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  1. I slept, but will enjoy my husband being here today(and then, he goes back to Maryland to work.) I am trying to stay calm about the election. Here in North Carolina, we are trying hard to get the votes to win again, but I worry about voter suppression in other states. All my astrologer friends(a lot, one introduced me to my husband) believe it will be Obama, but Mercury is retrograde, like in 2000, and that seems to go hand in hand with confusion. I tried to explain to my son what happened in 2000 and it was too depressing – he was a little baby then so he missed all my stress! When I tell him stories of the recount, though, he just can’t believe it.

  2. I phone banked for Obama. I was a little worried because i HATE making cold calls, and it was Sunday morning. But it was fine. And fun to be with other supporters of the Pres!

  3. I stole a page from Katie’s book today- I’ve answered all calls with “Yes, I’m voting for the President and I know where to go and no I can’t volunteer. Same with my husband.”

    Sure saves a lot of time!

      • This is the first election we’ve been a cell phone only household and, I must say, I have not missed the robocalls one single bit. I get texts from the Obama campaign, but that doesn’t bug me too much. Score one point for DH and his insistence we drop the landline.

  4. Nate Silver has Obama at 85% probability of winning. We’re doing our part to increase election day turnout of Dems by waiting to vote. Might phone bank tomorrow.

    Went to church today and felt kind of woozy. Stomach feels …. weird. Spending the afternoon in bed. No regrets there. The wooziness was unrelated to church, which was a rather nice service for All Saints Day.

  5. I don’t feel like there is an xtra hour because my DD won’t nap today…sigh.
    Our town meeting passed the budget so I am taking that as a sign that Obama will prevail.

    Oh and the Repubs are already laying ground for the meme that Obama only won because of the Hurricane…where is their sense of personal responsibility? It’s always someone else’s fault.

  6. This day is dragging. I like the spring ahead better. Once you’re past the initial jolt, the day goes quickly. Of course it’s snowing here so there’s that, too.

  7. We pulled off a very belated birthday party for DS, whose birthday was in August. Three six year old boys and almost-4 DD, running around a funhouse place with a maze and rides, eating pizza, then coming back to our house for cake and presents and Beywheelz/beyblades battles. The first time I tried to arrange this, no one could come, so then I had to reschedule for after Halloween.

    I hate this kind of crap. DS is such a sweet kid with high expectations and not enough opportunities for friendly socializing. Party went off well, I think. Anyway, it’s done, yay.

    I was supposed to go doorknocking for Warren, but I had to bail. I will be doing GOTV stuff on Election Day, though.

  8. Voted early here in Florida yesterday, lines amazingly long. Good sign! Most people were fine with waiting and no complaining. I love election time! Did some GOTV door knocking yesterday, met some very nice people! And a chicken (yes..I said chicken) randomly making its way around one neighborhood. Unfortunately I work in a law office, I won’t be able to do anything on election day, for the first time since 2004! I’ve ALWAYS been at some headquarters for every election, it’s sad I can’t be! Thanks for the link Elisa, I’ll sneak in a few calls on my hour lunch break the two days.

  9. I’m back and I used the hour to lose only one on my way home instead of two! I have a fifth-place chorus medal. Yes I slept in it last night. What?

    The week was surreal, with the harmonies and glitz of contest interspersed with the heartbreaking sight of my hometown under water. My parents fared well – their power blinked out for just a couple of minutes – and my sister got hers back on, but DS1’s godmother will probably lose her home.

  10. so – when phone calling today, the young man (2 yrs younger than my DD) who was showing me how to use the “auto dialer” was very impressed with “how quickly you learned the technology” ROFL “for such an old person!” is what he was thinking! Later, another volunteer was remembering her first Presidential vote, for McGovern. Same 19 year old “boy” started laughing – ‘that was so long ago’…..good thing he was otherwise a very nice young man…..and that I want Obama to get every single vote he has coming to him!

  11. Back from a week long conference across the country. It was great…learned lots, networked mightily, slept in a comfy bed, got fed nice food. But the chaos that I’ve come back to… Don’t get me wrong. My husband is awesome. Fantastic. Everything that I asked him to do got done. And not one single thing more…. :) Oh well. I’m staying home from work today and organizing life again.

    My thoughts are with those of you that had a rough week last week…and with all of you that have to put up with the last few days of the election. Distance does make the stress of that far easier!

  12. Well, turns out that an ear infection/post ear tube surgery night from hell is not really made better with an extra hour. As much as I was dying to sleep, I was just trying to kepp my eyes open while entertaining a chatty 1 yr old at 3am and praying for morning to come. Waaa. Hoping and praying that was the worst of it and tonight will be better!? If not, plan B is to call the ENT office and get in to see him as early as possible. If he can’t see us for some reason, plan C is to find his house and knock on his door and drop off Clara at bedtime tomorrow night.

  13. Sounds like lots of good news all around… mostly. Good luck with the ears, Sheri!

    I signed up for a national art book project that a MTer posted on FB so I spent today thinking about that, along with, y’know, grocery shopping and a library trip and making a flatbread. I took the 8 year old to Michael’s (a Bain company, I was chagrined to learn, but options are limited here in the sticks) and got some more supplies. That place is a bottomless well of craft supplies. Supplies go out and money goes in.

    • That’s a bummer to know about Michaels. Hobby Lobby is where I usually buy craft stuff, and it’s owned by right wing Christians. I kind of try to put that out of my mind, because it’s close and the nearest Michaels is far away. Nice to know there are issues shopping there, too. It’s enough to make me throw up my hands and say, “screw it” and eat at chic fil-a and shop wherever I want. Anyone know anything about the politics of JoAnn Fabrics?

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