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Texas Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler) is fighting to dismantle a state law that grants in-state tuition to young people who’ve graduated from a state high school or gotten a GED after living in Texas for at least three years. He does not want immigrants, who were brought to the state illegally by their parents, to pay more affordable tuition. Keep in mind, these young people, who were raised in this country and assimilated, make up 0.7 percent of the 1.14 million students enrolled in Texas colleges and universities, according to an editorial written by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I did not know this: More than 90 percent of all the wines made in the world should be consumed within a year, according to a blurb in MSN. In other words, most wines do not get better with age.

In celebrity gossip break: Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, will gain custody of his three kids, according to the TODAY Show. The two older kids’ biological mother Debbie Rowe will receive visitation rights but no extra money.

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  1. I’ve decided that…

    …this is an example of how progressives and conservatives look at things differently.

    Conservatives would rather punish the deserving majority than let a few “undeserving” get something.

  2. swine flu vaccine priorities:

    from the CDC:

    1. pregnant women
    1. people in contact with infants
    1. emergency services and health care workers
    1. children 6 months – 18 years
    1. adults 19 – 24 years
    1. adults with certain medical conditions, including asthma, diabetes, and heart disease

    These groups constitute a little over half of the U.S. population, and there are barely enough doses to cover every single one. But I think they’re expecting some people to forego the vaccine, so there should be enough for all.

      • for us it’s only DS

        But I am strongly considering it because I work with little kids and PG women. I just don’t want to provoke my hairtrigger immune system.

    • I don’t typically get a flu shot, even though

      I should to protect the infants I work with (many of whom are too young to be vaccinated themselves), more than to protect myself.  My husband usually gets one and my children always do.  This year however, I will take advantage of our Head Start Grantee and get the seasonal flu and swine flu vaccines.  My kids will definitely get them, especially as my 9 year old has reactive airways/probable asthma (but it’s not usually an issue for him).  

      When you work with young children, being vaccinated is a reasonable precaution to protect yourself and the children you come in contact with.  I think you have a very valid reason for considering the immunization.

      A couple of days ago,we had the first h1n1 death in CO – a 41 year old pregnant woman who works in the same building as my husband (he didn’t know her, however).  I’m not usually a “freak out” kind of person, but when I start thinking about this whole h1n1 thing, I can start getting pretty freaked out…

  3. not a problem in this house

    More than 90 percent of all the wines made in the world should be consumed within a year, according to a blurb in MSN. In other words, most wines do not get better with age.

    hee hee

    i do wait until i get the bottle (or box) home.  what restraint.

    • snerk

      I believe I have previously mentioned my technique of purchasing wine to make sauce for baked chicken.  The sauce takes a quarter cup…but the bottle is always empty soon after.

    • Well, that’s why we should have screw tops.

      Seriously, cork’s only any use if you’re going to lay the wine down for a few years, otherwise… screw top. That seems to be how all the NZ Sauvignon Blancs come, and I’m a complete convert. It’s just so much more convenient.

  4. myth about wine

    If wines don’t last more than a year, where did the believe that wines taste better with age come from?  Can someone please tell me.

    • blame it on the French

      A lot of French wines taste like crap when they are young, so the vintners started insisting that they would get better with time. Some do, indeed, evolve into amazingly complex wines, but if you start out with crap, you’ll still have crap twenty years down the line. Only now it’s crap without whatever youthful charms it might have had in its day.

      That said, I think the 90% claim is exaggerated. Whites, definitely, do not age well. Most Sauvignon Blancs are best within a year of vintage. Chardonnays can go a little longer, but the one to two year rule generally works for white. They lose their fruit with time in the bottle. But reds tend to be best a couple of years after vintage–even light fruity reds can stand to mellow a bit. But then, I suppose if they are already two years old when released, then the one year rule might stand.

      Anyway, long story short: drink whites within a year or two of the vintage on the label; drink reds within three to five years of vintage.

  5. hooray for Katherine Jackson

    I’m so happy Katherine Jackson got custody of her grandchildren.  I think it was the right decision on the part of the judge.  The children love, trust, their grandmother, and most important of all they’ll be free to worship our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Father Jehovah God as they were taught.  It’s wonderful their mother has been given visitation rights.

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