Who Says Latinos Don’t Vote?

Editor’s Note: This blog originally appeared at MomsRising.org. I will certainly update with new information as it comes in. Many thanks to NBC Latino for running several MomsRising photos! -Elisa

OAKLAND, Calif. — As MomsRising Chief Strategy Officer Mary Olivella put it in this Miami Herald piece, Latina moms not only vote, but we bring the whole familia with us!

(Photo: Veronica Grande, a teacher at the Escuela Bilingüe Internacional in Oakland and a native of El Salvador who just became a U.S. citizen, will vote in her first U.S. election today. She used a mobile application by MomsRising to find her polling location.)

That’s exactly what I am seeing here at local precincts in Oakland and Berkeley, at MomsRising, at NBC Latino, at FOX News Latino, at Univision and Telemundo, and all of the blogs. MomsRising contributing blogger Laura Tellado had this to say:

This year, I’ve turned more to social media. Even though I haven’t gone out to do volunteer work, I feel I have learned more about the importance of the Latino vote this year than during any other year.

My phone has been buzzing with texts from family and friends out east who have already voted. My mom and grandma, who live in New Hampshire, just texted to say they have voted. I already voted via absentee ballot, but made sure to bring my five-year-old daughter with me to snap photos of voters for this blog and NBC Latino. This is what I have so far:

(Photos from left to right: U.S. cycling champion “Fast Freddie” Rodriguez drops his son off at preschool before he heads to the polls; Escuela Bilingüe Internacional teacher Alexandra Alquati shows off her “I Voted” sticker.)

(Photo: The eyes of the nation are looking towards California that will decide the fate of Proposition 37, which would require labeling of genetically modified foods.)

(Photo: Not only do we vote, but we run for office, too. Beatriz Leyva-Cutler is a Latina school board member here in Berkeley, California, who is running for re-election.)

Did you vote? Go ahead and use this blog for your favorite voting moments and pictures!

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One thought on “Who Says Latinos Don’t Vote?

  1. Crazy, you want to hear crazy?? Dragged my husband to vote. Mind you he WANTED to, but he bitched & moaned that HE COULDN’T get to work late (there’s no allowance for time in vote in PA, pllffft), and that HE WOULDN’T go at night and get stuck on line. So we went at 8:15AM, no one was there, we voted, he left.

    Wanna hear the kicker? I knew he hadn’t voted in a long time, but he told me that night, “Damn, I haven’t voted since Clinton.” As in the FIRST TIME for Clinton, thanks to his brand new girlfriend (and future wife, lol). Precisely 20 years. White, middle class, management-levle 40-something dude loves Obama-and that’s partly why they lost. Romney & Co. scared the snot of out him, but I’m so proud that he went!

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