Thursday Open Thread

Happy Thursday! What’s up?

I was naturally pleased to learn that a federal judge blocked key parts of the proposed Arizona immigration law that would have required police officers to check people’s immigration status.

[The judge]delayed provisions that required immigrants to carry their papers and banned illegal immigrants from soliciting employment in public places — a move aimed at day laborers. In addition, she blocked officers from making warrantless arrests of suspected illegal immigrants for crimes that can lead to deportation.

“Requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies to determine the immigration status of every person who is arrested burdens lawfully present aliens because their liberty will be restricted while their status is checked,” Bolton wrote.

What do you think? Will this end up before the Supreme Court?

In more frivolous news, President Obama will be on The View today. Among the tidbits you can expect: he reveals he was not invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding this weekend.

In even more frivolous news, a recent poll shows that Californians prefer Barbara Boxer’s “So yesterday” hair to Carly Fiorina’s ‘do. Lefty coifs FTW! 😉

Today is my Friday, and T.G.I.T.!! I’ve hit a huge wall, exhaustion-wise. Going back to work, followed by a lovely visit from our niece and nephew, and now an upcoming visit from Elisa and our other dear college friend, and I’m fried. Happy, but fried!

What are you up to today? Chat away!


53 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. bummed

    Even with all the technologies that connect us these days, it still sucks to have to wave to your best friends as they back out of your driveway and begin their 1000 mile journey home. Haven’t been around these parts much in the past 4-5 days, as we were busy having a wonderful visit with our dearest friends and their adorable 2 year old (who we hadn’t seen since he was about 4 months). DD and he did great, I was proud of her for being very sweet and patient with him. Now I’m just moping around…

  2. Enjoying a little quiet alone time at the moment

    The boys and I have been spending A LOT of time at home lately.  With the new puppy, we’ve been pretty much stuck here at the house except for short jaunts out to run errands.  Over the past three days, they went on a Lego building binge and as of this morning there were Legos everywhere.  Thankfully, an opportunity to play came up this afternoon!  They are off playing and the puppy is napping.  In order to go on the play date, the boys had to clean up downstairs and upstairs, so the house is relatively quiet.  I’ve been folding laundry in peace, watching a little Burn Notice on TV, and generally enjoying the solitude.

    • I had to hide our legos

      They do end up all over the place.  The kids have been warned that if that does not improve that we are going to be a lego-free household until the new baby is Mary Rose’s age.  They are too tiny now.

  3. Ok. I just have to share this

    with all of you.

    Most of you know the ins-and-outs of my ongoing dealings with my son’s crazy-conservative girlfriend.  There’s been FB exchanges again today.  I know I’ve made a lot of snide remarks, so now I’m feeling a tad bit guilty?  Why?  Because, an hour ago, she walked into my  house and announced she wants to get a degree in political science and, get this…that I am her inspiration!  Now, granted, part of that “inspiring” no doubt has a lot to do with her wanting to be able to get back at me in a more effective way.  However, we did have a nice conversation…and at points I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  All in all, though, if the girl pursues some college courses in history, political science, English literature, religion, etc., it’s all for the good.  Maybe she’ll learn that France actually is a democracy.

    • Guilty?

      I think you deserve a gold metal.  Even if she still disagrees with you, at least she’ll have conscious, informed decisions.  

      • I agree

        You have behaved in a saintly manner. Any signs of your son growing tired of her? Maybe in 4 – 6 years she’ll actually make good gf material.

    • Nothing wrong with disagreeing as long as

      you’re not disagreeable. I actually like having friends who hold totally opposite political views, it gives you plenty to talk about, as long as at the end of the discussion you stay friends.

      Maybe it’s being an attorney, but you learn to not take opposing positions personally. You have a lot of teachable moments. Whether you sway someone’s view is another story.

      • I don’t mind others having

        different points of view.  This girl drives me crazy because she’s ignorant.  I try to view them as teachable moments, but, geez…..anyway, it made me feel a little bad that I have made less than kind remarks about her in the past, but if I’ve gotten through in some small way, I guess I  haven’t been mean to her personally?

        • You may have gotten through.

          Now you have to wait and see.

          DH does not suffer fools gladly and has absolutely zero patience for obviously ignorant people, so I understand the frustration.

    • It will be interesting to see

      what her views are when she graduates!

      And if this has motivated her to actually finish college, all the better.

      I say, good work!

    • good work

      you never know, T. You never know. Maybe some time away from her family, at a college campus, will continue to broaden her mind to, you know, encompass facts.

      That’s a really lovely compliment from the young woman, actually. Hope it’s the beginning of some good, factual conversations!

      • Well….

        she’s not planning going away to college at this point, but I’m hoping that maybe just learning  history might be a step in the right direction?  In all seriousness today, while we were discussing something or other involving France, she asked me they really had a democratic government.  She’s listened to Glen Beck and Fox news for so long, that she really had no idea that they had a democracy.  You know…where the people actually VOTE and everything……

        • you’ve moved her in the right direction

          Your patient, outwardly accepting, measured approach is paying off.  Whether she makes it all the way to rational human being sounds like a stretch, but you may just have reduced the amount of crazy in the world.  Good on you.

        • look at it this way

          she looks to you as an authority and a source of information/wisdom, or she wouldn’t ask you the question in the first place. Ignorance can be cured, if the patient is willing. Seems like she’s indicating willingness.

          Perhaps you can share some of your favorite history titles? I mean, maybe she’s not quite ready for A People’s History of the United States, but maybe there’s a “gateway” book to start things going?

    • what a shock

      I read recently that this is the most conservative court, decision-wise, in a very long time. If only some of the 5 were closer to retiring, Obama could make appointments that really make a difference. Damn those youngsters!

      • I’m glad the law got put on hold for now…

        I’m certainly not a lawyer but I know enough that this law would be fraught with opportunity for abuse. “Where are your papers?” What are we living behind the old Iron Curtain?

        I have had enough personal experience to know there will be abuses. Both DH & I are Puerto Rican and we easily look like we could be Mexican or any other nationality from South America, we are both rather dark. One time on the way to the Pensecola Naval Air Station we got stopped by the local police. I heard the approaching officer say into his radio “I’m checking out another car of f**king wetbacks”.

        Once DH produced his military ID the atmosophere changed and he let us go, but I can only imagine how we might have been treated if DH was not in the Marines and we really were some poor undocumebted day laborers.

        I hope Mercedes is wrong and this law gets struck down on appeal altogether.

        • With the current composition of SCOTUS,

          there is no way the AZ law gets struck down, sorry to say. The 9th Circuit may even vacate the preliminary injunction. It all depends on the make up of the particular three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit that hears AZ’s appeal. If a three-judge panel vacates the injunction, there is very little chance the entire 9th Circuit en banc will reverse one of their own panels. This case goes to the Supremes, no doubt.

          I absolutely hear you about the potential for abuse. We all know about the “driving while Mexican” syndrome. I’ve had a few encounters with the police and just know I was singled out because I’m black but, of course, cannot prove anything, just intuition.

          One of the most upsetting incidents happened when I was about 8 months pregnant with DD1. We were in a shopping mall, it was my first pregnancy and I was huge. DH and friends went off into a bookstore and I took a seat alone in the food court because I was exhausted, it was summer, my back was killing me and I had to rest. A middle-aged white couple about two tables away were glaring at me. The wife said, best as I could make out, to her husband, “Look at that, another goddam welfare queen. Just what this country needs, another f–king n–er baby on the dole, why don’t they sterilise these people?”

          I know the comment was made out of ignorance but it was said purposely loud enough for me to hear. I was so upset that when DH and friends returned, I was virtually in tears but I dare not tell him why, because he would have confronted the couple still sitting a few feet away. And this was not in the deep South, this was on Long Island in the 1980s. I didn’t tell DH about it for weeks until after the birth.

          • OMG! What a horrible thing to have happened

            when you were pregnant. I think things have improved race wise in 20 years but when I was a kid I heard my fill of racially charged comments.

            The one place that is really color blind is the military. It is truely based on merit and you can rise thru the ranks on your ability regardless of skin color or gender. As long as you perform the higher ups dont care what you look like.

            • I think what was so disconcerting to me

              was that these people made a snap judgment about me based solely on my appearance–an obviously pregnant black woman sloppily dressed (exhausted from the heat)–without knowing anything about me. My skin colour was all they saw, not the person. To them I was some low-life welfare queen who should have been sterilised.

              It was one of the most degrading and humiliating experiences I ever had. I grew up in an upper middle-class family, but the experience gave me insight into how some poor unwed black mother must feel when treated that way. This was the beginning of the Reagan era when the so-called “welfare queens” were being vilified daily.

              I remember shopping back then and could feel the extra scrutiny I elicited when browsing in the more upscale establishments. I can look back now coolly but then it was very emotionally unsettling.

              • I know 100% how you feel…

                Ive had similar experiences in department stores where you just know the eyes are on you because of who you are.

                I was always very dark but when we lived in Hawaii we were always in the sun and I got unbelievably dark almost black. DD was the same way but because of her almond shaped eyes she looked more like a Filipino or Hawaiian then a Puerto Rican.

                The difference in Hawaii as you know is that everyone is a minority so it doesnt really matter what you look like. Much different from when we were stationed on the mainland down South.

                Thank God our children and their children will live in a very different country and willnot hopefully have to endure any of the crap you or I did. I cannot imagine what it was like to be a person of color back in the 1930’s & ’40s.

                • My parents came to this county as an inter-

                  racial couple in the late 1940s when they attended medical school together. I can only speculate on the discrimination they encountered because neither one of them has ever mentioned it all these years. They are of a different generation which kept their own counsel quietly. If you ask Father today how he was treated, all he will say is, “Fine,” then change the subject; same for Mom. It’s like the WWII veterans, they never talk about their experiences.

                  On a lighter note, how are the piercings doing? My nostril ring is still sore but much better. I really like the look of a ring and may not switch it out for a stud. I do get a lot of stares but being black I can pull it off easily. I changed my “do” and now have a full head of dreads, something I’ve wanted to do for years. I am so 180 degrees opposite of how I looked when I was a practising attorney. Father and Mom are a little surprised and I don’t think they really “get” my super-ethnic look, but it’s really fun. The locs are so fantastic, I wish I had done it years ago, I just love the look.

                  • My piercings are doing fine…

                    Both are still sore but no infections. I am getting used to the look of wearing piercings. The one piercing that I was most concerned about, the septum, is my favorite. I like the cool way it looks and I like the way it feels. I thought I might not tolerate having rings in my nose but I can honestly say that the piercings do grow on you and there is just some undefinible pleasure in the feel of two metal rings in your nose. I know it sounds nuts but other people with piercings say the same thing.

                    DD is doing OK with her nostril ring, still sore but no infection. We’re being very careful with the after care. I have the figure for it so I may get a navel piercing before the summer is out. Im a very young 37 and think I can carry it off.

                    The tattoo is healing nicely but still itches like mad. It is really way cool & I just know now I will go for something else on the other ankle. I know DH likes the “tramp stamp” but I dont know if I could physically take it, plus if I get a tramp stamp it may encourage DD & I dont want that at her age, I think it sends a wrong message in college. The other ankle is safer I think, or even something around my navel.

                    • I know what you mean about the piercings.

                      Unless you’ve had them, you really can’t understand. There is some unquantifiable pleasure in having them, other than the strictly æsthetic of how you appear to others, which is very subjective with the viewer.

                      Be careful with the “tramp stamp.” DD2 has a huge one across her lower back and it took literally 30 or 40 hours to do on account of its size and the incredible detail. She told me it hurt like you wouldn’t believe, she was in tears for much of it.

                      BTW, DD2 has decided on yet another tattoo, this one to go on her left torso and down her leg to the knee, like the dragon tattoo on her right side. She is designing a jungle scene with small animals. It took her months to settle on the dragon tattoo, so she will be working on sketches for months.

                      She just had a Celtic bracelet design done on her right wrist. It is very nice but all in black and there is no way she can cover it up unless she wears a lot of tight-fitting bracelets and even then, part of the design extends up the back of her hand, so even bracelets won’t hide it. She loves large, clunky jewellery, and plenty of it, so if she wears 7 or 8 bangles on the right wrist, much of it can be hidden. She hides–when she wants–the left wrist tattoo with a large watch or a dozen or so costume jewellery bracelets.

                      I would stay away from the tramp stamp because it will only encourage your DD to follow suit. My DD2 is so heavily inked that another tat will not matter. But your DD is just 18 and starting college. I would encourage restraint lest she regret her choices later on.

                    • I hear your sage advise as the mother of a

                      heavily inked DD. I think I will go for either the other ankle or navel. DH likes the tramp stamp but I think when I explain it will not be a good idea for our DD he will understand. I can always get that one years down the road.

                      I know your DD2’s taste in jewelery. Like a lot of PRs I love big jewelerey, the bigger the better. I wear gold hoop earings that DH says look like a dog in the circus could jump thru. Its just how we dressed in the barrio.

                      Im another fan of a lot of gold bracelets. I have tons of them & love to wear a lot on each arm. Mine are mostly 18 karat gold that I bought when we were stationed overseas. In Europe most jewelery is 18 carat not 14.

                      I was given a “friendship” ankle bracelet by an East Indian women we knew when overseas who was our babbysitter. It has these bells on it, its 18 carat gold. She died of uterine cancer years ago & I havent taken it off since. DD says she knows when Mamma is coming because you can hear the little bells jingle when I walk. Ive worn it for so many years that I dont even hear the bells anymore. I was afraid of losing it when I go swimming so DH took the lobster claw clasp off and used a pair of pliers to pinch it on so I can’t lose it.

                      DH got good news in that he was offered a great job in…of all places…Hawaii!!! The timing couldnt be worse as DD is just starting college locally in August & will commute. Yuck! On the plus side isthat she has NO boyfriend…hooray! If we make the move she will have to trabsfer to a school in Hawaii as we dont have the money to have her live on the mainland and attend college. She seems a little hesitant but has already started contacting her friends from Hawaii so I hope it works out.

                      If DH accepts we will have to make a move out to paradise probably March or April of next year. I hope it works out as it has been our dream to eventually move back & retire there.

                    • I like a lot of jewellery too, but my DD2 has got

                      me beat on that count. You can hear her a mile away with all the bracelets and chains clanging! At one point she wore so many gold neck chains that we called her “Mrs. T.”

                      Congrats on the Hawai`i job offer. I hope it works out for your family. It is my favourite spot on earth. DH and I often talk about retiring there, but with two elderly parents living so close by, we are pretty much tied down here. We do vacation there, though not for the last few years.

                      I know precisely where I will want to live in retirement: in a house on Kaumuali`i Highway (Route 50) on Kaua`i, near the Pacific Missile Range Facility. Magnificent isolation but with the Net, you can stay “connected” 24/7. I just want to wake up every morning and look out on the Pacific Ocean and realise that the air that I’m breathing has not touched land for thousands of miles!

              • All kidding about my son’s

                crazy girlfriend aside, this is one area that really makes me ill about her ignorance.  She has a racist side and doesn’t even realize it.  It does not excuse it, I know…and I keep thinking that maybe I can help her through that as well, because frankly, if I can’t, I see nothing but grief for our family.  

                She used to work at Walgreens.  She came over one evening complaining away about the “racist black woman” she’d checked out.  I asked why she thought this woman was racist, and she told me that the woman told her, upon checking out that she really didn’t need to follow her around the store as she wasn’t going to steal anything.  I asked girlfriend if she had, indeed, followed the woman around the store, and she said yes.  Said she always does this with “some people” because she’s just sure that they’re the types to make trouble.  Totally didn’t understand that following a black or hispanic around the store was racist.  In fact, in her mind, them calling her on it was the racist act.

                One evening, while in the company of my Dominican daughter in law as well as my daughter who’s married to an African American, she stated that her family would disown her if she “brought a person of a different race home”.  Again, she assured us her family  wasn’t racist.  And, if we had tried to insist that they were, she would have thrown the term back at us.

                This is the new racism of the 21st century.  Conservatives are apparently allowed to indulge in all forms of racist acts and speech, yet if called on it, the person pointing it out is “racist”.  

                • tjb22, I just saw this post.

                  Sorry to comment so late.

                  You are right, if you point out the racism, then somehow you are a racist.

                  I’ve got the “double whammy” — Hispanic and black. Thank God that living in NYC, I have rarely encountered blatant racism.

                  My Mom — who is a fair-skinned Dominican (red hair!) — told me when I was young, that I will always encounter people in life who do not see me for whom I am, but just my skin colour.

                  In the corporate world when I was a practising attorney, I consciously “fit in.” Now that I’m retired, who gives a fuck. I have gone for the total ultra “ethnic” look. The beauty of living in NYC is that I’m the norm, but good Lord, look out “Whitelandia” if I venture out to the Midwest or the South!

                  I have been followed like you wouldn’t believe in certain department stores–again, not in NYC. And I’m the most nonthreatening little 5-foot-nothing shopper.

                  Last week I was at a Wal-Marts in southern NJ, near where my parents own their summer house. Now I have a full head of dreads, plus the recent nose piercing. You wouldn’t believe how I was followed by store personnel, even to the point where I was followed into the ladies’ room.

                  Being the nervy lawyer I am, I went to customer service to speak with the manager. Out came this middle-aged black woman who apologised and told me that these dumb “crackers” who work for her just “don’t get it.” More racism! The manager calls her white employees “crackers.”

                  Beam me up Scotty, no sign of intelligent life!

  4. We have a bumper crop of blackberries

    The wet winter means they’re ripe earlier than they’ve been the last few years. Yum yum yum!

  5. Tree news

    The lead tree remover told our insurance company that the trees looked like they were hit by lightning, so insurance is going to pay part of the removal fees. It’s about $50 more than our deductible BUT they are waiving the deductible! So we’re on the hook for $5k and change, not $6K and change.
    This is what happens when DH handles stuff. Yay DH. He also sold some “rewarded” stock in his company so we can cover the expense.

    Really: NO problems.
    And we’re about to go on vacation (leaving Sun.)
    I’m off to get a pedicure!

    • Hmmmm….

      Saving $1,000 is good news, I suppose, although it seems like kind of small comfort when you still have to spend $5,000.  But I’m glad they’ve helping you out a little bit.

      Have a great vacation and a lovely pedicure!  

        • i thought i replied to you yesterday-

          i’m such a spaz.  i must not have hit “post.”  i was still recovering form the road trip from seeing my son.

          anyway, what i meant to write was “Oh pleae god- no.”

      • have fun!

        I met up with Erin a couple weeks ago, and tomorrow I’m meeting up with GiGi, and she will have Sally and Sam with her. It was great to visit Erin and her family at home, and she and her DH made a wonderful meal. Tomorrow GiGi and her kids are going to the American Girl store and we’re meeting at a different restaurant at the The Grove.  Can’t wait!

        My family thinks it’s very peculiar, but I love MT meet-ups. In fact, I remember a fun one with you just about a year ago  :-)

        • That’s great!

          I hope to meet up with GiGi in October when we’re heading down to southern Ohio for the Renaissance Faire.  On Saturday, I’m meeting up with a few other MT’ers….can’t wait.

          And TGFAA, one of these days we’re going to meet up in NYC.  I would have loved to this past trip, but I spent most of my time being sick.  

          • hate that

            I’m sorry. I absolutely hate it when that happens to me. I know you understand me when I say I seem to mostly pull it together for work and immediate family stuff, and everything else is iffy most of the time.

          • you do know where i’m taking you, don’t you??

            the comedy cellar!

            if you want to see some of it, louie is filmed there- fx on tuesday nights at 11.  best show ever!!

        • oh, how lovely!

          Please give GiGi a hug from me! I think that’s wonderful!!!

          I’m sooooo looking forward to some MT meetups in a few weeks’ time!!

        • that was fun, wasn’t it???

          that kid who sat next to us in the middle easern restaurant was such a sweetie

          american girl!!!  oh wait- you’re not going.  but you’ll love that place when you’re a grandma someday.  and they sell girl clothes that look like girl clothes- not mini tramp clothes.

          please say hi to gigi!!


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