Gratuitous Picture Edition

Yesterday we celebrated Markos’s birthday — it was actually on 9/11 — with his mother and our closest friends. BFFs Erika and Papi Blez were actually up from Orange County for it. Maya is so adorable.

Check out the evening’s highlights:

After weeks of staring at nothing but a gutted garden in our backyard, our wooden swing set finally arrived. We now have somewhere to send the kids in the evening. Woo-hoo!

Special thanks to DH, Papi Blez, Will, Aaron and Mark who worked non-stop the last couple days to get it up for the party. They even worked in the rain yesterday. Here is the fruit of their labor:

My sweetie is 38 years old. He normally doesn’t like to be reminded that it is his birthday, but he seemed to enjoy himself, eating Salvadoran pupusas, drinking beer, catching up with friends and playing cards late into the night. (For us parents, this means 11:30 p.m..)

I know you are as excited as I am to see Erika’s cute belly:

Overall, a great evening. Clean-up wasn’t too bad as we had all hands on deck. How was your weekend?


25 thoughts on “Gratuitous Picture Edition

  1. Look at that glowing Baby Mama!

    Erika, I can see the glow even on the computer – how happy do you look!

    Every last one of you looks full of joy.  What a great celebration.

  2. Aww, Erika

    So cute! Looks like you all had a lot of fun. And the mention of pupusas makes my mouth water. We used to get them all the time from the little tienda down the street from our house in San Salvador. Mmmm….

  3. Wonderful photos!

    I especially love the one of Erika, looking tres chic and smiling so big.  :)

    Glad you had a great time and happy birthday to Markos!

    We just got back from the Columbus Zoo, for Saturn Day… all the Saturn owners got in free, got to see a live animal show with Jack Hanna, and had a free lunch.  It was unbelievably crowded, most likely due to the fantastic weather today.  😀

  4. Ooooo.

    The Kos’s went for the fancy Cedarworks playset.  VERY nice.  :)

    I love Cedarworks.  We have one too, and its great.  However, I knew perfectly well that DH would NEVER get it assembled, so we paid someone.  😀

    Erika, you look FABULOUS.  

    • Cedarworks…

      Oh YEAH. And we have been using that brochure as leverage for weeks now. “If you don’t brush your teeth,” — as we wave the cedarworks brochure — “we are calling the company to cancel the delivery!”

      Now, the new line is, “there is no playing with the swingset until your room is cleaned!” :)

  5. Fun fun!

    What a great week-end!  Everyone looks wonderful.  And I’m so jealous of that playset.  I would have loved that when I was a kid.  

    Erika,  I love the pregnancy glow – you look great!

    Happy birthday to Markos – glad you all got to celebrate.

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