Date Night…

I am genuinely infatuated with the Obamas. To me, they symbolize glamour, style and sophistication…a la John and Jackie Kennedy. They are both so eloquent, tall and attractive. During Barack Obama’s campaign for President, he promised Michelle that he would take her to a Broadway show when it was all over. He made good on his promise on their most recent “date night”

“I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished,” the president said in a statement an aide read to the press.

After dining a little more than two hours at Blue Hill, a West Village restaurant touted by New York magazine as a “seminal Greenmarket haven” that features food grown by chef and owner Dan Barber on his upstate farm, the president and first lady headed to the Belasco Theater to make curtain call for “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.”

Sigh… how romantic.

Apparently, the Republican National Committee doesn’t share my sentiment. They issued a “news release that chastised Obama for saying he understands American’s troubles, but then hopping up to New York for a night on the town.”

Wait. Aren’t the RNC responsible for wasting $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe? Whatever…

What about you? How important do you think a “date night” is? Do you have one? What does it include? Is it a regular thing?


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  1. awww

    I love the Obamas!

    good news for us on the date night front – my DH fixed our babysitter’s rickety front steps yesterday in exchange for some free babysitting in the near future.  we are both quite happy with the bartering arrangement!  it’s a win-win because my DH is quite handy and can fix a lot of things around her house in an afternoon working by himself.  it would cost her a lot more for her to hire someone than the $50 we usually pay her.  and we don’t have to fork out extra cash for a night out!  yay!

  2. Oh piffle

    You’d think the Repubs would be thrilled with anybody’s date night.  Isn’t it one of the things that can shore up the heterosexual marriages that are on the brink of destruction because of the possibility of same-sex marriage?

    Date nights are pretty much out for awhile since we don’t have any good babysitters.  We’ll catch a movie if a grandma is in town to stay with the kids, but otherwise we’ve been concentrating on doing things during the day with the kids now that DS is old enough to be interested in different activities. Then at night, when the kids are in bed, it’s heaven to just have some quiet on the couch with a book or TV.  I think that’s enough for now!

    • Well

      I like the reasoning of this:

      Isn’t it one of the things that can shore up the heterosexual marriages that are on the brink of destruction because of the possibility of same-sex marriage?

      Except they went to a Broadway show, and you know that place is a den of iniquity, with homoseckshuls everywhere – on stage, in the audience, selling themselves outside. I’m not sure what the good Repub alternative is.


    • Republicans are all for

      “date night” if it entails taking one’s mistress out for the evening.  Or, often as not, literally “paying” for a date.

  3. Ha!

    The Bushes jetted off just about every weekend (ok, hyperbole, but they did go a total of 77 times) to Texas but you heard not a peep about the cost of Air Force One! All to keep up with that ever-growing brush he needed to whack back.

    Why I oughtta….

    Personally we don’t do enough date night stuff. Their evening sounds nice (I think I’d skip the show and just stay at the restaurant, but that’s me.) And I bet they looked smashing!

  4. I ate there!

    LOL – I feel so special – DD and I ate at Blue Hill last year during “Restaurant Week” when high end NYC restaurants have a fixed menu at a “reasonable” cost.  DD is a big foodie, and loves learning about chefs.  Dan Barber is a chef she loves, and we had a great meal there.  

    I think picking on the Obama’s for this is just plain silly.  I think being able to set aside ANY time for each other, given how ridiculously busy his job is, is wonderful!

  5. Easy shot…

    but you know i have to admit my first reaction to the story was…not good PR.  taking a jet up to NYC for a date does sound extravagant.  i don’t begrudge them at all.  but i knew the sh#t was gonna fly over this one.

    • Soooo…

      Should they drive?  Take the bus?  Aside from being a security nightmare, it’s stupidly time-consuming.  I’m sure they will go on other dates around DC, but…seriously people.

      Anyway I am all in favor of the First Marriage being as happy as possible.  How could that not be good for the country?

      • Probably the Obamas will be in NY

        sometime this year for some official reason. I would have scheduled the Broadway night out at that time.

        • me, too

          honestly, that’s what I thought, too.  I would have rather see them have a date in NY when they were already in NY for some other, official reason.

          Which may be the case, but I haven’t heard it reported that way.

          • Yeah

            that would be a good compromise.  NOT that they did anything wrong.  And the train is a good idea, too, though probably not for them.

      • i think it is sweet..

        and lovely and all things good.  just sayin i knew when i read it that this was gonna be a PR issue….perhaps not deserved, but there we have it.

    • well

      I’m guessing the vast majority expect the Obama’s lifestyle to be a bit different from the average Joe’s due to the elevated status, extraordinary pressures, and extraordinary constraints.  I don’t think anyone’s expecting them to hunker down in front of netflix for the duration.  And I’ll bet most conservative men, even the haters, know deep in their hearts that if they became president they’d proudly take their lady to a broadway show – especially if that lady happened to be an arm candy babe like Michelle.  So my prediction is that the noise machine doesn’t gain traction over this.

    • I’m with parentalunit1

      They should have had their Broadway date night sometime when they needed to be in NY anyway, not jet up there for a date.

      I’m not against date nights at all. We’d get more if we had any family within 1,000 miles of where we live. When we get a babysitter we’re almost never out for more than two to three hours. So, we fit in dinner and maybe one errand–never a really big night out like dinner and a movie. In fact, the last movie I saw in a theater was Fahrenheit 9/11 in the summer of 2004.

  6. date nights rule

    We had our latest one last Saturday. We went shopping at the Beverly Center and went to a movie that wasn’t animated. :-)

    Next day, we slept in a bit then hit the gym together. Then we went to look at several homes with our agent (we’re house hunting), all without our 4-year-old begging us to go home already. Sweet!

    I’ve said it before…moving to SoCal to be near family took sacrifice, and we still can’t seem to find a house we can afford. But it was SO worth it, if only because we’re now surrounded by family who are eager to spend time with DD and give us some time alone!

    • having family around is a true luxury

      My parents are dead, and my husband and I have no relatives close by. We’ve never had an overnight trip away from our kids and rarely had a date lasting longer than two to three hours. My in-laws visit once or twice a year, but my father-in-law’s health is not good, so we probably will never be able to leave our kids with them overnight. My siblings either have no kids or are not the kind who would ever offer to watch our kids for a night or two, even if they lived in the area.

      I know my friends who have family in town get many more date nights and are able to be out later and longer.

      Not having regular contact with extended family is hands down the hardest thing about parenting for me.

      • same here

        Though my brothers are totally awesome and would be a wonderful and heavily involved source of support if they weren’t 3000 miles away.  

  7. I loved reading about their date

    I read it aloud to DH and we both kind of swooned.  I love the idea that although their lives are busy and pressured, they are balanced enough to take time out for glamour! and romance!  I’d much rather have a man like that with his finger on the button than a buffoon like Bush or a grinchy grouch like Cheney who seems so unbalanced.

    • me too!

      I thought it was fantastic. I don’t begrudge them the night in the slightest; they have the most stressful job in the world and iI sure as hell don’t begrudge them a chance to jet up to NYC for dinner and a Broadway show. It’s not like there’s an incipent disaster going on.

  8. i’m sorry- what popped into my head was…

    nyc kicking condoleeza rice out when she tried to enjoy shoe shopping and a broadway show WHILE NEW ORLEANS DROWNED.

    are they sure they want to bring up the obamas seeing a show on broadway when we can bring up what happened when rice went to see spam a lot?

  9. economy or war didn’t stop W

    from taking more vacation days and trips to TX than any other president. Give me a break. So NYC and DC are close enough to go there and back in a night–good for them! Would anyone have begrudged them having a little getaway and spending a night there? Or a weekend? One could argue they were more financially sensible to fly home and sleep in their own beds. Where were their seats? Were THEY expensive?  During this economy I sure hope they had the good sense to sit in the upper deck in the nosebleed section. ; )

    I love the Obamas’ date nights. DH and I are getting a bit better about date nights, though sometimes it’s “date afternoon” and we play movie hookie on Friday afternoon while DD is still at school. Or we meet for  lunch together. We only get away alone maybe once a month when we have to pay for a babysitter, so it is nice to find creative solutions to spend a little extra time together.

    • I don’t know how good

      their seats were, but I read that Meryl Streep was “a few rows in front of them” and no one paid her any mind!

      The thought of this being an over the top indulgence briefly crossed my mind, but it was quickly replaced with respect and joy for the way they treat each other and their relationship.  It made me happy!  Can’t think of many things Bush did, whether or not they were costly, that gave me a little spring in my step.  And getting a qualified motorcade through NYC is probably less expensive than hauling one all the way down to bum-fu*k Egypt, where Bush liked to hide out.

  10. Friday night dinner

    With or without Alex, Marcus and I try to go out every Friday night for dinner. Nothing fancy – could be Red Robin or Souplantation or the local Pho-Vietnamese place. Just so long as I am not cooking and we get to sit down and talk about our week together.

  11. DH and I haven’t been on a date

    since, what, early March? Pre-Lily for sure. It was actually the first time we’d left Jess at the PIL for an overnight. Sadly, I think a night out is off the agenda for at least a few more months, and I miss it. I mean, hey, I like spending one on one time with my handsome fella and being able to speak in complete sentences without having to stop and answer 100 “why?” questions!

  12. We had a date night at Blue Hill at Stonebarns…

    We had our 14th anniversary there…It cost a month’s nursery school tuition, but was delicious.  We got the “farmer’s feast.”  And let me say, after you order a cocktail, don’t bother to order a bottle of wine.  I had bed spins at 4am.

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