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What’s up?

The TODAY Show profiled a family living on the road in an RV. Apparently, it is a trend in the recession.

Weight loss, exercise and a healthy diet were more effective in staving off Type II diabetes than medication, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Public university students this fall are paying more than 6 percent higher tuition than a year ago, according to an editorial in the Washington Post. The tuition for private colleges and universities shot up 4.4 percent. In somewhat related news: The presidents of the major research universities were paid a median compensation of $627,750 in the 2007-8 fiscal year, a 5.5 percent increase from the previous year, according to the New York Times.

Mamapedia ran a funny first-hand account about a four-year-old acting up at his mom’s psychiatric appointment. The mom’s advice? Find the kid a babysitter.

Anne Fitten Glenn, aka Edgy Mama, also had a funny piece on “cute vampires” — otherwise known as babies.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


7 thoughts on “Midday Coffee Break

  1. The Hyundai dealership is trying to weasel

    out of honoring my 10 year 100,000 mile warranty. They tell me there was not  “Hyundai” oil filter on the car, therefore not their problem. No where in my warranty does it say that I have to have my oil changes or any other standard maintenance at the dealership. I specifically bought the damn car because my old Hyundai was so reliable and because they have such a terrific warranty. I am so pissed. I am having hubby call the dealership owner right now to “discuss” this.

    • grr

      What jerks! sorry you have to waste time (yours and hubby’s) on this. Not as quick as whacking them with a stick, but less illegal.  

    • absolutely boot this up the line

      Last time I checked, car sales weren’t the healthiest in the world. Why for the love of Jebus would a dealership want to piss off a new customer?

      DH had a problem with his Ford after he bought it a year ago – the window wouldn’t work. The jacka$$ at the dealership tried to intimate that it was DH’s problem – when the damn window didn’t close all the way within less than a week after purchasing. DH went straight to the dealership owner and that car was fixed, with profuse apologies, before another week was out.

      • On Monday they are sending a Hyundai

        representative to see if it is indeed a covered repair. I will see how it goes. I am soooo not the litigious type, but I will ABSOLUTELY pursue whatever steps necessary to fix this. But yeah, my time and hassle, I will never get back and meanwhile we are a one car family.

  2. Stressed. Need liquor.

    DH and I found the perfect house.  We really really love it, its in the right school district, in our price range, yadda yadda yadda.  But we haven’t sold our house yet.  So we’re gambling, and put in an offer on the house. They counter-offered, we countered their counter.  I. Am. so. stressed.  This is such a gamble; we HAVE TO sell our house.  UGH!!!

    I am drinking a martini.  I may be drinking a lot of those in the coming weeks.

  3. This caught my eye…

    Newborn babies cry in their native tongue
    Language patterns apparent from the start; babies pick up traits in womb

    From their very first days, the cries of newborns already bear the mark of the language their parents speak, scientists now find.

    French newborns tend to cry with rising melody patterns, slowly increasing in pitch from the beginning to the end, whereas German newborns seem to prefer falling melody patterns, findings that are both consistent with differences between the languages.

    More via MSNBC.


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