28 thoughts on “Midday Coffee Break

  1. hot date tonight

    Babysitter, no rehearsal, I just got a haircut and we’re going to see HP7! I better stuff some tissues into my purse. DH will cry even more than I will, and he never remembers.
    We saw HP4 while pregnant with DS2, and Amos Diggory screaming “My baby!” undid me, I tell you. (yet another reason I can’t take Twilight seriously…)

  2. More good news

    Some of you may remember a colleague and friend (also DH’s PhD student) lost a baby at 22 weeks gestation almost exactly a year ago. She had a healthy baby boy yesterday (at 41.4 weeks, she was getting a bit pissed, especially after working like crazy to submit her thesis at 36 weeks :-)).

    I’m so thrilled! I just saw some pictures and I am literally crying for joy. Can’t wait to meet him!

  3. Good games for DS?

    I want to get DSD-10 a couple new games for her Nintendo DS Lite for Xmas, and I don’t know much about them at all.  I asked her siblings what she had, and they told me a couple things–the one where you take care of a dog, ScribbleKnots, a couple Pokemon and Kirby games, and probably some others that I’d recall if someone said them.  

    Does anyone know of any games that are good for a bright ten-year-old girl?  I found a couple possibilities online but I’m always happier if I can get recommendations directly from folks I know.

    • DS11 says they have a few

      that are “future jobs” –  not his thing, but what his girl friends play.  There are also things like Harry Potter adventures, all sorts of Mario games, and some that are “academic” ones.

      • I was disappointed by Super Mario

        Super Mario doesn’t take advantage of the Wii technology; it’s basically a more expensive version of the same game on a handheld or other device.  My boys love it to death, though.  And I can see the virtue of it; it requires the two boys to work together to progress forward.

        • I haven’t played it

          but the boys spent hours on it…I was happy that they’d traded a Pokemon game with a friend for it though and didn’t kill their piggy bank to do it.

  4. Errgh

    wishing I had taken Wednesday off from work.  My DD19 will be home in about an hour.  I’ll be awake for about 30 minutes after that before I crash…and then have to get up at 6 to go to work.  UGH  She’ll be home and I’ll be at work…..  :(

    And, I have an 8:30 meeting that was cheerfully confirmed this afternoon, so I can’t even call in sick.

    • DITTO

      I have no brain today. Tired, a little moody- I should have stayed home. Plus I know DH is going to clean not at all, which is fair, it’s his day off but it’s gonna irk me. Should have stayed home and done it myself. Stupid YTO policies…

  5. Work week — check

    Completed work week, now just a Dr appt and a ton of packing and prep left before we head into the great North Woods, beyond e-mail, blackberry, cell phone, TV…

    I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this!


  6. School project

    for Simone, and it should be fun–choose a craft to represent one of her cultures.  I was hoping she’d choose Assyrian, because she’s really more Assyrian than anything and the most recent immigrants on either side of our family come from Iran.  Failing that, Portuguese, which has some pretty great crafts (although we might not be Portuguese anymore, I guess).  But she chose Irish.  It’s not that I don’t love Irish culture–I really, really do.  It’s just that I’m sure her class is full of Irish kids, whereas she’s probably the only Assyrian.  

    Still, I’m having fun brushing up on my Irish folk and fairy lore.  I haven’t delved into Irish culture this much since the last time I got into Irish culture!

    • Cool

      Is it weird that this is the sort of thing I’m most looking forward to when my kids gets to school? I live for creative projects.

      Have you seen “The Book of Kells”? It was just being released in Ireland when I was there last year, and it was nominated for an animation Oscar. I bought the book when I was over there and it’s a really great story; I’m looking forward to getting the DVD, which I believe is out now.

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