First Haircut in 20 Years!



It’s been 20 years since I’ve gotten my hair cut. What was the inspiration? This photo of Alicia Keyes:

For the first time in 20 years, I saw myself wearing my hair differently. Initially, I was hesitant and floated around the picture to a few people, including my husband, before making the appointment. I then sent the picture to my stylist who immediately responded, “Do it!!! No, let me do it!!”

I love how it came out. My hair looks so much healthier. It has a deep dark color and shine, and is bouncier. The curls, after years of being stretched thin, are better formed. Initially, it looked like a black curly wig.

So far the reaction has been that I “look different” to “I love it!” Eli is the only one who didn’t like it because she had the illusion we would spend the rest of our lives growing long, princess-like tresses. LOL! But I feel very confident and care-free in this hair-do and have used this opportunity to teach young Eli that beauty takes many forms, including hair length and styles.

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13 thoughts on “First Haircut in 20 Years!

  1. Wow — what a change! Good for you for going for it! It looks great. When I was about 8 my mom cut her hair really short (like a boy’s cut) because of hair-dye-gone-wrong. I remember crying about it! I have no idea why!

  2. My DD has gone long and short back-and-forth a couple of times since mid-High School. When it’s longer, I love it, and she loves styling it. When it’s shorter, I love it too, and she loves the ease. It takes getting used to when it’s cut short, because the change is so dramatic – like you, she goes from long flowing waves to tighter darker curls.

    I think you look amazing and your smile says it alll…you love it!

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