Thursday Open Thread

It’s Thursday!

And I’m baffled. Utterly and completely baffled. Last night I watched a Rick Perry campaign ad. And I am not kidding when I say my jaw was hanging open by the end of it.

“Obama’s war on religion?” Equating gays in the military to children not being able to “celebrate Christmas openly?” I thought I was watching Saturday Night Live. I can’t even get mad. I’m just incredulous.

What do you think his game plan is? Is he now openly courting the bigot vote? I don’t get it.

The funny thing is that comments on the video are disabled but everyone is voting it down anyway (when writing this, the “Dislikes” outnumbered the “Likes” by 116,338 to 2,803). So spread the word! Make this viral! Make Perry an even bigger laughingstock! He sure as hell deserves it.

What’s got you baffled today? What else is on your mind? Chat away!


33 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Baffled, Baffled you ask?

    It’s a daily onslaught of befuddlement for me.  I have no clue what these clowns are up to.  And Mitt isn’t exempt with his wacko handling of the media.  Newt inspires me to want to punch him in the face.  Cain is beyond weird with Pokemon quotes, Bachmann is creepy scary and NOW Trump is going to moderate their debate.

    Wake me when it’s over…

    • But Cain is out,

      right?  I thought he was the most entertaining.  He would have been a terrible president, but so will the rest of them…

      Although I did have this idea that maybe Romney could be a less-horrible Nixon and become the champion of stuff the country needs that his party hates.  The times are different though, and I don’t see any actual reason why we shouldn’t re-elect Obama for much better results.

  2. Douche?

    No, not Perry….although him too.

    But the other douche – do you do it?  Is it OK or safe?

    I’ve had off and on vaginal discharge and bleeding – the impact of the uterine embolization I had in September.  This is “normal” and expected – but not pleasant.  So I”m wondering if I can/should douche.  I’ve never done it and remember way back reading that it’s not good – unbalances something or other.  I don’t need to smell or feel like a “summer’s breeze”, but I sorta kinda would like to clean the area out.

    What’s ur experiences here?

    • I’ve done it

      but not for years.  (It used to be the only treatment I could afford for yeast infections.)  I think it’s a bad idea as a general rule.  Do you have a hand-held shower spray?  It might get the job down.

    • I would be inclined

      to call the Dr’s office and ask the nurse. But I totally get that you’re feeling a need to rinse everything out. I would check first, since it’s related to your surgical procedure.

      good luck!

      • Agreed

        I know that you’re not supposed to douche for a certain amount of time after certain procedures, but I think it’s been longer than that since your surgery.

        As to unbalancing, it does; but eating a lot of yogurt w/ active cultures should help. (Also, PSA: eat at least 1 serving of yogurt a day any time you’re taking antibiotics.)

        The above brought to you by my days as a medical interpreter, which admittedly is like 10 years ago now.

  3. Presidential Campaigns

    have become reality shows.  Serious people- the kind who should actually be running the country- are too smart to engage in that crazy, so instead we get the kind of narcissistic a-holes who want to be famous no matter what it costs or who it hurts.  The upside of the crappy economy is that I think people are less concerned about the stupid social issues and more invested in getting their jobs back.  (And I have a creeping suspicion that folks are starting to get the connection between smaller government and more folks out of work.  Since government = people, you know?)

    Then again, I got in a fight with the local radio station on FB yesterday.  Talk about scooping out the ocean with a pail…

  4. Home with sick kid today.

    However I went to my first teacher’s meeting last night (I did get the job subbing at the elementary school). That was eye opening. We are a tiny isolated charter school on a tiny isolated island and yet there were debates about standardized testing, local politics, the role of the charter school, how charter schools are viewed by the community and US at large, international teacher’s pay scales, the economy and of course the other stuff like the ad hoc committee to improve the playground, plans to paint a map of the US onto the basketball blacktop area, the Christmas program, Secret Santa, staff Christmas party, and cleaning out the “music closet”, replenishing the office supplies cabinet, and getting a parent who is also a carpenter to do some repair work around the school as well as hang a coat rack outside my classroom. All in one hour and 15 minutes!

  5. So Rick Perry was at a 5k run

    in Austin.   My daughter and her Brownie troop were there to participate and they wanted to have their picture taken with him (he is the Governor and all…) and as he goes to have his picture taken with the girls and their leaders he says to my friend the troop leader “why don’t you kneel down so you’ll be in the picture with the girls?”  

    She does and they take the group shot and as Rick Perry is leaving he remarks to the photographer “I told you I could get her on her knees…heh…”  

    Mighty Christian.  

  6. A friend

    of mine died today. She was supposed to die from a recurrence of leukemia last year, but rallied. She died of pneumonia this morning. She’s an old lady friend from church and I am sooo sad. Will be in Cincy for the service on Tuesday with both kids. I haven’t told Sally yet. She will be crushed. :(

  7. I got a letter to the editor

    Sort of. A 13-year-old New Zealand girl wrote me via the magazine because she’s doing an inquiry on sustainability at her school (I checked out what I could and thought it was legit). Wrote her back. But she’s asking big, good questions  like, “how can we all as a nation change how we live so we have a better future?” and “how can we shape our country so that everybody enjoys life?”

    Well, I tried, but if she comes up with better strategies I sure hope she writes back and lets me know. We could sure use them.

    Gotta say, I was happy to respond to that request.

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