Saturday Open Thread

What’s on your mind this last weekend before the election?

Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight . . . now chat away!


22 thoughts on “Saturday Open Thread

  1. all that’s on my mind are my two dearest college friends in NJ who are struggling so much right now… wish I could magically teleport them to be with me in NH but then they’d have to deal with living in a swing state 3 days before the election so.. they may prefer it in NJ!

    • I just keep thinking that I am warm and have power and space and I wish they could bus people upstate to stay with us. I know it’s not a practical solution and that money is the only way I can help but it’s making me crazy.

      And then a friend of a friend posted on fb that he’s bummed about the marathon – he had already travelled to NYC before it was cancelled so he’s going to go drinking. I’m trying to decide if I should post volunteer opportunities for him. He’s a cop…he’s got skills and training so he’d be great as a help. However, is it my place to remind him of the destruction when he’s bummed about not being able to run a stupid race? It ought to be obvious.

      • Yeah, it seems like he would be able to call the local authorities and ask where he could help. Or even just go to a badly affected neighborhood and help people clear debris out of their homes or something. I don’t know how easy it is to get into some of those devastated areas, though. I imagine if they were going to have runners starting on Staten Island, he’d be able to get over there and just help people clean, clear debris, deliver food or something.

    • Loving these replies! As one of the few in my town in central NJ that didn’t lose power I feel the same way. My in-laws stayed with us for a few days and I made the offer to many family and friends in the area to come and take refuge with us, My son’s football league did a donation drive yesterday to collect food and water for a fire company on the shore.

  2. Sending up prayers for round peg and JuJu and hope that no news on FB means they are all resting comfortably. (if you hadnt heard, JuJu fell and hit his head and was in the ER last night)

  3. We went to the Dia de Los Muertos parade today. Such fun! Our mayor cancelled T or T, which had been rescheduled to tonight, because there are still tons of power lines down. But our little Stars Hollow neighborhood is going rogue and handing out candy. So we’ll do that, too!

  4. Snort. My dad just put up a whiny post on FB about Obama saying voting is the best revenge. Boo hoo. I think if I had spent the past four years being called a Kenyan Muslim communist usurper I’d be ready for a little revenge myself.

  5. With Lucy, I remember ear tubes as a miracle cure and don’t really remember much of an adjustment period. Before tubes, Clara had been waking twice a night, which she kept up the night after the surgery. Tonight, she’s on her third wakeup (this one has been going on 2 hours so far). She’s wakeful–mixing in talking and laughing with the crying. Still, it’s definitely not delightful. I’m pissed off and discouraged and I kinda feel like calling the ENT doctor every 2 hours or so while he’s trying to sleep. DH has her on the couch now after I spent the last couple hrs rocking and nursing to no avail. WTF?!?!

  6. What is on my mind? that people displaced here in NJ wont get to vote. Or that due to polling site remaining without power people won’t know where to go or what to do.

    • I am worried that if Obama wins, Romney will contest it and use the hurricane as a lever. I think he would whine no matter what but the disaster makes it more convenient for him.

      • If he contests it, he will look like an even bigger asshat than he already is. I like to think he’d have too much pride to do that, but I suspect I’m giving him way too much credit.

        • I hope you’re right. Still, I have a sick uneasiness that the election is not going to be decided by sun-up Wed. (Be wrong, Self, be wrong!)

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