Thursday Open Thread

Hello ladies!

So who saw this woman on TV yesterday? You know, the one who was arrested for allegedly taking her daughter to a tanning salon and causing her a severe sunburn?

I thought TV viewers were being Punk’d. She claims her daughter was in the room with her, but did not get in the tanning booth, and the sunburn was caused by playing outside. What say you? Did she deserve to be arrested? Did school officials overreact in reporting the incident to police?

The John Edwards trial continues, and every day of testimony makes him seem like an even bigger tool. Is anyone following the trial? I can’t bear to, it’s all so tawdry and pathetic.

I loved this clip of Fox News anchor Shepard Smith declaring politics “weird” and “creepy.” He was inspired by a Mitt Romney statement lauding Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista for their support of his campaign, and calling them dear friends. Heh.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!




39 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. John Edwards aaargh. I’m just gonna sit here an thoroughly enjoy my alternate universe where Elizabeth Edwards was elected president in 2004.

  2. Got to take the girls out for pancakes this morning. (Thanks, Binz!) does everywhere require no deodorant, or just where I have it done?

    • Yes. I think it has something to do with the deoderant appearing on the film? I’m with aunti loca; treat yourself. Someone uses this day to go get new bras…maybe someone here?
      I hate bra shopping as much as I hate bathing suit shopping, though.

    • Well, I survived. There is something comical about being squished in that bizarre machine. I kept imagining a Krakatoa-type situation where suddenly we were all enveloped in ash, and then some archaeologists a thousand years in the future would dig me out and wonder what bizarre cultural ritual involved squishing one’s breast between two plates with an onlooker helping out.

  3. I’d be willing to believe it was a misunderstanding & the woman didn’t actually put her daughter in a booth. But to look at her…seriously, there’s got to be some mental imbalance there. If I was the tanning salon, I’d ask her not to come in because she’s a terrible walking advertisement for the service! Her picture should be handed to every teenage girls who thinks tanning is OK.

    • She looks so terrifying, I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the possibility that she really looks like that. Still, I would think the salon wouldn’t allow a child that young to tan.

  4. Maybe it would turn off teenagers if there were a public message campaign talking about how 80s it makes you look.

    On the other hand, maybe they would appreciate the retro-ness.

  5. That poor woman definitely has some sort of emotional problem. My co-worker said “you know how people get seasonal affective disorder and then feel better when they get sun (real or artificial)? Maybe she gets a rush from the tanning”.

    My colleauge/employee is back from FMLA this week. We had a two-hour meeting with our boss (my supervisor) to talk about expectations on her return and she handled it very well. She sorta had a heads-up (just by my saying we need to meet) that there would be tough stuff talked about, so she wasn’t caught off guard. I think she handled it about as well as could be expected. YAY! And I have my best work collaborator back. Double YAY.

    And, just for fun, I was in a three hour “Planning and Placement Team” meeting (annual review for a child with a disability) today. Sort of complex kid and a school that is not serving him well. When I asked if they had a BCBA on their team (the advanced training and certification that I have), their boss came in. He made sure that I knew he was DOCTOR F, and that he’s the PROGRAM DIRECTOR. Never asked who I was or why I was at this meeting. Then told me that BCBA doesn’t know anything that anyone else doesn’t know, and someone coming in for a brief period couldn’t possibly see how great their program is, and they don’t have to implement any recommendations they don’t want to.

    OK then.

    It was so uncomfortable that the Mom came up to me afterward and apologized for putting me in a bad spot. I said “hey, don’t worry about me, I have thick skin”. But what an asshat. So embarassing that he doesn’t even realize how embarassing he is. And, BTW, this kid is not being successful in this school, and they don’t want to change to help him, and don’t really want to figure out a better way to be…….we’re looking for an alternative place for him.

    • Oy. My awful boss, the one that’s gone, was really into playing favorites so she promoted someone without a BCBA to be the behavior specialist for our district. Girlfriend is still taking classes and it’s been over a year. I’ve heard grumbling in the community. I wonder if anyone has gone all the way and sued yet.

      To her credit she does seem to be committed to learning the stuff, but she still shouldn’t have been put in the position without the proper training. Meanwhile the rest of us are supposed to take BICM training (it would be the 3rd time for me), write another FAA, BISP, etc. Remind me why we have a BCBA?? Who makes more than us? lol

  6. Hey, update here. I think DH must’ve felt the collective weight of disapproval from the MT massive. I left him alone all day yesterday, didn’t probe the issue. When he came home, I asked him quietly, neutrally, if he’d thought up a solution to how he was going to handle the upcoming trip to Sydney, and he said, “Well, I was thinking that since Lily’s in creche, I could take a day and work from home.”

    Well, glory be to Bob. It’s a solution and he did it all. by. himself.

    Ahhhh, what a relief.

    • Excellent. One thing I’ve learned about dh is that his initial response to any change in his routine gets a really negative response. He’s more aware of it now so it’s less. I don’t even respond to it anymore, but loop back later. And he will also try to wiggle out of committments, just to see if I’ll bite. When I don’t, it turns out ok. Maybe there’s some of this with your dh, too.

      • I think that’s a really apt observation, R. I also know that DH is under a lot of stress to pull off a financial turn-around on a couple of fronts, so that plays into things as well.

        Thanks, y’all, for letting me blow off steam on it yesterday; it helped me keep my cool and not up the ante with him during the day, which I know contributed to this speedy resolution.

        • I also think that when you (royal you, that is) take the time to really think through what’s bugging you and what your personal limits are, that gets communicated. It can be amazingly powerful to figure out where your ground is and resolve to hold it, without really saying much of anything.

    • Yay!

      I do think sometimes our DHs don’t realize how much work it takes to make things at home “work”. I’ve stopped offering DH solutions – and lo and behold, he figures it out.

      • I should add, though, that’s it’s still challenging for him. Last weekend, I had to work all day and DS had an all day Bar Mitzvah. DH was so lost all day with what to do, and so bored by the time I got home. He did do a long run in the middle of the day, but couldn’t think of anything else to do with his 8 hours.

        THAT is the difference between a man and a woman – no woman I’ve talked to would be “bored” at 6 or 7 hours at home alone.

    • It’s the power of all of the Doorknob Swinging MotherTalkers.

      Side note — totally worked on Dance Mom, too. Week #2 and she didn’t stay in the waiting room again! Winning!

    • Yeah! Maybe he’ll enjoy a day working at home and do it every once in a while. He may discover that he gets more done at home.

      I definitely hear you on this whole issue. I am slowly implementing some career changes that, if they pan out, will require me to be gone every once in a while. Usually, when I’m gone it’s a day trip, but I’m looking at overnight or a few days as a possibility.

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