Tuesday Open Thread: Mad about Mad Men

It’s Tuesday! And I am DYING to talk about Mad Men.

Those last two episodes: WHEW. Talk about water cooler moments! So grab a Dixie cup and let’s dish:

****SPOILER ALERT!!!**** Stop reading if you’re not caught up . . . 

Did Joan do the right thing? Would she have made the same decision if she had found out (in time!) that Don wasn’t on board? Did Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce land the account fair and square, or will this “get” be forever tainted? What about Peggy? Was she right to leave? Will she be back?

And then there’s this week’s episode. ZOMG. Was Lane sticking it to SCDP by doing the deed right there in the office? Do you think Don shoulders any responsibility? I will admit I was taken aback by Don’s harsh and immediate action, but upon further reflection I can see how he felt he had no choice. Hiding an employee’s pregnancy, for example, isn’t the same thing as embezzlement, which if left unchecked could ultimately destroy the company.

And then there was poor, sweet Sally “becoming a woman.” My heart went out to her during that scene.

Do you read episode recaps and message boards? I only do so for my very favorite shows: Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Good Wife. My fave site is Television Without Pity. What’s yours?

And finally, a fun quiz: Which Mad Man Are You? I got Salvatore Romano. Still hoping his character will reappear!


What else is on your mind today? Chat away!


77 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread: Mad about Mad Men

  1. Huge fight with you this morning. Actually last night and this morning I think I slept about four hours last night. We thought over Harry of course and the soccer thing. sometimes I don’t understand what it is that he wants exactly. He wants Harry to have friends, but he doesn’t want to have to go anything or taken for anything. It’s like he thinks that all of these friends would just magically materialize out of nowhere. I tried to explain to them that these days kids tend to make friends by shared activities. He disagreed instead I was just making decisions for both of us. He says that I won’t be available to help with the edition work and so we won’t be able to have the work done. I can’t imagine that the work will be done by fall. I hate fighting. Hate hate hate fighting. But I also Hate the Way, Harry cried this morning when I told him we couldn’t do soccer.

    • Oh, that sucks! It sounds to me like he is the one making decisions for both of you. I agree it sounds like a good way to make friends.

      If you found someone to carpool with to reduce the shuttling, might that make it feasible? We do that a lot with our travel team.

      • What I have found helps is to break down exactly how much time is involved… whenever I’ve been faced with resistence to something Liza wanted to do I will say “well, let’s look at this. It’s X number of weeks.. so by X date it will be over.” and break it down so it doesnt seem insurmountable. She just got her summer dance schedule and there was alot of “that’s too much” till I said “it’s four weeks that’s it” oh? that’s it? ok…

        and YES to carpooling! an even better way to cement relationships. we do it all the time.

        • That’s a great idea. DH and I need to start doing that ourselves. Thanks.

          I’m sorry about all of this Laura. I hope that there is a way to discuss this with DH again and get him more on board with this, especially given Harry’s interest and excitement in doing this.

          And I have a whole bunch of really boring research articles about how people develop friendships through shared activities if you want to send them to DH :-) Actually, one is a short Harvard class activity that’s kind of readable. The others are painful. But just wanted to say you’re totally right on that point.

      • I tried to delete this as soon as I posted it. I hate what a whiner I’ve become. Ignore me please. I’ll figure something out.

    • aw, geez. sorry.
      Maybe I’m just a big jerk but this makes me want to swing some doorknobs at your DH. Let the boy play something! But I know it’ll be you who gets to make all the carpooling arrangements, etc. Ugh.
      If something has to give, can’t M drop an activity? I know she loves everything she’s doing, but taking one season off won’t ruin it for her, will it?

      • This was one of the things I offered to DH, but that was a non-starter. I’ve tried to convince her to drop dance but her teacher has already started the hard sell for the fall (it’s a Nutcracker year) and has alluded to the possibility of a solo for M. Her gymnastics coach is also talking about moving her up a level in the fall. I think Girl Scouts is going to have to go, but that’s going to be a tough sell.

        H’s thing this am was that the travel team doesn’t cut, so if he wants to play soccer in the fall this is his only chance. DH just texted that I can sign him up, but I also know that there will be hell to pay on my end for it. I can’t complain even once or seem less than enthusiastic or I’m going to get a whole bag full of I told you so.’s. Plus I have to get my pieces of site prep work done for the construction and I have to do it immediately and without any whining. Stepford here I come, I guess.

        • It sounds like your husband’s reactions are enormous to you. So what if he says “I told you so” or is pissed that you didn’t get something done on time? He’s not the boss of you. And is that really worth trading off an opportunity your child is so excited about and committed to? Especially when those opportunities are rare for him?

          I had a therapist once tell me that I was taking my husband too seriously. Maybe you are too?

          • I have to agree — I know this is one-sided, but your DH’s reaction to this issue seems awfully cruel to you. Signing H up for travel soccer isn’t about either of you, it’s about H getting a chance to go for something that could really work out for him. DH’s response seems incredibly selfish and him putting this emotional strain on you — with advance warning that while “letting” you sign H up, he will make you feel bad about it if you have any tough days — is manipulative. Sorry L. That may be a harsh comment, but it just doesn’t seem fair to you or to H. Having M cut an activity seems like a common sense move, and I hope that she can understand that not everyone gets to do everything all at once. It’s H’s turn to get to do something.

            • Not only do I agree with this but thank you for being honest enough to say it. I had been thinking along those lines all morning but hadn’t figured out how to say it.

          • Wooooooorrrrrrd, on all counts, Laura. Sign H up.

            It’s already June. There is no way the project on the garage will be done by fall by now. Do you have a contractor starting next week, literally? If not, take the summer for the prep and the early fall for the building. Honestly, unless you and dh have some solid experience managing construction …. I’m scared for you both.

        • Stepford here you come is YOUR choice. Your DH sounds like a jerk, but you abide it (over and over and over again). So, if it’s Stepford you want, it’s Stepford you shall get.

          I don’t get why M gets to do everything and H doesn’t get to do anything? How is that even remotely fair? And, if she is that good at ballet, she shouldn’t be taking gymnastics – builds the wrong muscles and chance of injury is too high.

          • H has never wanted to do anything really, so it’s been a moot point. We could get him to do one sport a season (soccer, basketball, soccer) but that was all he wanted to do. This travel soccer thing is the first one he’s asked to do instead of me telling him he needed something physical in his life- either organized or not- during the school year.

          • And of course DH sounds like a jerk- I never post when he’s wonderful. I should do that. Otherwise you must think I’m nuts for staying married to him.

            He actually texted me today and apologized for the whole scene, took full responsibility for his part of it and said that this was a good thing for H to try.

            • Go with it. The first thing Harry has asked for? Oh dear gawd, just say yes :).

              FWIW, it’s always made me uncomfortable the way your dh gets called out as a jerk. I think everybody should back off that action. Captain Obvious here: marriages are complicated, are they not?

        • Of course you can complain. You’re the one making sure that people in your family get the opportunity to do the things that are important to them. If someone’s not on board with that, that’s their issue, not yours. There should be hell to pay for not being supportive, not the other way around. What is the better use of your time–making sure that things happen for Harry or making sure, say, a rock wall is done by noon, when in reality, it could probably be done a few days or more later? Just take that bag of I told-you-so’s and toss it in the dumpster without even giving it a second glance.

          • I”m just gonna hang out here and say “yeah what she said” all day

            it seems like this is family meeting time– H gets two activities, M gets two activities- they pick the ones that matter most. Done. Then you guys figure out how to get them there. That’s what parents do… done.

    • One of my favorite things about Joan is that you can just see who she will be 20 years down the line. That older woman with big, frothy, bottle-red hair, with too much make-up, and a style that has frozen in time from when she felt like she was at her best. I remember seeing secretaries and receptionists in the 80’s and 90’s like that and just thinking, I wonder what she was like in her heyday? That’s Joan to me.

  2. Since DH is going to be gone on Isaac’s birthday we’ve been doing some spread out “family birthday” activities. Cake on Saturday, presents from Mira on Sunday. And yesterday we did two of the three presents from DH, Mira and I. Two lego dinosaur sets. And Isaac loved them. We worked really hard to put them together but didn’t finish before he had to go to bed (minor tantrum but actually not so bad about that). So DH and I finished it and put it on his lego table in his room late last night. He was so happy this morning. He ran into our room, got into bed, cuddled up, and goes, “I saw that finished my dinosaur cage last night. Thank you. I love you. Can I go play?” :-) It was great.

  3. Erika – I’m sill in shock over mad Men — I LOVED Lane and I’ve been worried all season about what was going to happen… I don’t think I”ll recover.
    and I have to say as a divorced mom.. there was something that made me so happy about Sally needing to go home to her mom after she got her period… the scene of them cuddling was perfect. reminded me of my ex husband bringing liza home to me this christmas eve when she started her period while they were out shopping.. I got her a heating pad just like Betty did and we cuddled and talked… sigh…

    • I really liked that scene too. Betty, while she still has her Betty moments like her Thanksgiving speech about having things that are better than anyone else’s, seems to be growing up a lot.

      Also, I don’t know what this says about me but I was much more upset about the way Joan was manipulated into the indecent proposal situation last week than Lane’s death.

      I really appreciate Ken Cosgrove this season. He’s been my hero. I liked the way he talked Sterling into keeping Pete away from the account if they land his FIL’s company and overall he has had more integrity than anyone else, especially his comment about not being interested in being a partner.

      • OK, I will admit that scene between Roger and Ken was all sorts of confusing to me. I *thought* I got what they were saying, but it was tough! I did get the gist though, that Ken wanted Creepy Pete nowhere near the account.

        FWIW, I hold Pete almost completely responsible for the Joan debacle. He let the partners think she was open to it, and made her think the partners were all for it. So from Joan’s POV, I can see where she was thinking “They already don’t respect me and think I’m no better than a whore, why don’t I get something out of it and potentially provide for my son for years to come?”

    • That actually was very sweet. I even made a mental note of what Betty said to Sally, thinking I could use the same words some day with Maya :-) And it was sweet that when the chips were down, Sally wanted her mommy! Even if it is Crazy Betty, lol.

      So Lane’s boilerplate resignation letter . . . was that a big “F you, this is on YOUR shoulders” to Don?

      • yes I think to Don and to the whole firm…

        yeah.. when Liza started her cycle this December Kelly and I sat next to her on the couch and sang “girl…. you’ll be a woman now…” she was not amused.

      • Betty is essentially an insecure little girl at heart, and all of her swings at Don and even Sally are coming from that place. As much as I get angry at how she behaves, I felt a little happiness for her that she was what her daughter wanted most. It was like Sally gave her mother a true gift at that moment.

        • When they showed Sally going home to her mom and giving her that hug Kelly reached over and patted my hand.. so similar to what happened here… I love that my girl has all these moms in her life but the moments when she needs momma are the ones that are the most special to me.

    • I am so excited I am now caught up and can read this thread.

      RE Lane: How did he get in such financial trouble? Do we know? Was it just living above his means for too long, or did something happen?

      I knew as soon as Don fired him that he would suicide. He just couldn’t figure out a way to make it right for himself. Did anyone else think Don was a bit ruthless for not considering this?

      I was happy when Sally went home to her mama too :) I like Megan a lot and I think she was very graceful about everything that happened with Sally getting dropped off, Glen showing up, Don ditching out to work. She is a good egg.

      I think Joan made a huge mistake and the right thing to do would have been to walk when she heard that the men she worked with discussed this as a plausible action for her. Effing Roger! Pete Campbell, sure, he’s an unmoored scumbag, but the father of her child? Srsly?? I shouldn’t have expected more from him but it sure would have been nice. And when she had the convo this week with Lane about her Bermuda-or-Hawaii vacation, I thought that tainted $ money is tasting like ash in her mouth. I wonder when / how Don will find out?

      I will miss Peggy! But yes, she needed to move on. She would always be viewed as a lucky secretary if she stayed and she’s much better than that.

  4. girl, what you need is a sister wife.

    how does your DH know how he will be feeling in the fall? is it possible he can heft some of the schlepping duties? you can always pull out of soccer if DH isn’t up to it. or is it a money thing? i don’t quite understand what DH is objecting to.

    • Sister Wives actually don’t help each other that much, from my Ph.D. in television studies. At least the ones on TLC don’t. :)

      • Wait, what? If we had a sister wife around here, she wouldn’t be doing the cooking or taking some similar onerous thing off my hands? Forget it then …

      • but my sister-wives would be toooooootally different. Mainly because it would be me doing the choosing, not DH. And DH wouldn’t be the patriarchical leader of the family like that guy on TLC. Up with the matriarchy.

        (OMG, I’m just imagining poor DH if I got to choose the sister-wife. Heheheheheheheheheheh. I’d court Germaine Greer.)

  5. I think the Wellbutrin is leveling off. I feel more stressed this week and less in control of compulsions. I see the shrink next week and I think I will feel confident telling her I need to double the dose. Blah.

    • We’re in some parallel approach to things. I’ve had the first up and down days in a while yesterday and today. And I see my doctor next week.

      Hopefully that helps you and you feel better.

  6. T minus 8 minutes before DS leaves for graduation (T minus 68 for DH and I):

    DS: (Who has been doing his own laundry for 4 years) I don’t have any clean underwear. Does anyone have brown shoes? I also don’t have pants.

    DH: Does this jacket look okay?

    DS: I have no pants. [Blames nonexistent housekeeper.]

    DH: I wonder how fast this will dry if I start right now? [Pulls wrinkled sport coat out of garment bad] Which jacket looks better? I like this one because I don’t have to lose 10 pounds.

    DS: I found shoes in my car.

    DH: Okay, then give me back those other shoes. Hey, I found your suit in my closet. Do you want to wear it? Does this jacket look better?

    DS: Is this [striped brown sweater with moth holes in it] okay? It’s under the gown, right?

    DH: I like these pants better! Now I don’t have to lose 10 pounds!

    DS: I have a blue button-down.

    [DH starts a load of laundry.]

    Me: What’s in the laundry?

    DH: I’m washing a shirt.

    Me: For today?

    DH. Yes. Now I’m going through my special sock collection. (Pulls out plastic Albertsons bag stuffed with unpaired socks.)

    DS: (Steaming a shirt) Hi Mommy. I like this shirt. This is what I’m gonna be wearing at the dinner. With, like, jeans. And my cap.

    T + 5 minutes. Give me strength.

    • Oh, I really hope you can laugh at this…because I find this to be really, really funny and I only want to laugh if you are, too. You so predicted something just like this!

      Happy Graduation Day – what a great milestone for your family.

      • Oh yes, totally laughing. What else can you do? And thanks. It was such a wonderful, wonderful day for all of us. At the dinner DS was wearing some random shabby white shirt I’ve never seen (what happened to the nice shirt he prepped? No idea) with a tie I think he got when he was 9. But I pretty much just saw his smile :)

    • Oh my! The men in your house really are funny but maybe not up close? Congratulations!!! Maybe someday DS will settle down with a SO who takes care of all of those details for him if he will allow it. He may be the kind of guy where that is a good thing. I married one and have a feeling I am raising at least one of those myself. Jury’s still out on the baby. My middle two will probably do just fine on their own.

  7. So FIL is doing better, may go home today and I will be up there and see him this evening. He’s on anti-seizure meds and has not had a seizure since Saturday night.

    About 11 a.m. today I got a call from my mom that my dad was having chest pains and feeling really sweaty and faint so he was on his way to the hospital in an ambulance, and she was about to follow. My Brother [who is a doctor] spoke with the nurse several times and called a bit ago to tell me that all the tests came back negative so they would keep my dad overnight just to be safe but it looks like he’s okay.

    whew, what a day!

    • Wow. What a day is right. Hope that you’re doing ok in the midst of this all. I’m glad to hear that FIL is doing better and hope he looks/sounds good when you see him tonight. And hopefully your Dad will be on his way home tomorrow. Hugs.

      • There was about an hour of very stressful angst of “should I go to A for my friend’s dad’s funeral and see FIL as planned, or should I chuck that plan and go see my parents in east TX?” But then my brother called and said the EKG was normal and dad felt much better, so that load was lifted. And my brother called me the first time when I had just picked up DD from a sleepover and had not had time yet to tell her that mom had called and dad was on his way to the hospital. ah……good times. But all seems to be well now.

    • Oh wow. I’m glad things seem to have settled down for now but sheesh, that was a lot for you to be dealing with all at once. Hang in there girl!

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