Tuesday Open Thread

East Coast friends, how did you fare with Superstorm Sandy? I was glued to the footage and Twitter all day yesterday, astonished by the storm’s wide-ranging impact. Hoping everyone stayed safe and dry.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!


22 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. We got off fairly easy – no loss of electricity, no trees down, no flooding. But, friends, I have to tell you that was the LOUDEST wind i’ve ever heard. You know how you hear a squeal of brakes, and then tense yourself waiting for the crash? That ‘s how I felt all evening – a WHOOSH of wind and then waiting for something. Fortunately, nothing fell, but it was a tense night.

    Other parts of NYC, CT, and RI were hit pretty bad. It will be a while before it’s all repaired. No school or work today. Not sure about tomorrow. I could maybe get to work in CT, but not sure they’ll have electricity there.

    How are our Midwest MTs making out? I hear it turned into a big snowstorm for you!

    • So glad to hear you fared ok. I’ve seen footage of the fires in Queens, and not knowing really how big Queens is, was thinking of you! Looks like it will be a windy day here in Chicago, but otherwise it’s fine.

      • Queens is huge and the part with the fire is right next to the ocean, about 15 or 20 miles from us. Their biggest problem (other than hurricane force winds and a storm surge) is that there is just one bridge to get there, and one main road. Firefighters couldn’t get to them to put out the fire. Very sad…but it does make you appreciate good fire fighting resources!

    • OMG the SHRIEKING of the wind… and the way it sounded like a train… I agree.. Sue so scary… Liza slept on a sleeping bag next to my side of the bed b/c if our trees had gone they would have landed on her… but somehow they hung in there…. no school today for her… she’ll go into the theatr with me later for a staff meeting to assess any damage there..

    • So glad you’re ok. My friend in Ozone Park said trees were falling everywhere…but she’s lucky, her home/car did not get hit. The wind was insane! Thought my office windows were going to blow in! We put the kids in our room, since the wind wasn’t coming at that direction. It was scary to hear the window hitting out bathroom – it has no window, so that really freaked me out! And to watch our new fence twist. But all good it seems in PA, lots of trees down, power out.

  2. DH was home alone with M while I’m traveling for work. He said it was so windy the house shook. There’s no power at home but there is at day care, so off our kid went today. I hope things improve – and that the airport opens so I can get home tomorrow…

  3. I’m glad you all got through ok! Our family seems to be all right. My SIL in New Jersey (not far from the shore) lost power but is OK. Other than a lot of very loud wind and rain (where my dad lives they got 4.5 inches yesterday), everybody seems to have made it through. Crazy pictures of water pouring into the subways and so forth. It must be quiet out there with no flights and closed roads. I was watching a bit of MSNBC this morning and they showed a street in Queens (?) a foot deep in sand where the water had come up and subsequently receded, and cars all over the place randomly where they had floated.

    • I was so busy worrying about my inlaws, who were fine in the path of the storm, that I was really surprised when I scrolled up the coast and saw how much surge the bay side of the cape was getting. I had assumed that was fairly protected. And google crisis map had dropped a pixel right on my brother’s house. It doesn’t seem to have harmed anything, though (Sandy or the pixel).

  4. So glad everyone is okay. Although in the case of my parents, what’s the saying about God protecting children and fools? They had very minor property damage, no flooding, and they didn’t lose power until their electric company shut power off this morning because of all the transformer fires.

    Stormy seems to have been absent from baby class the day they taught how much babies should sleep. He frequently gets 8 hours a day or less. Right now he’s been awake since about midnight. He’s usually good as long as we’re entertaining him–i.e. not trying to sleep ourselves. (He’s really a good baby, but determined not to fall asleep and miss anything.) At the moment, I’m buying myself time for breakfast by swaddling him and putting him in the swing. He’s discovered the mirror on the under side of the mobile.

    • My kids were like this too- I decided it was a sign of intelligence (not wanting to miss anything). For my DS, the sling was invaluable. I could do what I wanted to do, he could see stuff, and it was the only place I could reliably get him to fall asleep

      • Yeah, he was born wide-eyed, looking around and babbling, and he hasn’t stopped yet. I felt rather gypped after how often I was told that he’d be sleepy for 24 hours after birth. (I think they emphasize that so new parents don’t worry?)

        I love the sling and especially the Moby. Although he keeps trying to make a dive for whatever catches his interest, so I have to hang onto him. (He does the same while he’s in the swing, I don’t think it will contain him much longer.) But at least I can move around and have one hand free.

        I’m nervous because MIL says that my SIL (Expat’s sister) was the same way. Some of you may remember that she’s still adventurous to the point of suicidal. So it’s good to hear that one doesn’t necessarily lead to the other.

        He will eventually fall asleep in the swing–he nodded off about 11 am–and even when he’s awake, it will entertain him enough for him to not cry to be held. I wish there were space for it in our bedroom or even his, because then he could sleep in it at night and maybe mommy and daddy could get some too.

    • Mine did the same thing. I never could relate to the books that said they would sleep 18 hours a day or whatever. They never did. Even now my 8 year old won’t fall asleep before 10:30 or 11 pm, even though his lights are off.

      • Right, I read yesterday that at 1 month old, he should be sleeping 15 hours a day, “two-thirds of that at night.” Really?! I hear babbling, so it looks like the nap topped out at 45 minutes.

        • I freaked out the first couple months because my DS would take 3 1/2 hour naps per day until he was about 6 months and I was always like “but he’s supposed to be sleeping more OMG what is wrong with me?” which clearly you are not doing so that’s good. as long as your baby is happy and thriving he is getting what he needs.

    • May I introduce you to life with Jessica? I could’ve written that paragraph word-for-word with Jessica. It felt like she never, ever slept for fear of missing something. We definitely used the swing all the time with that one. Even in the middle of the night. My lord.

      I have total empathy.

      • Thanks, Rachel. He did sleep long enough for me to shower and nap this afternoon (i.e. 90 minutes) and he’s mostly been awake but quiet all day. Which is better than awake and screaming, right?

    • My MIL says DH was like that. (Though I swear the amount she reports he slept at night gets less as the years go on.) She also says he finally slept when he walked – apparently that tired him out enough.

  5. determined not to fall asleep and miss anything

    Both my kids are like this. They have been more and less that way at different ages, but we can mostly only keep up with them in shifts. Urgh.

    • Yeah, we’re going to have to figure something else out, because the current system isn’t working. Stormy gets most of his sleep from mid-morning to early afternoon, when Expat is at work and it’s too bright and too noisy outside for me to sleep.

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