Wednesday Morning Open Thread

What’s up?

I will be in Oakland this morning to express my support for legislation that would classify the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) a reproductive toxicant under Proposition 65. All products with BPAs would have to be labeled. If you can spare a moment please do come by. The public hearing is at the Auditorium of the Elihu Harris State Building on 1515 Clay Street at 10 a.m..

Speaking of meetings, some of us MTers plan to meet for lunch this Friday at Sadiedey’s Cafe in Oakland. Erin, KarenM, Round Peg, possibly Mamacita, me and the kiddos will be there at noon. Please join the fun if you can!

Lisa in Austin, this is for you: The Texas Freedom Network was quoted in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times for (rightfully) knocking on State Board of Education members who are there not for their qualifications but strong religious opinions. You HAVE to fill us in on where this all ends. :)

Laurie over at Expecting Words wrote a thoughtful post about being sensitive around couples trying to get pregnant.

The Associated Press ran a fun back-to-school story — already? — about fashion trends like peace signs and neon. Also in AP: Some students are completing their college degrees in three years to save money on tuition.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Open Thread

  1. i wish i could come!!!

    this friday for the MT round-up.  going to hawaii friday with dd for our last mother/daughter trip before she heads off to college.

    have fun!

    • Hmm…

      Hawaii or Sadiedey’s Cafe? I think we can forgive you for not showing up this time around. 😉

      But I WILL plan another meet-up. I don’t know why we haven’t all gotten together before. Ah, gotta love kids and responsibilities….

      have fun in Hawaii!

      • thanks…

        we are going to honolulu…dd’s choice.  normally we go to the Big Island, but dd wants a bit more cosmopolitian flavor and less hiking :)  i am looking forward to it as we have fun when we travel.  plus i haven’t been on a real one vacation in way too long…ashamed to say nearly 4 years!  seems my vacations have been used up by family stuff.

  2. Peace signs, yay! Neon, boo!

    I lived through the original neon phase in the 80’s and its just not good. Oh well as long as side pony tails and scrunchie socks stay in the 80’s I guess I am happy.

  3. IS IT SATURDAY YET???????

    DH has had maybe three days off (including weekends) since June 1. I think, I THINK, this will be the last week of hell. How do military wives do it? I am ready to kill my children. I need to get away from them.

  4. I’m so very glad

    to know that there are people who will take time out to fight for these things.  I keep wishing something could be done about fire retardants and bpa.  But of course don’t think about actually fighting for it.  The whole legislative process seems so daunting.

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