Wednesday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Lately our Dana over at Mombian has published some great stories on the state of adoption by gay parents. I was especially blown away by the fact that gay parents are more common in the south than anywhere else in the United States.

Our Katy over at Non-Toxic Kids reviewed a book about raising children in the age of environmental guilt. She also doled out 7 practical tips on how to enhance your child’s school performance. Katy is a teacher and has written a book about teachers, by the way.

Blogging mommas are on fire this week. Laurie Puhn over at the Expecting Words blog had a couple good columns about the importance of not neglecting your marriage. She mentioned the importance of not-so-little things like thanking your mate for taking out the trash.

In related news, Carolyn Hax had the same to thing to say in a similar conversation. This is how she summed it up: “marriage + kids + work + housework = love-killing drudgery. I think you are dooming your marriage if you’re trying to have the kids and careers and the nice/clean house without setting aside any energy for or making a priority of your marriage and family life.”

In the same chat, Hax doled out advice to a single woman wondering whether she should adopt even though she has no partner.

Here is one trial I will be following: that of former Minutemen and anti-immigrant crusader Shawna Forde. According to the The Village Voice blog, Forde is accused of shooting 9-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father in a faux raid for drugs and money. Of course, there were no drugs and money, and sadly, this case has been underreported in the news.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


40 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Open Thread

  1. Too early in the morning

    When I read the part about Shawna Forde, I was all, “Wow…I’m just reading about that! How bizarre.” Yeah. I’m reading “American Taliban.” Duh. I need more caffeine.

  2. conference call this a.m.

    Why is it that EVERY time I get on a call, the d#%$ dog barks!
    And of course it was during the introductions part where I hadn’t hit Mute yet.
    Of course this call has 20 people from all over the world, and I’m already looking kind of incompetent b/c I thought the SME would’ve sent out the draft document I busted my behind to finish and send him Monday, and I had to send it out myself last night. urgh.

  3. DD2 got her braces off

    this morning.  Hurray!  Her teeth look gorgeous.  Next up, unfortunately, will be the wisdom teeth.  But for now she’s going to enjoy skittles and popcorn.  And flossing properly. :)

    • yay

      I am looking forward to this for both my kids. I just really hope that DD gets hers off before DS does. She’s had hers on for 18 mos. and he’s had his for about 4 mos, but his teeth were much straighter to start with, and she has a couple of teeth that just won’ so she’s been in a holding pattern for about 6 months with very little work done.

      But I know they are going to look so gorgeous with their perfect smiles!

    • Congratulaions!

      I know the feeling. I wore braces, in one form or another, plus various retainers, from the 5th grade to high school graduation, then had to get them again twice as an adult because of shifting.

      Hopefully this is it for her!

      • No

        My friend is pregnant and just learned that this is in her boyfriend’s family.  The only stuff I can find online is too complicated for me to understand.

        • It looks like things should be okay

          unless he himself has the syndrome. Here’s a linky on which I base this totally unscientific opinion. As to what it is, I’m in waaaaay over my head. (And also avoiding work ….)

          • Thanks!

            I can’t tell if he actually has it or not, I’ll have to ask her.  I guess he has some of the facial indicators (flat bridge of nose and wide-spaced eyes) but you wouldn’t assume his features were caused by any kind of disorder, it’s not obvious at all.  
            The thing is that she is young and gets panicky pretty easily about this stuff.  The best thing she can do is tell her OB so they can refer her to a geneticist but that means waiting and getting more and more afraid.

        • Your friend’s child should not have it

          There appears to be two forms of the disease (the info in litergygeeks’s links looks good, I doublechecked it on the more gobbledygookish OMIM human genetic database).

          One version is on the X chromosome.  Females with this version are variable, but males are definitely messed up.  That means there is no such thing as a male “carrier”.  Either your friend’s boyfriend has it himself – in which case he’ll pass it on to all of his daughters and none of his sons – or he’s clean.  The other version is autosomal dominant; if you inherit the chromosome, you have the disease, period.  50:50 odds, both sexes, everybody equally severe.  Either way, the boyfriend can’t sneak this one under the genetic radar like a buried gene for red hair.  He passes on what he himself has.

          I’m pretty confident this is correct, but if the family has a very mild version I suppose it is possible that the boyfriend is essentially normal yet has the chromosome (I can’t rule this possibility out without reading quite a bit more).  In this case, though, I would think he’d only pass on the very mild version.

          • Here’s what I know

            He does have it, it’s very mild in his family but he and his sister both have the facial structure symptoms (though no clefts or anything) It’s the X-linked one so he won’t pass it on if they have a boy but what are the chances if it’s a girl?  And what symptoms might they face?

            • ok, that’s different

              The chances are 100% that a girl will have it; men make daughters by passing along the only X they have.  According to OMIM females usually display milder symptoms than males but I can’t tell you more without looking into it further.  So yes, your friend does need to meet with a genetic counselor.   She doesn’t need prenatal genetic testing, though; girls are 100% affected and boys are 100% safe, so all she needs to find out is the gender.  The genetic counselor can tell her the range of possible outcomes if it is a girl.

      • Oh

        and thanks.  She’s getting out today but still doesn’t have a dx.  She will follow up with this GI and hopefully get a full abdominal CT scan.

  4. Here was an unexpected awesomeness

    I am teaching a course on leadership in smaller membership churches through a denominationally-founded organization run by a friend. Today I did a dry run of my “opening webinar” which is supposed to pique interest in the course and provide good content for those who only pay the $10 for the webinar.

    It’s going to be a good class, they worked with me to get it all done before the baby is born, and I’m very excited. Teaching is part of my vocation, and lately I’ve been wrestling with wanting to decide on how to go about getting a PhD already (an idea that’s been percolating for a long time and will NOT get off the ground for a while: see “birth of first child”). Well, at the end of the dry run, I got excellent feedback about what I’d prepared, a few ideas to make it better (I do love that), AND I was told that they aren’t looking for this to be a one-time thing but want to continue to work with me in the future.

    YAY!!!! How cool is that? I know we’re going to be very flexible about stuff, and I also know that in 3 months everything is going to look and feel VERY different, but I also know that getting this kind of affirmation is all kinds of awesome and has totally made my day. YAY!!

  5. Back from the hospital

    We just got back from Santiago. Ben’s surgery went well. The pain didn’t fully kick in until about 2:00 am, so it really was a good thing we spent the night at the hospital. He’s on a liquid diet until Sunday. His food requests thus far are creme brulee (pas brulee) and chocolate ice cream, so I have my work cut out for me this afternoon.

  6. Shawna Forde

    is going down. She has even been classified by her Minutement cohorts as unstable. She has a very checkered past, including prostitution. She is a known liar. She and her two accomplices planned on killing everyone and leave “no witnesses,” they didn’t count on the mother of the 9-year-old shooting back and surviving. She’s done.

  7. Blergh

    I’m supposed to write a short biography about myself for church.  As a matter of fact, I was supposed to have it in yesterday at the very latest.  And I can.  not.  do.  it.  I have three short, choppy little paragraphs that I’d rather die than see displayed on a wall, and can’t think of a way to gracefully expand on them.  

    When I get like this, the more I have to do something the less able I am to do it.  But I can’t relax and do other stuff, either.  I hate it.

    • Dude, how long should this biography be?

      Is this like a “getting to know our new minister/staff member” or “getting to know a new member”? I should think 3 paragraphs would be more than sufficient for the latter, at least.

      As to your rather dying than seeing them displayed on the wall, well, I got nothin’ but hugs. BTDT.

      • It’s only

        supposed to be three paragraphs.  I’m struggling because it really looks like more of a list than three paragraphs.  I just want to look a little more “together”.

    • I’ll give you mine to work from 😉

      I’m cookie dough.  I’m not done with baking.  I’m not finished becoming whoever the hell it is I’m gonna turn out to be.  I make it through this, and the next thing, and maybe one day I turn around and realize I’m ready.  I’m cookies!   -Buffy

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