Anti-Gay Referendum Defeated in California

I was heartened to learn that opponents of the FAIR Education Act in California, which would include the contributions of gay, lesbian and transgender people in social studies classes, failed to gather enough signatures to put a referendum on the ballot in 2012, according to Equality California.

About two Sundays ago, I noticed someone with a clipboard in front of our Catholic Church. She had been rebuffed by parishioners walking in. When she asked me if I was a “voter,” I replied “yes” to hear her spiel. She was collecting signatures for this very initiative.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “You are at a gay-friendly parish. I don’t agree with what you’re doing.”

She chuckled nervously. I started walking away with the kids when I turned around, “We are all God’s children.”

“Yeah, but–“

“No ‘but’. We are all God’s children. Amen!”

When the mass was over, I noticed she was gone. Glad to see there was push-back on this initiative, even by our tiny parish in Oakland!


6 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Referendum Defeated in California

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  1. You go, Elisa!

    Clear & polite…I’ll have to remember that as we continue here in MN to encourage people to vote no next year on a hetero-only marriage amendment to our constitution.

  2. What is it…

    …about otherwise good people who feel they have to spend their precious time in trying to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples?

    Aren’t there other causes more worthy of their efforts?

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