Monday Morning Open Thread

Hey all — I am back! I had a jam-packed and fun two weeks with my family out east.

First, I stopped at Reading, Pennsylvania to visit my uncle and two cousins from my mother’s side of the family and an aunt and two cousins from my father’s side of the family. I managed to fit in one MotherTalkers reunion with “ginabad”. Stay tuned for pics!

Every day I had something planned with my four cousins, two kids and niece. Luckily, I rented a Dodge Caravan so we’d all fit. LOL!

Then I rented another seven-seater in New Hampshire to shuttle around DH, the kids, Eu (my niece), and my sister Nidia. I also visited my parents, grandmother, brother and his girlfriend of nine years. I will definitely update you on everyone and include pics.

In the meantime, the one news story I paid attention to while away was the Paul Ryan pick for Mitt Romney’s VP. Of course, I am no fan of his Ayn Randesque policies as they would hurt women with children. I will post news stories as I see them.

When I got back, this news story on MSN about the University of Colorado actually having dorms for students with concealed weapons permits caught my eye. Is this insane or what? Would you permit your child to stay in a dorm with other students who have guns? We don’t let these kids legally drink — although they certainly do anyway — and we are okay with letting them have firearms?? This reminds of the Daily Show episode about the bar owner who actually had to defend his stance on no guns at a bar full of drunk people.


What else is in the news? What’s up with you?

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  1. Whoever decided what the fashion was going to be for girls this year, here’s a tip.

    Girls do not want to wear ponchos for shirts to school. And if they do, not every day. And even then, ponchos are surprisingly unpractical for many daily activities.

    The next alternative was shirts that end above the belly button. Not only is this uncomfortable for many girls, most schools aren’t good with it.

    The only T-shirts had scoop necks that dropped about a foot. Um, nope, that won’t work either. Even if they had accidentally come with tolerable colors or tolerable graphics.

    Finally, the sheer nylon frilly shirts… um, no. Even over a camisole – icky, impractical, uncomfortable.

    I wasn’t the only mom who walked away wondering what her daughter would be wearing to school this week. It’s been a long time since we had such a strikeout, where there wasn’t even anything we could contemplate trying on.

    • As the mother of a 13 year old I can tell you I have terrific success at:

      Aeropostle (good basic long and short sleeve ts, plaid button down shirts, polos and sweatshirts)

      JC Penney- good basics– jeans, capris, shorts, sweaters, hoodies, tshirts etc…

      Old Navy- great jeans and some good basic ts and shirts.

      my other tip is that Liza has about 30 camis in every color you can imagine (several in white) that she wears under her shirts to give her more coverage and to pull her look together.. these are in indespensible part of her wardrobe.

      • I was just looking at the JC Penney catalog and thinking there was a lot of cute stuff. Cute shirts and lots of fun-colored pants and jeans. Whether the the pants would actually fit anyone in my family with our super-short legs is another question, but it made me want to check out the store.

      • Even JC Penney failed me!

        DD has already adopted the camisoles and wears them under everything. Kind of a nice side effect is that they act as a very early bra-like item for her.

        • Bummer! I would imagine you may have somewhat limited on the ground options as well, and a lot of times I find it’s hard to tell from an online picture whether, say, a neckline is too low, or whatever.

          • Yeah, we have Kohl’s and JC Penney, which we tried, plus Ross.

            I may take her to the ag store and Tractor Supply next. That’s how grumpy I am! At least they’ll have T-shirts, maybe even with horses on them.

            We’ve had decently good luck online before, especially with shirts, so I guess that’s our real next step.

    • Gee, I thought it was just maternity clothes that was the fashion for this year!

      You have my sympathy. I’m wearing a cowl neck shirt today that I keep having to rearrange the way it drapes because the neckline under the cowl goes down to my breastbone.

      • I love LL Bean and Lands End. DD did not find anything she wanted there initially, but I think after the horror show of Real Life Shopping she’s going to reconsider. :-/

        If I had realized it was going to be so bad I would have made an effort to take her shopping when we were in the Bay Area last week. Sigh.

      • Lands End is our staple, too. I thought that GapKids had a lot of cute stuff, too. Some of it is out there, but there was a lot that still felt appropriate for my 8.5yo girl. Every time she passes Justice she drools, but I swear there isn’t 1 thing in there that I thought was cute.

        I usually wait until a few weeks after school passes before shopping. We went through her clothes and she tried every last piece on so we could see what was too small (about 75% of it!) and what she could keep. She has enough leggings and nice shorts and mix and match tops to get her through this late summer weather, and then once the temps dip I’ll take her out to get jeans and warmer stuff. If I do it now, the way this kid is growing, who knows if it will still fit when she needs it!

      • for younger kids sure..but Liza has denounced all of Lands End as boring, and babyish.. I used to get her stuff from there all the time.. now its all Aero, Hollister, A&F, Pink, and basics from JCP and Kohl’s and Macys…

        even Old Maybe is only good for jeans in her eyes.. too babyish or too old ladyish

        • My kids bailed on Old Maybe a couple of years ago. Too bad because it has some of the most affordable options around. They don’t really wear jeans much though. We have to shop at Sports Authority and the Nike outlet and Vans and Tillys. Some of those stores you mentioned have boys’ stuff too, don’t they? A&F? I’ve never been inside one…

        • Lands End is boring for middle school. I would buy Abbey their layering tees and she tolerated that but really the rest of their clothing is either for younger kids or middle aged women. I mean, half my clothes are from there, so yeah, my 15 year old would not be caught dead in their stuff.

          • Totally. We can still get away with it with DD but I pepper her wardrobe with other fun stuff to pair with LE’s basics. But you’re right — it’s how a mom would want their kid to dress! Not cool.

    • I shopped with my DSDs yesterday and I agree that those poncho tops are plug-ugly (so did they). There were a couple at Kohl’s that just cracked us up–they had designs that were paved thick with sequins that were one color on one side and another color on the other, and they changed if you ran your hand over them. Well, of course my first thought was, if we have fun with this I can just imagine how much other people would, too, and how many would be pawing at the wearer’s chest to do so? Not a good idea!

      I’m pretty much with Katie on the shopping suggestions. Delia’s also works for us sometimes–their graphic Ts are often cute, and DSD-14 got a great bathing suit this year–but online ordering is often best for them, since they seem to have the freaky-weirdest stuff in the bricks-and-mortar stores and the basics online.

    • I second Aeropostale and Old Navy.
      Our hands down favorite, though, is Platos Closet. There is such a wide variety there, we rarely strike out. Everything is pretty inexpensive, so I can say yes to plenty. I have a (very fussy) friend who swears by Goodwill for boys, for brands like Polo.
      We got lucky this year, receiving two big bags of hand me downs from a friend the very day we were headed out to buy. yay!

    • On the good side, my daughter was saying that she’s going to have to make her own clothes. She did the 4H sewing project last year and did some really nice work.

    • We got years of shopping from Delia’s. Some of their stuff is iffy, but those were the only pants (other than lands end) that fit Leah as her body was growing and changing.

    • Try dressing a performing/competing quartet of 40somethings who are size 6, XL, and short-and-2X. We have two outfits: Style & Co. pants from Macys that came in all sizes, worn with a top that came from Avenue which size 6 got altered; and [bottoms] [black top] + scarf from Charming Charlie’s.
      We own a stack of patterns and some fabric, so once we decide one something we’ll have a second top made. We don’t want to look old or matronly; we are all curvy in different ways; one of us prefers not to wear heels or skirts to perform. Argh.

  2. Trying to suck the marrow out of these last days of summer. I’m taking Molly to Storyland tomorrow while DH takes H down to Boston with him. It’s his last surgery follow-up and they’re going to do the IMAX or maybe the USS Constitution or something like that. I’m hoping to scoop up my nephew and bring him back for the rest of the week (which requires my folks to help with some childcare coverage) and the DH and I are going to take the brood up to Ogonquit on Saturday for a quick overnight, thus knocking out the remaining summer must-dos. The only thing we won’t have done is the whole house reno thing. Oh well…

    DH is back in classroom mode. Managed to hurt his neck somehow so he’s not a happy camper- like *that’s* a big change in the status quo. A not-injured DH would be a bigger surprise at this point. I’m going to get 3 days worth of work done today and then I’m going to disconnect from the cyber world for a few days. I’ve got plans for a little at-home campfire tonight- need to pick up marshmallows on my way home. :-)

  3. As long as we’re on the topic of shopping, where do you like to shop for yourself?

    I used to like J. Jill but lately I barely ever seem to find anything I like in it. I do like Boden and sometimes buy stuff there but the sizing seems iffy sometimes. I get a lot of stuff at Target but obviously that only goes so far. I have given up on some places that only seem to have stuff for skinny 20-somethings, like J. Crew. I have tried Macy’s, but finding something good there seems to be a needle in a haystack.

    • As a general rule, the answer is “not in New Mexico.” The same stores on the coasts have more clothes in a better selection.

      As a general rule, I do like to get stuff at Target because then I don’t feel bad if it doesn’t last or I end up finding a reason not to wear it as much. JC Penney and Kohl’s sometimes have good basics. Coldwater Creek goes in cycles–some years I like their stuff and some years it’s too country for me. I sometimes love Loft (although how much of their stuff I can wear depends on my weight) and I also find Macy’s/Dillard’s pretty hit-and-miss.

      But really I think what I’ve come to accept is that either you hunt for the rare piece that works for you, or you settle for what you can find easily. There’s nowhere you can go to be sure you find what you need without digging.

      My local Burlington Coat Factory has been completely remodeled and expanded, and to my shock when I last went in there (to look at baby gear at Baby Depot) they have some really great stuff now. I got my 2 favorite maternity tops there and definitely it’s going to be the last-minute stop for anything we need for the kid right before/after he arrives. It doesn’t necessarily have a higher percentage of stuff I like, just a larger quantity to pick from.

        • I gave up on target (the only non-boutique store in town) because I had to throw away several items after their first trip through the laundry. Are all their women’s clothes supposed to be dispo?

          • I’ve never had that happen, just about everything lasts at least through the season for me, and I figure a $10 shirt can’t be expected to do much more.

            And don’t get me started on disposable maternity clothes–hardly any are going to still be wearable by the end of this pregnancy, and they are not cheap! Actually my favorite, wear-all-the-time, maternity T-shirt from Target (my Target only sells T-shirts and other super-casual stuff in maternity sizes) has held up much better than the Motherhood stuff that was way more expensive.

          • The kids clothes, however, are awesome. I think they have the best prices on kids basics and they last a good long time.

            Women’s clothes are iffy, though, for me, too. It’s hard to be plus sized+tall and their section has been shrinking for some time now. And yeah, very poorly made.

    • I’ve had pretty good luck at Kohls. It’s easy to navigate and they always have sales and coupons. The down side is that I now hate to pay normal prices at nicer stores, since in my mind things aren’t supposed to cost more than $29. I just about fell out on the floor when I last looked at the price of jeans at a department store.

        • I too started shopping at Goodwill, because I seem to think this bigger body is temporary so why pay $40 for new tees when I can pay $5. Of course, I need to go back and get some pants – I seem to have gotten too big in the butt for my usual ones. Over 40 and Italian, whoop, there it is. Other than that, Ross or Target or Costco. I blame 13 years of Catholic school for my lack of fashion sense, although I do sometimes get compliments on the Costco clothes!

          • I can’t help but swing through the clothes at Costco. I also get the occasional compliment on a shirt I picked up there.
            I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but three (!) Goodwills have popped up in our neck of the woods. One of my friends has a teenage boy who is intent on wearing mostly Polo/JCrew, etc. and she finds all of his clothes there. I stopped in yesterday and found some shorts for the boys. Who knew?

      • I too have had decent luck at Kohls, and the deals can at times beat stores like Target and even Wal-Mart because they let you stack the coupons.

      • I’m becoming disillusioned with Kohls lately, too. I know what you mean about the sales and coupons and you can get stuff for great prices. However, DH and I have both noticed that some of their brands don’t wear that well. His dress shirts never last more than a season and he takes really good care of them. It doesn’t help that they, too (see earlier comment about Target) seem to be shrinking their plus section and our stores are totally overstuffed, making it hard to get around in a particular section.

        • I find stuff there from time to time, but Kohl’s bugs me because of their fake pricing. They mark everything up on the tag, and then run “sales” all year round so you think you’re getting a deal.

          • I have a love/hate relationship with Kohls. They’re nearby, which I love, but they’ve been using the mark-up to mark down since my grown kids were babies. Drove me nuts.
            Like Mrs.P, I find many of their brands don’t wear well. Returns are such a pain, I often wonder if they make the bulk of their money managing cash flow, rather than selling their product. I feel like I’m in a house of mirrors, banking style, when I shop there.

            • The whole performance of circling my “savings” with the red pen doesn’t make me feel all excited, it just annoys me. Just price the pants at $12 if that’s what they are really going to charge me. Offer coupons and card-holder deals, but leave the sticker price alone so I’m not wondering why on earth stretch pants are $25, then looking at signs to figure out the discount. I don’t like to be reminded of how poorly my brain can calculate percentages. I like their little kids’ clothes selection (I’ve had less luck with their big kids’ stuff for DD), and the final price is the reason why I go back, but they do a lot of things that make me hate going there. The lines to check out are always way too long, and it’s because of all their wacky pricing and the coupons and the signing up for the cards.

    • Loft is my go-to for clothes. I’m short, and their petites section is pretty good. I feel like I can get things there that are stylish, fit well and reasonably priced. They have great sales, too.

      • I used to shop at Ann Taylor Loft sometimes when we lived in DC. I had forgotten all about it. I see they have changed their name to just Loft now? Thanks for the tip, it looks like they have a lot of stuff at their online site.

        • Yeah, I noticed they dropped the Ann Taylor, too. It’s still their company, though. It’s like the lower-priced slightly hipper version of AT. AT is my go-to if I need dressy clothes in petite sizes. Too expensive for my every-day clothes, though.

          Last time I went I got 40% off everything and ended up with so much stuff. Being short (and busty), I’ve never liked shopping — it’s so disappointing to try on things over and over and they just don’t fit well and, despite what Stacy London says, I am not going to a tailor to fit my tee-shirts properly. Loft regularly works out for me. In 2012, I had to find a dress for a 40th birthday party in the Virgin Islands and I do not have clothes for that sort of thing. I popped in there and found a really cute, slightly-dressy-yet-still-easy-breezy-for-the-Carribean dress. I would have paid the $69 full price but it was on the clearance rack for $18!

    • I haven’t bought for myself in a long time, but I like Shade clothing and Lands End Canvas. LE Canvas has great sales all the time. I got a killer royal blue parka with faux fur trim for like $40, it’s my favorite coat ever. The color and cut are so flattering. Looking forward to wearing it once I can zip it past my belly in late November! I never set foot in a store though. Online shopping only, for me. I hate hate hate shopping.

      • Eddie Bauer does have cute t-shirts. I get a lot of mine from there, too. They have short-people sizes online, but I wish they carried them in-store!

        • So this may not be helpful for you, but my local Gap has started carrying (miracle of miracles) short-people clothing, at least for men. Maybe they’ve started carrying women’s clothing in shorter sizes too? I’m tall, so I wouldn’t know, but Expat has been able to get pants there for the last several months and he used to have to mail-order everything.

          • They’ve carried petites or shorter lengths for a long time, which is nice. I used to work for Gap corporate at their headquarters in SF, so for a time ALL of my clothes came from there or Banana Republic. Something changed, though — it was either their fits or my heinie. Their sizes just don’t fit me well anymore, and I think it’s because I’m not 23 anymore.

            • I wish I could simply identify brands that made pants shaped like me. Though I suppose maybe nobody wants to sell pants primarily to people shaped like me; it’s not good for the brand image.

        • The thing I love about EB is that the shirts are long enough in the torso, and the shoulders are broad enough. Old Maybe t shirts are cut too skimpy in the shoulders for me — meaning the XL that fits me around is too narrow in the shoulders, which makes the sleeves ride up in a weird way. LL Bean shirts are [or used to be, I haven’t tried to wear them in years] too short waisted for me and my long body. Belly sticking out is not what anyone wants to see.

    • I have been almost exclusively Coldwater Creek for years. They’re pricey, but well made, and sized right to fit me. I’m totally bummed that the store near me closed. Now it’s either going into manhattan or buying online.

      • That’s where I’ve been shopping lately, though the pants tend not to fit me well. But the outlet mall about 20 min away from me has a coldwater creek plus a Levi’s outlet nearby for jeans and dockers.

  4. In the house alone!! Lucy started first grade today, Clara is at daycare, and DH is at work. I have to be on campus tomorrow, so I decided to work at home on syllabi and figuring out our new online course management system while also doing laundry. Love and miss the nanny…but it’s SO NICE to be home alone again!

      • when I’m home alone I run around like a chicken with my head cut off…I’m so excited I don’t know what to do first! But all i usually accomplish is a nap :)

        Glad that Clara is adjusting well to “baby school” (as J calls her daycare)

        • Aww, love the phrase “baby school”. It really is “school” though, at least a well run one is. I learned so much about managing infants and toddlers from ours that I don’t know what I would have done without it.

          • We totally call it school, though this place feels a little less school-like than the Montessori Lucy attended as an infant. Still, Clara has done art projects with paint almost every day, has listened to music from different cultures almost every morning (well, today was Cindy Lauper, does that count?), and her class has a weekly visit from a play therapist. She damn sure wasn’t getting that much varied stimulation at my house!

              • You made it to age two or three? You must be a lot more interesting than I am. My 9 month old would start cheering and kicking his feet every Monday morning as I pulled into the daycare parking lot. He was more than willing to let me know how he felt about being forced to spend two consecutive days with his boring old parents.

  5. So, things are moving along with listing the house. Kind of struck out with the apartment idea. just too expensive to rent in the city, and we have to stay inbounds to get ds a bus everyday to his magnet school. So instead decided to seriously declutter for showing. We will bring almost all the toys over to my parents’ apartment (which is actually larger than our house!). Packed them all up today. The kids are on board with it. They just moved in, so we’re bringing down some of our furniture too (toy shelves), plus the play kitchen and some bins of clothes.

    The next hurdle is finding a home, temporary or permanent, for the dogs. My sil will take one dog, and I posted on Fb about my other dog. Bless you, those of you who shared!!! I’ve already got a friend interested, hopefully she will take him.

    The kids are driving me nuts. Ds had a little poop accident and instead if telling me, he rinsed out his undies and put them back on sopping wet. School bus where are you???? 2 more weeks!

    • Have you tried Miralax for DS? We had so much trouble with poop accidents until we found out (thanks to MT) that it was likely constipation that was causing them. I kept thinking it was impossible since it seemed like he never stopped pooping, but his doc confirmed it and suggested the Miralax. Changed everything for us. It also helped DH realize the kid couldn’t help it — scolding was not going to fix it.

      • he was on it for a while, but it made him so “runny” and he had so many accidents! I didn’t want to start it before school. but i know he does have constipation. i wanted to talk to the ped about it but we missed our appointment due to the great key misplacement incident…so I will have to wait two weeks to discuss it at our makeup appt.

        • Have you tried cutting dairy out of his diet for a couple of weeks to see if it improves?

          The other thing that comes to mind is gluten, of course, since gluten intolerance is on the rise. But I’d hesitate to recommend that you try to diagnose that yourself – it’s hugely disruptive and hard to get clear answers, and you’re going to the ped soon anyway. But it might be nice to be able to tell the ped you’ve checked dairy.

          • no, but that’s a good idea. it’ll be tough though. he lives on milk, cheese, and pizza. i’ve cut back his milk intake with little effect, but never tried to go cold turkey. or cold cow, as it were.

  6. Smaller dose. Teeny doses. At one point, M was taking 1/2 a teaspoon a day- just enough to keep her going, not enough to make her messy. It was a freaking godsend.

    • It can take time, too. It took DS about 2 weeks to really get it working. We had about a month off when we were on winter vacation and it took another 2 weeks once we were back to get things on track again.

    • hmmm i will ask about that. he refuses juice, which is fine, except there’s no “natural” way to go about it other than forcing fruit and water on him, which i do.

      • A bonus that I didn’t see coming was DS started eating so much better after this. It was light his hungry switch was turned on. He’s always been really little as you know, and in the last year since the Miralax he’s grown 4 inches. Still skinny, but compared to a year ago he looks beefy!

    • Eh…they’re not bad books. It’s a good premise. And I liked the political stuff.

      Or maybe just the fact that the main character was a girl from Appalachia.

      But they’re certainly not in the same trash category as “50 Shades”. Or even “Twilight”.

      I am a little horrified that all the girls in my daughter’s year four (so age nine or so) class are all reading them. And I’m not the type to ban books…as far as I’m concerned, you can read whatever you want. But I KNOW these will give my daughter serious nightmares. I’m hoping she’ll decide against it. She’s on the end of book five of Harry Potter…hopefully that’ll distract her.

      • We don’t ban books but we do say “you can read that when you’re…” When the Twilight shit came out my daughter was 9 (or so) and I said she could read it when she was a teen. We talk a lot about being ready for a book – best example was The Witch of Blackbird Pond – she tried to read it in grade two and didn’t like it but when she read it in grade 5 she loved it. So she understands that being ready for a book is better than reading it just because everyone is reading it.

        • My son read the first book last year (age 10) and loved it. But after reading the second one he told me that he thought he’d like the series better when he was older, so he was going to wait a couple of years and read all three.

          • That’s great – it’s good that he realized that it wasn’t right for him just yet. Personally, I’m skipping the whole series because the idea of children killing children cannot live in my head.

            #2 who is 12 read all three books (and has read the first one more than once) but we didn’t let him see the movie because he’s a very visual kid and quite sensitive. For him, reading about it was one thing but seeing it would have been too much. It’s another “you can see it when you’re…” kind of thing.

            My mother often tells the story of when they lived in Kenora – they were high school teachers and a bunch of their students came into the theatre to see Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe? because it was restricted. Big deal getting into a restricte movie at that time…except it was about a marriage falling apart and not at all interesting to high school students. Sometimes we’re just not ready for some material and we don’t appreciate it until we are.

            The children killing children thing…I’ll never be ready for that even in fiction form.

      • I haven’t read Twilight(or 50 Shades). I think HG doesn’t even begin to compare in quality to HP though… There’s just so much more to HP. But what can you do.

        • Yeah…but they’re in totally different categories, I think. It’s hard to compare them. Hunger Games is a more teenie book. Harry Potter is a younger kids’ book (though plenty of teens and adults loved it). For me, it’s like trying to compare “Where the Wild Things Are” with “Bridge to Terabithia”. I like them both, but for very very different reasons. And I can’t fault “Bridge” for it’s lack of illustrations, because it’s intended for a different audience. If that makes sense.

          Or not. It’s ten o’clock at night and we’re all sick. I’m sure I’m overthinking it all. :)

        • I don’t really get why one has to better than the other. They are both enjoyable in different ways, although I do think HP skews younger even with the last couple books.

          • It’s the English major in me coming out. I do think HP is superior to THG in terms of literary quality. THG may be enjoyable but I don’t think they are nearly as good (although I have only read the first one).

            • Ah. You may need to read the rest. The entire twisted plot takes all three books to unravel. There’s more to it than children killing children.

              I liked Harry Potter. I really enjoyed reading them. But I’m not sure I’d start picking them apart and critiqueing them. I don’t think they’re terribly deep. Which isn’t really a criticism. Not everything has to be. Hunger Games certainly gave me more to think about anyway. :)

              • Really? My husband read them and couldn’t get over the teen angst of the second and third books. My daughter didn’t even notice it because she’s 14 and knee deep in it. Anyway. It’s been huge in this house so the author has been quite successful here…even though I’m not going anywhere near them.

                • Well, yeah. All those teen books have a fair amount of teen angst in them…that’s who they’re aimed at. I can’t remember which Harry Potter book irritated me…the fourth maybe? But he was suddenly this whiny selfish teen boy that I wanted to slap. Kids don’t pick up on that. :) I like the political commentary in Hunger Games. The “question authority” message. Commentary on genetic engineering. Lots of other typical dystopian scifi standards. But I suspect you’re either into dystopian scifi or you’re not. I can only handle small doses of it before I start stocking my pantry with nonperishable good and learning how to get the water pump running without electricity. :)
                  I thought this was an interesting article on why teenagers are drawn to dystopian novels:

                  I’m clearly avoiding work today…

                  • I think it was #5 and yeah, it was tough going. I found the series much easier after someone suggested keeping in mind that each HP book is writteni in the mindset of a kid that age. So you have to go through whiny to get to nuanced.

              • It’s a fair point that both series are uneven and need to be compared as a whole. I tend to forget the early HP books since the latter ones left a stronger and more recent impression on me.

                I’ll bet it was the fourth book that irritated you. I hated book four.

    • I read this article on Jezebel, & several commentators pointed out that all of the HG books have always been available for ebooks, whereas the HP books only became available recently. Since there are so many & they are quite large, they are also the types of books to be checked out of libraries or shared. So the numbers could be skewed. Plus someone said the HG books became popular after they were slated to be movies, but the HP books were made into movies because they are so popular.

      A new generation of HP fans will coming up now that the first books is nearly 15 years old. My kids know about it but we are waiting to read it, so I’m excited to be immersed in it again.

      • Lucy is part of the new generation! We’ve read the first 3 books, and are working on the 4th. We see each movie after we finish the book, and they aren’t so scary that way. Though this is around the time that the series turns darker, so we may well take our time. School is starting, anyway, so we don’t have as much time to devote to reading HP.

        The downside of being a new HP generation is that it’s hard to find the stuff (party supplies, lunchbox, etc). Thank goodness for the internets. Many of Lucy’s friends are seeing the movies without reading the books, though, so I wonder if the reading will be as popular with this group.

      • I never ever could get in to Harry Potter, and even though Liza loved the movies and loved goign to Harry Potter world in Florida, she never liked the books… she devoured Hunger games though (and so did I)… I don’t know..different strokes yadda yadda

      • Not to mention that all three HG are free on the kindle lending library. Which you can get on amazon by clicking a button labelled “buy for $0.00”. If this actually adds to the sales numbers it could be huge, even though you have to delete it to get your next free book.

        • Just upgraded to Prime (20% off diapers and wipes delivered to your door!) and I’m so looking forward to the Kindle lending. My local library doesn’t have a great e book selection.

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