49 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. I want to thank Rachel, Gigi, Mkkendrick and pastrychef (who I miss here!) for Rising to the occassion last night on FB as I expressed my irritation with those bloody “30 days of Gratitude” posts….I have never laughed so hard in my entire laugh… and when my dear sweet friend white haired friend Pat suggested we form a band called “Nana and the Tampon Launchers” I lost it completely.

    I love you all…

  2. Put this in Thursday’s thread, but also wanted to say here that we’re home and Clara’s doing fine after ear tube surgery this morning. Hopeful that we’ll all start sleeping better without chronic ear infections…

  3. All snarking aside, I am truly grateful by big fat kitty just got a clean bill of health! I’m amazed. I thought for sure her belly would be full of tumors since it feels hard to the touch. Nope, just fat. 18lbs of fluffy calico.

    She’s limping now, though, so I hope that somehow she wasn’t injured when they had to wrestle with her to get her x-ray.

  4. I am having a good day. Got a psych. appt. on short notice and got a bunch of errands done. And best of all my friend is trying to get me a job with her company and they want to interview me next week.

    Also this post is full of hilarity and now my gut hurts from laughing.

    Also also old dude in front of me at the supermarket was buying massive amounts of cocktail ingredients. Must be some party.

  5. I broke down and pre-ordered the iPad mini to arrive today, the first day. I’ve never had an ipad before, nor have I ever been one to pre-order the latest gizmo, but I really really really want this mini to keep in my purse and carry around to all of the endless stupid crap I have to drive my kids to. It’s a beautiful sunny autumn day and I’m spending it in the dining room with my nose pressed against the window, waiting for the fedex truck to arrive. So sad.

    • Hooray, it’s here! It arrived as soon as I hit post. In fact I’m typing on it now, for the practice. One of the main things I wanted this for was an electronic notepad; I never really got the hang of typing much on the tiny iPhone keypad, but I have to write everything down immediately or it’s lost forever. This is a little cramped, to be perfectly honest. But I’m surprised at how quickly I’m typing even without practice. Much slower than my normal typing speed, but faster I think than my handwriting and certainly more legible.

      • That sounds like fun. You will have to update us on whether you are finding it to be useful. We don’t have an iPad or an iPad Mini but they seem like they would be fun to have. I’m not clear though since I have an iPhone and a computer already, if there is any extra utility to the iPad that I don’t already have.

    • LOVE my iPad!! I’ve had it for about 8 months and I was determined from the start to use it a lot. I didn’t want just a lightweight and fast internet portal.

      And I should say that it is that, of course.

      I use NotePad,and downloaded Pages and a better calendar program. I use it for all my personal and work notes and all events. I love how easy it is to carry (even teh full size iPad2) and even bought a bigger purse so I could carry the iPad with me.

      It does freeze from time to time, but I don’t know if that bug (whatever it is) has been fixed in subsequent versions.

      • I use mine for taking notes during client meetings. Pages is great. I can then load that pages file right onto my computer and it’s so much easier to keep track of those notes than back when I hand wrote them. And I have a PDF reader so I can display alternate items that I don’t have physical samples for. For me, it does what I used my old laptop for — light work and ease of internet access. The laptop was better for being able to do my design work when traveling, but that was maybe only needed a few days each year, so when it crapped out I replaced it with the iPad.

  6. Here is the debate at our dining room table tonight – which is ruder?

    – a small fart, made more audible because it happened during a tense moment of a board game


    – laughing hysterically and making comments like “at the most tense moment” and “that’s my wife!”

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