Wednesday Morning Open Thread

Happy hump day all!

What’s in the news?

According to a recent study cited by the Los Angeles Times, many students studying to be dieticians harbor biases against obese people that the researchers called for “stigma-reduction interventions as part of standard dietetics curriculum.” Ya think?

In somewhat related news: The Depo-Provera shot made women gain more weight than other forms of birth control, according to a study cited by U.S. News & World Report. In a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, women who used the Depo-Provera shot, which is a progesterone-only birth control shot every three months, gained an average of 11 pounds over three years and experienced a 3 percent increase in body fat compared to an average of 3 to 4 pounds and less than half the increase in body fat for women who used other birth control.

In all this talk about home foreclosures, one group of people who never had a chance of owning a home are also in danger of becoming homeless: renters. According to a story in the Washington Post, hourly wage workers trying to make ends meet are having a hard time coming up with rent in the city.

President Barack Obama plans to introduce a group of experts who will advise him on women’s issues, according to the Associated Press. The announcement coincided with women’s history month, which is this month.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?


24 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Open Thread

  1. Here’s a little gem

    from the Texas legislature. During the Voter ID debate:

    Freshman Senator Wendy Davis was questioning (Senator Troy) Fraser when he asked her to speak up: “I have trouble hearing women’s voices,” he said.

    Not surprising, perhaps, that a Republican Senator has trouble hearing women’s voices.

    (hat tip to KristieVal’s DH for pointing this out to me)

    • I shouldn’t have been surprised….

      To hear that comment from Fraser, but I was. And I’m bummed that he will probably not get called on it…not enough people pay attention to what’s happening in our state government.

      Not to mention the Voter ID debate itself…nasty stuff!

  2. Yay president! Boo, health insurance!

    Appointing people to deal with women’s issues and green jobs and such.  It’s as though he’s looking for real solutions to our problems.  Wacky, huh?

    I can’t get my Dr. to perform the correct magic dance to get my Lexapro pre-authorized.  I have been trying for a month.  Without this, it costs $110/month, so no go on that.  Grrrrrrr!!!
    Not doing so great without it.  Have been sleeping about 3 hrs per night, getting to work late, etc.  I know more exercise would help a lot, but it’s hard to be motivated, especially when I can’t even use the childcare at the Y until DD is 6 months.

  3. awesome story

    I just had to share this wonderful right wing spin on Sasha and Malia’s swingset:

    Barack Obama has failed so far to live up to one of his most famous campaign promises. Malia and Sasha Obama do not have a puppy yet, even though his father promised that one was “coming with them to the White House” once he became president. The Obama girls will have to be happy with a new swing set, seen below.

    The South Dakota-based Rainbow Play Systems is the manufacturer of the swing set. The set has four swings, a slide, a fort and a climbing wall. The set typically costs about $3,500. You can get one of your own for your kids here, unless you (like so many others) have lost all of your money in the stock market during Obama’s term.

    Clearly, Obama is yet again failing to deliver what he promised during his campaign. As you can see in the below video, Obama promised to bring a new puppy to the White House. His daughters are still without a puppy. Hoping his constituency forgets the broken promise, he is offering them the far less satisfactory secondary option.

    This is part of Obama’s pattern of deception so far. The budget deficit, health care, Iraq and the puppy. One by one, his promises fall by the wayside.

    • Oy. Give the guy a chance.

      I’ve been trying for a year to get a puppy and we still don’t have one.  It’s not like you can snap your fingers and bam– puppy.

      Why do I bother…it’s not like they’re listening anyway.

        • amazing..

          so many idiots so little time. hard to fathom this is truly serious.  they are trying to find a portugese water dog to rescue…oy, between this and the coverage on michelle’s lack of arm coverage…

    • He promised them a puppy

      IN THE SPRING…after they were settled in.  

      And who cares?  

      And this is not the Obama depression.  Doesn’t anyone remember who was president when the banks came within hours of crashing?

      • Yeah, I love that.

        On inauguration day, Jon Oliver (I think) did this whole schtick on the Daily Show about the Obama Recession and what a mess we were in because of Obama.   Like the last 8 years never happened. It was a hoot until now- when I realized it was real.

      • Yeah but

        it’s his depression now, whether he likes it or not. If things get better, he gets reelected for sure. If not, then maybe not.

      • Interesting that

        When 9/11 happened on GWB’s watch (and well into it too) it was his predecessor’s fault. And when a recession starts in his last year it’s his successor’s fault? If nothing was GWB’s fault anyway, why were his approval ratings so dismal? Gotto love the pundits…

        • it’s the third part of the troika

          9/11 was Clinton’s fault, the recession is Obama’s fault, and the people are too stupid to know better. Only Dubya et al know all and history will vindicate them. Or something like that.

    • So stupid

      What a stupid piece. There are intelligent conservatives out there writing, but this is not one of them.

      Total side note, there is no way that Rainbow only cost $3,500. At least 6K although I wonder if they got it for free. Lots of free advertising.

      • no, they paid for it

        $3500 is the list price for that model.  The white house has said that the unit was purchased with personal funds but they didn’t go into detail, so the media is reporting the list price.  The company confirms that it was paid, though I’m sure any sane business would have happily donated it in exchange for this kind of publicity.

        • paid

          That set was not $3500. I know because I bought one very similar. They have different types that kind of look the same, but that one is definitely the higher level one. And it’s huge.

          I’m sure they paid for it themselves. I don’t think they could accept a gift that big?

    • are they f’ing kidding?

      The stock crash happened on Obama’s watch?  Jeez, revisionist history much?

      CNN has been infuriating me lately–they were jumping all over Obama for not reacting more strongly to the incident in the South China Sea this weekend.  Seriously, whats wrong with taking the time to determine a reasoned response????

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