Midday Coffee Break

Song #5: At Last by Etta James

This song is about finally getting what you knew you always wanted. That elusive love. It’s finally yours. At last.

And, who could forget Beyonce’s version when she sang the song at Obama’s inauguration. What a beautiful looking couple, dontcha agree?


14 thoughts on “Midday Coffee Break

  1. The girl

    got straight As and made the principals list for high honors.

    She clearly takes after her mother :-)  

    I’m SO proud of her.. and this is a little thing but this morning she woke up and said “oh darn I forgot I had reading home work questions to do”  

    now 2 years ago she would have cried and screamed and begged me to write a note or let her stay home and insisted she coudl never get it done and we would have been late and I would have driven to work in tears.

    THIS year she got up, went downstairs, sat at the table, calmly did the questions, ate her breakfast and went up stairs to get ready.

    I can’t believe it’s our life sometimes after all we went through for years and years… I serously can’t believe it’s this good and this easy …

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