kept asking what she could do for me to make things less stressful. just agreeing to induce is enough!

    i can’t believe all that’s happened in the past 9 months. it has been an absolute roller coaster and if i had really thought out getting pregnant again, I probably wouldn’t have. But i’m glad it’s almost over and I’m so overjoyed to meet this little baby. I keep imagining what she’s going to look like and i’m soooo anxious to have her in my arms! I love her already. I hope her little heart understands, on some level, why I have to give her an eviction notice though!

      • not sure yet when the lease will start…if we start mid month dh might start moving things over to the house the weekend after she’s born (next weekend!!!) but i’ll stay with my mom for maybe 2 weeks until i’m up to unpacking. we’ll play it by ear. the house still has the “new construction new paint” smell so i’m in no huge hurry to get over there, i want to let it air out well before we bring the baby in, and the landlord said he would have the ducts cleaned also. just to be safe. i’ll let dh and my dad move everything in while i gaze at my nursling.

    • Such good news about the house – renting in a neighborhood you love befroe you buy is a great plan – that’s what we did here in Queens.

      And, anything you can do to reduce anxiety is so important.

      And, I am so happy that you have a firm ‘due date’. There are lots of reasons for a planned c-section and massive OCD certainly seems like one to me.


      • thanks! and it’s not a c-sec, hopefully. just a medical induction with pitocin. hopefully just a little bit will get things going, i’m hoping to avoid the pain meds but not married to the idea, obviously.

      • thank you. my DH says it IS a medical issue, and i have to agree that it is seriously detrimental to my health and my ability to care for my kids. sort of beating myself up for getting pregnant again and how it’s impacted my kids during these 9 months so that’s another reason it needs to not drag on. my 2 and 5 year olds need their mom back.

    • Always the eternal victims…it’s not because they espouse views which were out of touch 30 years ago or that they denigrate large swaths of the populace…it’s because of those d*@m old maids/sluts and divorcees.

  3. I just sent a strongly worded e-mail to my kid’s principal. Not about him or about anything education-related, just about PTO matters. I cannot begin to tell you how STABBY PTO makes me (thank you, Rachel, for that perfect word). I just survived the last big event I had to organize (I have chairs for the other events) so I thought I could make it through the year without losing my sh*! on someone, but apparently that was not to be. And she does not get to say “volunteering is thankless” to me, when she should be the one actually doing the thanking. Like, it doesn’t have to BE thankless! YOU could thank someone! Also, don’t f-ing tell me how to run my meetings when you have NEVER BEEN TO ONE. I am dead sick from a cold and spent 3 hours after work yesterday cleaning up from book fair, so you just have to shut the f up, lady. NEVER VOLUNTEER.

    • I will never say volunteering is thankless, because it shouldn’t be. I’m sure that there are many many students, parents, teachers, and staff at your school who appreciate what you and the rest of the PTO do. Maybe there needs to be a change in culture to encourage people to say “thanks”, but don’t despair that one clueless B is speaking for everyone!

      And, ITA that a pet peeve is people who come to PTA meetings to complain about the school and/or PTA and then never show up again. Last year, our Middle School had a group who felt that THEIR elementary school was under-represented in our MIddle School PTA. Really? Then run for office, damn it, and stop complaining that PTA is a clique!

      • The principal said she wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere for volunteering, and did so by telling me what to do (the direct opposite of what she said last year, and the opposite of what we found to work, which was why it was so not helpful.) So that was bullet point number 1 on my e-mail to her, outlining what she can do personally to create a welcoming atmosphere for volunteering: “Create a culture of thankfulness.” I figured I’d suck her in with my awesome Montessori-approved phrase “create a culture.”

    • Good grief. This is very timely. People keep asking me to chair school council last year. Generally, I just say “NO”, but I’ve been wavering “If not me, who?”. I think I’ll stick with “Hell, no.”

  4. ok, this is completely irrational… after internally worrying that any gift I buy for my 2 nieces will be rejected because it wasn’t approved by their mother (even though I am an AWESOME gift buyer I have to say) …I am annoyed that she has sent out a christmas wish list. I am a very silly person.

    • seriously, an unsolicited wish list for her kids? It would be one thing if you asked for suggestions, but wow.

      i like to think i’m a pretty awesome gift buyer too so i get where you’re coming from. sometimes i think my SIL downplays my gifts because they’re cooler and more well thought out than other peoples’.

    • Unsolicited is a little pushy, but my SIL and I always exchange wish lists for the kids.

      Just cuz you shared you peevish ness, here’s mine: My cousin is getting married next weekend. She’s nearly 60, he’s older. Third marriage for her, they both have their own homes. So, wedding gift is the question of the moment. They are not registered as far as I know. My mom and Bro’s (and SILs) all say give them money, which I probably will, but……this is my cousin who doesn’t work, never has money to spare, but is the first to buy fancy clothes; who invites you to lunch and then expects you to pay; whose house and cars were bought for her by my grandparents because she couldn’t support herself. She never saves, never offers anything.I try to be generous in thinking about her – she had a crappy bringing-up, has had awful husbands, is somewhat limited in her own ability….and I have been very lucky….but I hate the IDE of giving her cash. I know it’s petty, but my blood will boil next month when I hear about the indulgent whatever she splurges her wedding money on. I know you’re supposed to give cash gifts with no strings…..and I will…but Ugh

      • In theory, any gift should be given from your heart, without prejudice about how it will be utilized. But, I can totally see where you are coming from. So maybe just go for a traditional, useless gift — a nice crystal somesuch, or a beautiful frame for their wedding portrait. And no gift receipt : ).

      • Often for later marriages, DH and I get a nice restaurant and/or movie theater gift certificate. Maybe cash would be better, obviously more flexible, but I just like giving a present better.

        • I love this idea for all marriages. best thing anyone did for us as newlyweds was my mom giving us a $50 bill and ordering us to spend a day having fun. Expat couldn’t work yet so fun that cost money was in short supply. I’ve also given Netflix subscriptions.

      • When we got married we did get a lot of monetary gifts but also really nice simple things like two bottles of wine in a nice bag with a gift certificate for a local restaurant.. that kind of thing… so you don’t have to give $$ or anythign lavish.. we certainly didn’t expect such things at our age.

  5. Okay, I think I need a bit of talking down. Clara goes to a very well regarded daycare that has impressive and brand new facilitiies (maybe 3-4 years old) and is fully licensed and accredited. I just say that upfront because yesterday when DH picked her up, they said that they discovered that a kid had bedbugs. Orkin was coming, they had stripped everything down for the laundry, etc. DH went straight home and strpped Clara down and didn’t see anything. Then he put everything, including her coat, in the wash on hot.

    But ewwwww! I know kids spread lice, but I’ve never heard of a kid having bedbugs at daycare. It seems like they were responding aggressively, but again, ewwww! It’s irrational to want to yank her out to get away from the other kids, right?

    • Aaaaack!!!! Totally rational thought, sez me! But if they’re in your city you have just as much a chance of getting them anywhere…maybe wait to get the all clear from orkin before sending her back though.

      Hugs. Ick ick ick!!!!

    • Yuck. What a bummer. BB is right that bedbugs can be anywhere in a city. They travel on clothes (for a short period of time). I think you’ve h done what you can, but I am in total sympathy on the ick factor.

      we got a lice notice last week….in 8th grade….I thought we’d outgrown that. I don’t know why, but head lice seems such a preschool or elementary issue….it was much harder to talk about checking for lice with an 8th grader than with a younger kid.

      • I have never heard that they are much of a problem in our city, but obv they are here. I get that one could travel on clothes, but my understanding is that the kid had bedbugS. Meaning that bedbugs are probably a big problem in his/her home (I don’t know who it was). I might be overly judgey here, but they are much bigger than lice, right? It’s kinda hard to understand how a parent wouldn’t notice that when the daycare teachers could.

        I mean, we should see one on Clara when changing, bathing, and dressing her, right? Her hair is thin and very blonde. I’m still just all ooged out that we could become infested now.

        • I thought they were supposed to be quite small, but I don’t know?

          Supposedly they bite in a linear pattern so you see a line of red bumps across a leg or abdomen.

          Either way, yuck!

          • They’re bigger than fleas, and don’t attach themselves like ticks so they wouldn’t be hanging out on the skin unless feeding. They are very sensitive to movement, so they tend to feed on sleeping people. They’re drawn to carbon dioxide, which is another reason they tend to bite above the waist. When a person is laying on their mattress and sleeping (and exhaling), they come up to the surface of the mattress.

            We had a scare (I don’t know if anyone remembers, but I mentioned it here about 2 years ago) when DH came back from India. Something started biting my legs at night when I was sleeping — only me for some reason. I was terrified it was bed bugs, so we tore the entire upstairs apart and cleaned, scoured, etc. I got a mattress cover and the biting stopped. I have no idea what it was, but it wasn’t bed bugs. Fleas or mites maybe. Anyway, I highly recommend those bed covers because even if you do get bedbugs in the house, you don’t have to replace an expensive mattress.

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