Wednesday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Many thanks to Stephanie Fairyington, a talented writer who pointed out these two pieces that she penned: the first one is at The Progressive, and is about how she is reluctant to marry her girlfriend of three years even though gay marriage is legal in their home state of New York. I am curious if any of you have been with long-time partners who have chosen not to tie the knot? Please do discuss!

The second story is at The Atlantic and also deals with relationships, although this one questions whether romances are really mutual. Again, a good read.

Our fearless executive director at wrote a poignant piece for the Huffington Post about the controversy around contraceptives today and the history of birth control in this country in general. Also at MomsRising: I just put together my first blog carnival — this one for Black History Month. I am so proud of the stories we are featuring — everything from the personal to the political. I’d appreciate it if you hit that “like” button on the blog carnival itself or any of the posts and shared with your loved ones. Thanks!

Affirmative action is in the news (again), this time, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case having to do with the University of Texas. Just to show you how structural racism is, I am wondering where is the outrage and Supreme Court hearing regarding legacy systems, brownie points for knowing the guy who donated to the school library and other boosts in the admissions process?

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Open Thread

    • I swooned

      and watched it repeatedly. The man can sing! And, is he crazy-smart or what? Rick Santorum is howling at the moon crazy over the wimmins and their loose morals, Romney is, I dunno, being serviced and rebooted or something, and there he is, singing love songs and Blues classics. He’s, like, Jedi-mind-smart when it comes to the imagery.

  1. Hey, so Ash Wednesday is today

    and my Lenten fast is putting down my damn phone from 8pm – 7am. I’m often obsessively checking my email and Facebook (and here) to see what vitally new information I may have missed in the last 12 minutes. I’m more generally going “offline” so I won’t use the home computer during these hours, either.

    This is all to say that a) feel free to call me on it if I slip, and b) I might be posting a little more lightly here until April 8. But I still love you and I’m glad no one’s going anywhere and that the site will still be here!

    • oooooh, what a good Lenten fast

      I’ve often thought that it’s not a food choice, but a behavior choice, that would be more meaningful for me for Lent. I’m going to have to think about this…

    • Good!

      I just spoke to her yesterday after a long spell. She sent me a birthday card and gift card on behalf of my family in NH. (My b-day is this Sunday.) It was so sweet and I immediately called her, kids and their friends wreaking havoc in the background and all. :)

      She still uses leg braces to walk, but is getting around and can even drive. Apparently, she has a rare and debilitating form of Neuropathy — caused by water retention while she was in the hospital — but she is walking around and in high spirits.

      Thanks for asking!

  2. DH is traveling

    He left Sunday for 2 weeks.  He never travels and so I am not use to the single mom routine.

    So far so good…..small surprise on Monday when I had forgot that daycare was closed.  I had already planned to work at home because there was no school.  However, a 1st and 4th grader are much more independent than a demanding 3yo so my day wasn’t as I had hoped but we survived.    Yesterday was fine and so far today is too.

    The girls are doing OK without Dad.  A few tears at bedtime on Sunday and each night, lots of questions about why he’s not here and why he had to go and why every one else couldn’t come here so he didn’t have to do the traveling and when he’ll be back.  

    I think the weekend will be weird without DH.

    • It is weird

      at first and then the kids and I always get in some new different pattern and it is weird when my DH returns!

      Hope all goes smoothly for you–

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