Wednesday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

First, many virtual hugs to our readers in the northeast. The images coming out of the news reports are truly scary: flooded streets, destroyed homes and damage to the tune of $50 billion. Please stay dry…and safe.

Thanks to our “Morning Vapors” for tweeting out this story, which was right on: “Let’s Get Real About Abortions.” It’s written by conservative pundit David Frum who cites the true and tried methods to lower the abortion rate in the United States.

A while back I profiled Kristi Yamaguchi and her new fitness clothing line Tsu.ya. She is offering a $20 off coupon. Some of the proceeds will benefit her foundation for children’s literacy.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?

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I am a journalist and online organizer who is the co-publisher of this blog. When I am not online, I am shuttling around my two kids, an 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.

49 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Open Thread

  1. Happy Halloween! What costumes have we got going on this year? I have a couple of ghouls.

    We ran out of time for pumpkin carving yesterday so it will have to happen after school today. I saw an occasional MT mentioned on FB that her DH had used a drill to carve theirs. I wonder if you might have more control that way. I have wondered what tools they use to make those elaborate carved ones. A kitchen knife doesn’t really seem to do the trick.

        • Many of the elaborate ones are done with stencils and an implement that resembles a metal toothpick. You can download stencils online and tape them to the pumpkin. You use the toothpick thing to poke holes to guide where you carve. I bet one of those pins that one can use to truss up a bird to roast would work too. I’ve seen them and serrated but smaller and easier to handle knives in pumpkin carving sets. I plan to buy one on clearance tomorrow as last night I destroyed the knife from the last set I bought.

        • He has a piece of spray painted cardboard left over from last year that he’ll put on for trick or treating. So a knight’s breastplate, but no sword or helmet this year. That’s his concession to convention, and it will be adequate. But he didn’t bring it in for his class party today; he explained to me that he’s “not a school spirit sort of person”.

    • I have a dragon rider, a cat, and a what ever she decides to put on this evening. DD3 (4yo) has changed her mind almost daily about what she wants to be. I didn’t end up getting her a new costume. She’ll have to pick something that we have.

      Fo pumpkin carving, we use the cheap pumpkin carving kits. The little knives are flimsy but work OK and give more control than a big knife.

  2. No no no! That wasn’t me! I don’t tweet – I’ve never been able to figure out twitter. But if I did tweet, it wouldn’t be about abortion. In fact, despite that abominable statement about what god intended I still have more respect for Murdock than Romney, and consider his abortion stance more defensible.

    • I was wondering 😛

      My DH loves Twitter. LOVES it. I go on there intermittently but in general I find it to be too brief. I kind of drives me crazy to jump from one thing to another every 2 seconds. It was fun to use a bit during the debates, when everyone is sort of having a group experience and tweeting about the same things occurring (mostly). However, being on the west coast and having kids, I mostly watched them taped rather than in real time, and you can’t really live-tweet a debate 3 hours after it happened. Or you could but nobody would care.

      • I have a couple of different twitter apps on my iphone. But I kept seeing the same comments retweeted over and over and over and over and over and over. No matter how good the comment, that’s tedious. Lots of scrolling, almost no content. I’m sure I’m doing it wrong, but have no idea how to do it right.

        I gave up. There’s nobody I particularly want to follow, and no group of tweeters I’m a part of. If I could figure out how to quickly pick up the new “hot” or trending hashtags, and only get each comment once, I’d give it a try again. Is there a way to do that?

    • Thanks! I do like David Frum, one of a dwindling number of conservatives who a) thinks and b) means well. And he’s correct that the abortion debate is perpetually focused on the wrong questions. But I am so badly squicked out about where the national conversation is right now – it just wants to focus on the deservingness of the pregnant woman, and has left whether the fetus has a right to life entirely behind.

      • It was a fine article, but it must be noted that the reason this has generated so much buzz is because Frum is a conservative (and being male probably doesn’t hurt). Progressives and pro-choice people have known this and written about this for years.

        So that annoys me.

        M will be a dinosaur in a cute hand-me-down we got from a friend months ago. Trick-or-treating is postponed to Saturday.

  3. That article was really interesting. Especially how Germany and the Netherlands have such low abortion rates. David Frum is sounding like a progressive! Holy cow.

    My 14 year old Aida made an awesome Queen of Hearts costume with a $5.99 red bridesmaid’s dress from a thrift store and $6.00 worth of playing cards from Walgreens. Oh and a glue gun! Most important part. My 11 year old son Pablo ordered a “Lucky Charms” box costume from Amazon which he loves. I guess if your mom won’t buy you that crap for breakfast you can at least wear it!

  4. Stormy is one month old, and therefore has no say in his costume so he gets to be a prop for Mommy and Daddy. We dressed as Star Trek crew members (I was a doctor and Expat was a redshirt) and made Stormy into a tribble. I bought a fuzzy winter coat and my sister crocheted a fuzzy hat and mitts. Voila. This is otherwise known as “what can we come up with in one afternoon for under $25?”

    • Oh and since wishing for 4-5 hours of solid sleep in yesterday’s open thread totally worked (five hours in a row for the first time in five weeks!), today I wish that he’d learn to eat in a reasonable period of time–say, maybe 30 minutes? Because spending an hour or more feeding him out of every 2.5-3 is getting old.

      If that one works, tomorrow I’m wishing to win the lottery.

      • That one will work, but it may take some time! DS did this for a while, every evening….taking forever to eat. I never figured a way to change that, but eventually it shifted to an easier routine.

        • Stormy does it with almost every meal. I’m trying to learn when he’s done actually eating and just continuing to comfort-nurse, and switching sides at that point instead of waiting for him to finish on his own. That usually cuts it down to 45 minutes or so. Feeding on demand is one thing, but spending 6-8 hours a day feeding him is something else entirely.

          • 6-8 hours a day sounds like what I did. Are there babies out there that don’t take that much time?

            It did get quicker as they got older, maybe especially once they started eating real food and weren’t nursing as much, but right in the beginning it did take just unbelievable amounts of time.

            • My first was like that but then the others were much more efficient nursers. My oldest still tends to eat a lot though so it might have just been how he is. I think that you will start to tell when it’s comfort nursing rather than sustenance as you continue. It will get better. In a few months he’ll be moving on to real food.

            • Rumor has it that many babies take only half an hour (of actual eating) per feeding. I even know some of them. Stormy does 35-45 minutes on the first side and 15-25 on the second.

              My/Stormy’s doctor says to expect him to be down to 30-45 minutes total per feeding by 6-8 weeks. Then hopefully I can manage to pump some and get a little time off occasionally.

            • Yeah, mine took forever too. I felt bolted to the chair at times. And to think it was before cell phones and laptops. I think I remembering having to get up to answer the landline, too. The horrors.

  5. Liza is going as Rachel from Glee- complete with knee sox, headband and as her trick or treat bag – a bag I brought her from NYC with show logos from the past 10 years :-)

  6. “Is this a dodge ball?”
    “I dunno.”
    “OK, hold still.”
    “Ow! Yeah, that’s a dodge ball.

    I’m glad I’ve raised my kids to check properly rather than make assumptions or jump to conclusions about anything.

    • first time really? Gosh this is the fourth year I’ve been shooing liza out the door without me LOL.. last year she even went with 3 of her 17 year old theater friends who drove her around to different neighborhoods. I was all “have fun storming the castle’ while I relaxed with a glass of wine at home.

      this year she went with a friend out around our neighborhoods… came back two hours later… i love the free dome!

      • Last year his friends ditched him (more accurately, friends’ parents blew it and DS got ditched). Year before, I walked far behind him and a buddy and promised to be unseen. So, this was the first year that “the guys” planned and executed the whole T or T thing on their own. I was sad to miss out on the hilarity, but it was good that he didn’t need me because I didn’t get home until 6:45

  7. Hi, ladies, I am back. For those who aren’t FB friends with me — my parents were in a pretty serious auto accident Friday night — got the call just before 1 a.m. Saturday. They hit a car that was sticking out into a country road with no lights on and rolled their Prius. Both parents have fractured sternums, mom also has 2 fractured vertebrae in her neck and a bruised lung. They are now resting at home, sore but able to take care of most of their daily tasks [neither is ready to try a real shower yet so just sponge bathing for them, and no driving] so I am back home with my little family — and very grateful that they survived the accident with such minimal injuries.

    So what have I missed? 😉

      • Seems like I saw a little bit of that on Fox news in between bashing Obama for “playing the part” of being presidential.

        ugh. So glad to be away from my dad’s TV choices.

        Glad everyone from around here made it safely thru that awful storm. Was keeping track via text with a friend in Brooklyn and one near Baltimore. (and of course on Fox news with a few switches over to the Weather channel)

    • It started raining, which drove the other kids back home. But sometimes being soaked to the skin is a positive for him and apparently last night was one of those nights; I think it can help him regain control of his body temperature (when it doesn’t provoke the opposite reaction). Since by this point he’d bounced back enough to try another street, his dad put on a raincoat and took him back out. So he was out there trick or treating alone with his dad, in the rain, which wasn’t at all what he had in mind but he came home in a much better mood for having accomplished it. Completely soaked, of course. He gathered enough candy to participate in the traditional post trick or treating poker game, which uses candy for chips, and his brother gave him enough of his haul to equal them out. And the zombie costume was enhanced by the rain bedraggled effect.

        • Yeah, I don’t get to say that. Since thinking that way is counterproductive we need to keep it to a minimum, and I figure those times anyone does get to scream it out loud, it should be his prerogative. So I get to keep those thoughts to myself. :( That’s why I let it out here, where he can’t hear me.

          • When I was little, whenever I (or my sisters) complained about things not being fair, my dad would belt out (totally offkey–I inherited my musical inability from him) “I beg your pardon! I never promised you a rose garden!” So atleast I get to think of my dad when things get to that level now. It always brings a smile.

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