Supreme Court to Decide Future of Health Reform

When health care reform passed two years ago, I was disappointed that there was no public option — or better yet — a single payer system. It would be so much more efficient if we all paid into one pool and all could take services without all the bureaucracy surrounding paperwork, premiums and deductibles.

But now that I have seen people who have been helped by the reform as is I don’t want health care reform rescinded. Any one of us could come down with a “pre-existing condition”, or God forbid, get into an accident or come down with a catastrophic illness and then what? It’s nice knowing that health insurance companies can’t drop us for being sick, put a lifetime cap on benefits or refuse to insure our children because of an illness or their age.

There are many brave families out there who are defending health reform even though they are grossly out-funded and being hurled at with nasty insults. Moms like Tracy Muñoz, a MomsRising member who I had the pleasure of interviewing for our blog and was recently profiled on the White House website.

And this is the little girl who got me signing health care petitions for MomsRising in the first place. From CNN:

Health care reform made lifetime limits illegal — which is why Violet’s family breathed easier when it passed — but now her parents are worried the Supreme Court could restore the limits and Violet would lose her insurance. Walters has been so passionate about health care reform she contacted the office of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-California) and to advocate for the law.

If Violet does lose her current insurance, her parents know there’s no way another insurance company will want to insure her because her care is so expensive….

Several provisions of health care reform have already gone into effect, so millions of other people, like Violet McManus, stand to lose a lot if all or part of it is reversed.

For example, 2.5 million young Americans get to stay on their parents’ insurance until their 26th birthday because of health care reform, according to the Obama administration.

Seniors and people with disabilities have saved $3.2 billion on prescription drugs because of health care reform and insurance companies and 45 million women have received free mammograms and pap smears because of health care reform.

There are ripple effects, too.

After health care reform passed, Walters and McManus felt more secure about Violet’s future and decided to have another child. Violet’s little brother, Rory, was born two weeks ago.

Violet, who is prone to life-threatening seizures, was due to lose her health benefits between the ages of 5 and 10. I can’t imagine what her parents must feel closely watching the Supreme Court Case. I can’t look!

The battle over health care reform — which should not be happening in a “christian” nation like ours — is really an instance of us having to put ourselves in others’ shoes. Or, at the very least, acknowledge that before health reform we were all one illness or accident away from financial ruin and even death.

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12 thoughts on “Supreme Court to Decide Future of Health Reform

  1. I am going to start innocently asking all people who say they don’t like Obamacare…”what part don’t you like?” Most people have no earthly clue what this INSURANCE reform (not health care reform) is even all about, but they’ve been told it’s bad because it’s socialized medicine (I wish).

    • be careful…someone might tell you that they don’t want to be micro-chipped through Obamacare. Really. There are those who believe that. And in response to that post, one person said that they’d make sure every one was chipped by waiting until they were asleep and sneaking those pesky chips in.

        • Sounds like something my grandmother would say. She was absolutely convinced that if Obama was elected, women would all be wearing burkas by year’s end! I haven’t circled back with her on that one…some conversations just aren’t worth starting.

        • no, see, you don’t understand. You’ll be microchipped in your sleep, so you’ll never know that you have a microchip. So, I have a feeling, one way or the other, some of these folks are going to be absolutely sure that they have microchips. And you won’t be able to tell them differently. Cause, you know, they read stuff on very reliable sites.

          • People who believe things like this aren’t well. I am reminded of one of my clinical supervisors, a very experienced psychologist, who once asked in case conference, “is it possible for someone to be slightly psychotic?”

            If I didn’t hear this stuff from you, I would not even believe that any one could believe this kind of thing.

          • Besides, if they had the secretly embedded chips, couldn’t they go to a doctor to find out?

            Oh wait, I know. Obama has a secret chip developing program where only the government can read the chips. The secret chips are made from secret materials that can’t be read on x-rays. The secret chips are read from secret satellites with secret technology so that they can’t be located by anyone else. After Obama is out of office, he and his Muslim fascist/socialist/communist people will read the chips from undisclosed locations and feed the information to only future fascist/socialist/communist presidents masquerading as centrist Democrats.

            Did I get that right?

  2. I would have liked a public option, and I would have liked for there to have been more decoupling of healthcare from employment.

    That said, this is what we got. If it’s completely overturned, it will probably be another 20 or 30 years before any politician has the political courage to take it on again. Well, other than republicans who want to do away with the health care programs already in place.

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