Friday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

Attention Bay Area moms: RachelD, Swiss Clogs and I are planning a MotherTalkers meetup in San Francisco’s Castro district for either Monday (12/14), Tuesday (12/15) or Wednesday (12/16). This would be in the evening for dinner. Please let me know either here or via e-mail — elisa at mothertalkers dot com — whether you can make it and what date works best for you. Thanks!

Also, one more question: Do any of you plan to come to the San Francisco Kossacks holiday party? It is this Sunday at a farm in Sebastopol. There will be a bouncy house for the kids.

Jezebel ran a fascinating story — and discussion — on a Texas teenager who was forced off the volleyball team because she is pregnant. The video clip on the site is worth watching!

An Italian court is expected to rule on the case of 22-year-old Amanda Knox, an American accused of murdering her British roommate in college, according to Newsweek. The ruling is expected as early as today.

Wal-Mart has cut prices to popular video games by 15 and 20 percent, which caused shares of the video game chain GameStop to tank, according to MSN Money. Also in MSN Money: AMC Theaters officially banned outside food and drinks.

Thank God Twitter wasn’t around when I got married. A groom in New York actually tweeted from the altar, according to the New York Daily News.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


34 thoughts on “Friday Morning Open Thread

  1. I’m bursting to share…

    …..that my CV was approved by my seminary, so I can be an adjunct professor there!  I am putting together a course on leadership in the small-membership congregation that I hope to teach this summer.  And, if the syllabus is approved, I will spill all the beans about it!

    It’s not baby news, but then again, teaching a seminary course probably is kind of like a baby….except that I’ll be the one crying and staying up all night!

  2. I’m curious

    about the Amanda Knox verdict.  My limited understanding is that there isn’t much evidence against her; she’s just been painted as a slut.  I’d hate to think of an innocent person spending the rest of her life in an Italian prison so far from her family.  Maybe she’s actually guilty, though.  But it’s hard to trust the Italian justice system here, since from what I’ve read, both the prosecution and the defense have done flimsy jobs.

    Have fun at your MTers meet up!  I’m jealous.  I wish I could see you, Elisa, and RachelD and Swiss Clogs are both people I would love to meet.

    • It’s an interesting case, isn’t it

      What I have read indicates exactly what you said – not much evidence and not a very good job in court.  That creates some discomfort for me.  If she is guilty, well, then prison is appropriate.  However, I’d hate for someone to be in prison for life based on really flimsy stuff and someone not doing their job properly.  

      • I know

        It feels like even if she’s proven guilty, it would be very, very hard to trust that it was true.  Not that I think she couldn’t have done it, but I don’t like to see people spend their lives in prison, especially when it seems like it could be due to a mistake.

    • I’m curious about this, too!

      I’ve been reading some British newspapers. Most have pages and pages devoted to this case, and they run the gamut on opinions about her guilt, but all seem to be in agreement on their views of the Italian legal system.

      • Yes, and

        since the jurors aren’t sequestered, they are reading all the same damning material about Amanda Knox that we are!  I don’t think she has a chance.  So I suppose I lean toward wanting to see her found not guilty just because it seems like she’s getting such unfair treatment.

  3. Feeling so much better

    Yesterday after I put T down for his nap, I took one of my own. I slept for two hours (thankfully Avery is very good at following directions, and she played quietly with dolls in her bed so I could rest). I’ve had bout after bout of colds the last few months, and this one hit me hard. A terrible sore throat, headache, sinus ache, low grade fever. So I effectively took to my bed at 8pm last night and went to sleep by 10 (a BIG deal for me since I rarely get to bed before midnight). Today I feel almost normal!

    Rest?! Who knew that could work?

    I’m glad because my main worry was that being sick would sabotage my date-with-myself night tonight. DH and Avery have their adventure guides meeting at our house tonight, so Toby is going to Babcia’s and I get to go out to a movie! By myself! And see anything I want and eat any snacks I want! I’ve seriously been giddy about this for a couple of weeks.

      • So excited

        DH started telling me that I should call a friend and go out, and I stopped him mid-sentance. Nope! I’m having an evening by myself! I love getting together with friends, and it’s not very often that I can do that, either. But I’ve always enjoyed going to movies by myself. And I don’t have to see anything where stuff gets blown up!

        • Precious?

          Um, what the heck is out right now? We have had New Moon at the one screen movie theatre for two weeks (unheard of here) and I have no idea what is playing.

          • Precious

            I would really love to see that.

            DH and I tried to go to a movie before Thanksgiving, and we couldn’t find anything because so many theaters had New Moon playing on two or three screens.  We didn’t find anything that night, but thank god for indie theaters!  

            • Indie theaters

              I know, we had a great one in our old Chicago neighborhood. MTer Capasb has a good theater in her neck of the woods — it is a big cineplex that also shows a lot of art house films, but it’s over an hour’s drive for me. We used to go to that one a lot. Around here we do have a decent 2nd run theater, but this week it has kids’ movies, a horror movie and Couple’s Retreat.

              • That’s too bad

                An hour drive each way kind of negates the idea of a relaxing evening.  I love second run theaters, but the ones around here are pretty lame right now, too.  With the selections available, I think if I had the choice I might actually go with a kids movie–Fantastic Mr. Fox or Where the Wild Things Are, if it’s still playing.  And I am not usually one to see kids movies sans kids.  

          • Too much

            Since I rarely get to the movies anymore, I can’t see anything too intense! I’ll Netflix that one. I have these to choose from for the times and theaters near me: The Blind Side, Everybody’s Fine, or Brothers. Brothers might be too intense, too, actually! It’s a bunch of crap right now — 2012, Armored, Old Dogs? Couples Retreat is playing at the 2nd run theater, but that looks pretty awful.

            If it were next weekend I could decide between George Clooney (Up in the Air) or Matt Damon (Invictus). But, beggars can’t be choosers!

              • Let me know

                if you see it, what you think of it.  I’m not planning on seeing it, but I had heard it was really condescending, very much a great white hope type of movie.  The trailers I’ve seen concur!

        • Yes

          There is almost nothing decent playing!  DH  and I recently enjoyed “An Education”.  Not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it seemed like a good choice considering the options.

  4. houseful of kids

    Today is the last day of our school year. Hurray! We are all so, so tired at this point. Ben just graduated fourth grade, which is the shift from primary to middle school here. And Sean finished second really well, considering how he started out (yay private tutoring to supplement private school). To celebrate, they both invited friends over, so there are a total of seven kids running around my house. Our nana is handling their lunch; I’ll make ice cream later. I wonder how much work I’ll get done this afternoon….

  5. two holiday parties in a row

    both with “Santa Claus”, requiring parents to purchase presents. Thursday night was Jess’s creche’s holiday concert/party, featuring a really cute Australian Bush Christmas song to the tune of Jingle Bells “Dashing through the  bush/in a rusty Holden Ute” [Holden is our local GM and a ute is a truck]. Friday night was DH’s work’s annual party – this year, they made it a holiday party at Scienceworks, which was cool.

    Problem is, it’s still three weeks to Christmas and we’re already distributing a ton of presents. The creche had a book requirement, and DH’s company gave us gift cards to buy stuff and bring in. So I got Jess a set of Dora underwear and a “first Christmas” outfit for Lily. Thursday night I heard “but I wanted a telescope, not a book” and Friday I heard “but why did Santa give all the other kids toys and me undies?”

    Sigh. I’m trying to keep things low-key because the PIL toy explosion will hit Xmas day. But you can’t really say that to a 4-year-old, can you?

    • Oh man

      Jess’s reaction to the work party reminded me of Joey’s at his first nursery school one.  Our nursery school has Santa deliver books to everyone and the parents are asked to keep them under $10.  I followed that rule way too well the first year and poor Joey was looking around at the other kids’ books probably saying “WTH” in his little mind if he knew what that meant.

      So I remembered that and made an effort to pick out more impressive books preferably featuring Thomas for the other parties.  Luckily there is a Marshalls near us and they do deep discounts on children’s books so I still follow the rule anyway but with better results.

      Maybe next year at the work party a small toy that your PIL would be unlikely to buy would be a better idea.  I think I would have pitched a fit with underwear at age 4 if I was seeing other kids around me unwrap toys.  Actually I had a similar experience with secret santas in middle school so I may be projecting a little, it wasn’t underwear though, that would have been way too personal for middle school secret santas LOL.

  6. Amanda Knox

    This story has been very lightly covered here in France (if at all) but more so on the English  news that I sometimes watch, so other than a few stories I didn’t know much about this case.  (I don’t think I’ve even seen a mention of Tiger Woods either – I have to get it all from the Daily Show!)

    However, because we just saw the verdict, I decided to watch this report on her and, MAN, do I think she’s been falsely convicted.  The interview in the American author in this clip was really compelling.

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