Monday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

I just got back from the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) 2012 conference in Houston. I gave a talk about the Affordable Care Act for their healthcare track. I think it went well and will post pics later this week.

In the meantime, I want to wish our east coast families well in light of Hurricane Sandy. Last I read, it has killed 66 people in the Caribbean and was headed towards densely populated areas, including New York, Washington D.C. and Boston. Please stay safe all.

As someone who is doing P90X, which requires a lot of push-ups and pull-ups, I was intrigued by this New York Times story on how even the most physically fit women, in general, can’t do pull-ups. I am finding this to be the case with me: I can crank out military-style push-ups on my toes, and yet, can’t do a single pull-up. I work out on the bands instead.

Can you do a pull-up? What else is in the news? What’s up with you?

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22 thoughts on “Monday Morning Open Thread

  1. Bearing down for the storm here in PA. Worried about friends & family in NY & NJ…been seeing scary stuff off Atlantic City & environs since last night! Storm won’t hit us til night, thank God I live inland. (For one, a reason to love PA!)

    Every time I go to watch Weather Channel, the temps in the “Sans” …San Diego, San Fran, etc…. flash by, 60, 60, sunny. So I’ve stopped watching, lol!

    BTW, my neighborhood floods during normal heavy rains, so we might be stranded in our home for a while, lol!

  2. My parents are, as usual, refusing to evacuate. They’re in a voluntary evac zone; they live halfway up a clff so about 20-25′ up but only maybe a hundred yards from the water as the crow flies. Storm tide is supposed to be worst in the bay (versus on the ocean or rivers)–predicting 12-15′ on top of the 2-3′ increase due to the full moon.

    In other news, my doctor’s office says it will take 10 days to fill out the paperwork confirming I still need to be on leave. It’s the same damn form my doctor filled out before I left, and she did it in 30 seconds then, and they sent me the form Thursday to be returned by tomorrow. Ugh. Anyway, going to go bundle Stormy into the car and get down there now. Not that I’m supposed to be lifting a car seat, but what can you do?

    • Good luck and be as careful as you can with the lifting.

      P.S. I’ve been meaning to tell you: DS is rooming with the oldest son of one of your Disney heroes, the one we’ve talked about here before. I thought you would get a kick out of that :-)

      • Thanks. The car seat and baby are each under the weight limit, it’s just that I can’t lift the seat with him in it. I’d planned to lift the combo into the stroller attachment anyway, but then it turns out Expat has that. So umbrella stroller it is, although Stormy’s a little small for it.

        Awesome that your DS has a friend to room with! And yeah, major hero worship–especially since it seems like he’s _also_ a great guy (besides being awesome professionally).

  3. We have had some MAJOR wind here so far. Storm is supposed to hit land in a few hours.

    So far we are good – still have power, and no leaks that we know of. I’m worried about my mom – she lost power early (1pm) and is a little shaky about being alone during a power outage. A friend has offered to bring her to their house, but that’s a mixed blessing – THREE 70 somethings out in a storm is not good. Now I wish I had pushed her to go stay with my brother and SIL….

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