Late-Night Liberty: Fun Kid Moments Edition

(Photo caption: Eli makes herself at home at Ari’s class Halloween party.)

I had a really fun morning with Eli this morning that I must share.

After (unsuccessfully) trying out various group activities and classes with Ari like swimming and martial arts, I decided to give it a try with Eli who is only 2.5. This morning we tried out a 45-minute combination gymnastics and dance class and it was — great!

Eli was fearless and way into it, jumping off the wall (literally) during gymnastics, inventing her own songs and dances and getting the rest of the class to join her and following her teacher’s instructions very closely. I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, more than that. I was the only parent in the waiting room watching the kids on a flat-panel display and grinning ear-to-ear. Eli was so freaking adorable that I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera.

While the class had a little bit of everything — free play, technique and performance — my favorite part had to be when the kids donned these fairy wings and wands and danced to the Nutcracker. There were parts of the routine when Eli branched out on her own to look at herself in the mirror and prance around. She loved the fairy wings. I was gleeful and giggling to myself. Ari would be mortified to be asked to dance…at all. It is amazing how two children can come from the same family, be raised the same way and be so different. Are your children this different?

Don’t get me wrong, both my children are talented in their own way. They have their own interests and abilities and I love them for who they are. But today was the first time I really “got” and connected with Eli. Most of the time, she clings to our nanny or her dad and seems to go out of her way to get a rise out of me.

Today I could not get enough of her irresistible cuteness and we shared a peaceful lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries afterwards. I am thinking of going to the class with Eli twice a week. I can’t wait!

Have you had any fun or funny kid moments lately? Please do share!

Also, this is an open thread so feel free to discuss what you’d like. Have a good weekend all!


20 thoughts on “Late-Night Liberty: Fun Kid Moments Edition

  1. hee. this makes me grin.

    It is super fun to watch your kid having a great time doing something new.  I, however, have LIED to my daughter so that we can skip her dance class tomorrow (we’ve told her the teacher is away–so not true) so we can go to a dim sum outing with my new boss and office mates.  I’m such a bad mommy.

    Our house is back on the market.  And we NEED to sell.  We’re closing on the new house December 8th.  I’m so insanely stressed, my head is going to explode.  On top of all of that, my extended family is descending into a legal/financial squabble that involves large sums of money, and we have to finalize THAT situation by December 5th.  December SUCKS.  I haven’t been able to really buckle down and focus at work for the past three days.  My kids are grating on me like fingernails on a chalkboard–DS has taken to SCREECHING through dinner, and DD is just very clingy.  Its really hard for me not to yell at them almost constantly.  Which makes me feel guilty.

    All of this means that all the news about Ft. Hood makes me cry, very easily.  UGH.

    • You poor thing!

      I might indulge in a bit of screaming into my pillow tonight before bed, then get a bath and try and relax. I also recommend wine and chocolate. :)

    • that’s so much stress

      Financial stress is just the worst–it intensifies everything else to the breaking point. I really hope it all gets straightened out soon. As to the clingy child, oh boy. My younger one was seriously clingy for, oh, years, and I still haven’t recovered. Honestly, I still find myself distancing from him, even though he isn’t clingy anymore. I suppose it’s time to work on that…

    • you’re not a bad mommy

      you’re a good mommy for doing what you have to do to keep yourself sane!  i’m sorry you are so stressed though…you have a lot on your plate.  keep laying it on us, we can take it!

    • ((Tessa))

      I hope the family situation is resolved soon and you sell your house. That is a lot of pressure on one momma. You are in my thoughts…

      The news about Ft. Hood is too overwhelming. How horrific.

    • ugh…

      sending good house selling thoughts your way.  i rank buying and selling houses up there with the worst of stress.  and the Ft. Hood news is just so damn depressing…

  2. Jokes

    My youngest (he’s 6) loves to make jokes.  Many of them are of the cheesy/unfunny knock-knock variety, but sometimes he says something so funny he cracks up the whole family.  The latest:  During the day on Halloween DH was talking about how he wasn’t going to eat any candy.  He said he was just going to have fruit.  Older DS said “oh, come ON, it’s Halloween!” and Adrian said “yeah, it’s not called “trick-or-fruit!”  Then of course since we all loved the joke, that night at half the houses he actually said “trick-or-fruit!”

    And my favorite thing lately about my older one is watching him read.  He’s starting to really get into and love the books he’s reading (thanks to all who recommended the Lightning Thief) and he walks around the house with the book in front of his face, and cries at night when I make him stop and go to bed.  And he’ll sometimes gasp or laugh out loud.  I do all of these too when I read so it’s a nice connection to have with him (well, I don’t cry when it’s time to stop, I just stay up all night reading and then cry the next day when I realize how tired I am…)

    • I was a reader

      and a corny joke teller as a kid. Example, “Do you know why the kangaroo wore blue shoes? Me neither.” My Mom would take my books when I was grounded. She would TAKE. MY. BOOKS!

      And now I am still a reader and a sarcastic smart-ass, so there ya go, I can be your ghost of Christmas future!

      • I take books.

        It is the ONLY thing that makes my almost-7-year-old feel the pain.  She’ll cry and tell me, “But you don’t understand how IMPORTANT books are to me!!!!”

        Um, I do.  And you’ll get them back in 10 minutes.  Next time, don’t hit your sister.

    • can’t resist

      What’s black and white and red all over? A sunburned penguin.

      I was talking to my therapist the other day. I said, Doc, last night I dreamed I was a wigwam. The night before that, I dreamed I was a teepee. What’s wrong with me?” Doc said, “Why clearly, you’re two tents.”

  3. Hybrid Mom

    Correct me if I’m wrong, MTers, but isn’t Hybrid Mom a MotherTalker invention?  It wasn’t me who said it first… maybe baker baker?  

    Well, I saw the following link on facebook.  

    Hybrid Mom- Mother Your Ambitions

    Hybrid Mom in this case has to do with balancing work/responsibilities with motherhood as far as I can tell.  I liked our definition better… which was a combination of attachment parenting and mainstream.  

    It’s a magazine, blog, etc.  I never heard of it before today.  Anyone else?

  4. i’m really starting to get my son for who HE is

    he has such a strong, intelligent personality and it’s great at home but difficult in public.  he doesn’t cling to me in public and therefore “misbehaves” more than other kids.  but for the first time i don’t care anymore what other parents think.  of course i discipline him when he needs it, but i am just enjoying his outgoing little personality and watching him shine.

    i realized this thinking back to my own childhood and all i remember hearing about his how “bossy” i was.  i was describing my own son this way until i realized how much that hurt me as a child.  i’m so glad i’ve caught myself in time.  i’m just loving every day with him as he is.

  5. how fun to see Eli in her element!

    Aw, what a sweet story, Elisa. I’m so glad you posted this.  I had a little bit of a hard night with Paloma and needed that reminder that most of the time, she’s so cute and interesting and imaginative.  

    It’s so poignant how you mention that this is the first time you really “got” Eli.  What a lovely moment to remember– it will be the first in a long lifetime of moments like that, where you get the gift of seeing your kid as they really are, with their unique personalities shining through.  I can just picture Eli twirling around in the class– so cute!! I can’t wait to see the pics you take next class.

  6. different kids..

    i only have one, but  my friends and sibs who have 2…report the same as you Elisa.  their kids have really different personalities.  as for Eli…she sounds like my dd at that age.  cass would dance and imaginary play constantly and she loved the mirror.  what fun!

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