Hump Day Open Thread: Hair Care Edition

(Photo: Elisa’s before shot.)¡Feliz Noche Buena, todos!

Traditionally, my Cuban-Puerto Rican family celebrated Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day. It was the day we would have our big family meals and attend midnight mass, o la misa de gallo. We opened presents on Christmas morning to keep with American tradition, but that was it. All the festivities and family togetherness happened the night before.

While I am tempted to attend mass today at 11:30 p.m. at my church, I know there is no way I will be able to stay awake until then. I just don’t have the endurance to stay up past 10! Sigh.

Now onto what I really want to talk about: hair. I decided a couple months ago I really wanted a new — not drastic though — look for the new year. As you can see in our holiday shoot this year, my hair is curly and it simply hung down to my butt.

I just got five inches chopped off, some light brown highlights — very subtle so I would not have to retouch my dark roots anytime soon — and got it blow-dried straight, which will last me until the end of the week. I love my curly hair, but every once in a while I love the feel of smooth, straight hair. It’s different (at least for me):

Are you planning on updating your look anytime soon? How about new year’s resolutions or goals?


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  1. Christmas Eve

    We’re a Christmas Eve family as well.  I thought it was a German thing.  Lots of times we didn’t even go to church Christmas Day because we’d gone the night before, and the only presents we opened then was whatever was in our stockings.  I’m doing the same thing nos with my kids, except DS got a little shopping cart from his grandma, so DH is going to put it together tonight and it will be waiting when DS wakes up tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. a few weeks ago i had my long brown hair…

    highlighted by a friend (she’s a licensed hairdresser)

    my husband is also a licensed hair dresser, but he hadn’t even cut my hair in probably a year

    so he HATED it, put a glaze in it to cover the highlights, and cut it to my chin

    at least the grey is gone

      • ummm…

        are you sure you’re super jealous?  

        have you read any of the stuff i’ve written about me and my crazy husband?

        here’s one silly thing- back when he was working as an assistant (he became a stylist just a few years ago) he got mad at another assistant while they were both washing ladies’ hair in the row of sinks at the salon

        so he said he was kicking the other guy and trying to keep it from negatively affecting his shampoo of the lady’s hair

        • Ha!

          Well, I guess I’m super jealous from a $$ perspective. I spend way too much money each month getting my high/low lights. It’s crazy, but I just feel super fug with roots or with my own natural color.

          • it is pricey, isn’t it?

            one thing i like is the nice products we have- i’d never spend that much $ on my own

            but my husband has such a bad temper i’m afraid when he does my hair- i really am

            one night he was being so mean i made him stop, and i went to work the next day w/ half a hair cut- i had to wear it pinned up so i didn’t look ridiculous

            and it’s kind of like the cobbler’s family w/ no shoes, or the builder w/ the worst house on the street- when he gets home he really would prefer to not deal w/ our hair

            when he used to need a model for classes at work and he’d use me, it was sometimes ok- but at home, watch out!

  3. hey, elisa- can i be pushy and ask for…

    another photo in a different color shirt?

    i kind of wanted to see if blow drying made your hair look even longer, but i can’t tell in that shirt

    sorry if i’m being a pain

    you look stunning in both pics, btw


  4. So, everyone else can see the photo?

    Is there something I can do to adjust this, so I can see it, too? Advice, anyone?

    Sorry to be a pain, but I was really excited to see it! :)

    • I figured out something

      I e-mailed the photo to myself and then I was able to see it. Beautiful, Elisa! Wow, I didn’t realize how very long your hair was — I bet it feels lighter on your head, just having a few inches off the bottom.

      My hair’s naturally curly, too (not as much as yours, though), and I love to have it blow-dryed straight now and then.

      Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  5. A nice change!

    It’s great to have a new ‘do for a while — you look great, Elisa! How long did the blow out take?

    I grew up with Christmas morning being the special time, and it was so nice to wake up to Santa’s presents and stocking. We’d eat a big breakfast and I’d have to wait in agony to open everything until after we ate. With divorced grandparents, we did have to go house to house, so over the years it was always different.

    • oh, that seems hard

      we’d have a big breakfast but it was AFTER we opened the presents. I can’t imagine as a little kid having to wait until after breakfast.

      • cruel even

        I only just put out a few presents yesterday and today (from family) because I know my impatient little ones (not so little–7 and 10) would not want to wait. I’ll put a few more out tonight (from me), and then Santa comes while they sleep (though my older one knows it’s really me). I can’t imagine them eating anything at breakfast if they had to wait to open presents. Coffee’s a different issue, though. They can wait that long–there’s a reason it’s called espresso.

        • Aw, it was ok

          It added to the excitement! We did stockings first, then a big breakfast. I remember it as a fun thing, but don’t do it now that I have kids. We won’t put out presents until after DD goes to bed tonight — I was afraid her little brother would tear into them early, and I figured she’d just sit and stare at them all day if I put them out early. Relatives have been sending packages, which I won’t open, and even that is driving her crazy!

  6. You are so lovely, Elisa.


    The hair is very cute, and I’m glad you like it, but you are aware you’d be beautiful bald as well, right?

  7. re Hair & the holidays

    what i can see looks great (both before and after)!

    we do the Christmas eve thing-Church, then open one
    gift, then dinner (one course has to be sometihng that flies, one course something thatswims-it’s a Scandinavian thing i grew up with) then open presents. The next morning,the stockings have been filled and then we go out for dim sum.

    I try to fit in a hike someplace there because this is more food, and rich food than i usually eat in a week.

    Merry Christmas, everybody!!!!

  8. We open

    our presents on Christmas morning. We do church on Christmas eve and then this will be the first year we haen’t come home and put out cookies for santa, carrots and water for the reindeer, and then sent the kids to bed while we madly got the presents out.

    Now the presents are all under the tree and nobody will be leaving cookies out. They have known for a couple of years, they say, but they didn’t want to “spoil it” for us. Ha! I would have loved the chance to go to bed earlier and not be scrambling on Christmas eve.

    when I clicked to comment, I could see Elisa’s “after” photo — looks great! But I agree with those who say you’d look beautiful regardless!

  9. I tend to be a bit of a scrooge…..

    I HATE rushing around Christmas eve and Christmas day.  The past couple of years have been really tough, my MIL and step MIL have had super high expectations of where we’ll be and when.  This year is a little different though.  I’m thinking that MIL’s sister and DH’s aunt must have talked to them.  MIL only expects us on Christmas day, and didn’t try to guilt us once about it being my families year for Thanksgiving (we go to her house every other year), and step MIL has been very accommodating of DH’s and my work schedule, we’re planning on getting together on an unspecified date AFTER the holidays.  My father’s sister is in the medical field as well, and we’ve scheduled our day together for Saturday.  That just leaves my sister’s house for today, after 6.  It’s really nice to be able to relax for a little bit.  

    I can’t wait for my sister’s.  My niece is nearly 3yo, and she is totally into the receiving end of this time of year.  When I dropped off her Hanuka gifts she said  “Pwesans!  You bwing me pwesans?!? Tank you, Tank you! You my favwit fwend, Ann GiGi!”  We celebrate both, which only adds to the chaos of the season, and it is something my MIL and step MIL have a difficult time dealing with.

      • Oooops!

        Two people.  My MIL’s sister (who has kids from out of state that MIL was also being demanding of), and FIL’s brother’s wife, who’s kind of the family matriarch and an absolutely fabulous woman, and did I mention god-mother to DS?  

  10. advice please on melting snow-

    i’m trying to figure out what to do, or if there’s anything i can do, in all of the rain which is melting all of the snow and slush here-

    we are in connecticut, and the rain today is melting the snow, which makes me happy, but i don’t know if there’s anything to do about our driveway except wait for tonight and see if it gets cold and then put down a ton of ice melt/salt

    if i put it down now, it just gets washed away, right?

    and would it be nuts of me to try and shovel the thin layer of slush?

    we’ve had the place plowed 3 times over the weekend, so the snow from the two big storms is on the lawn- not on the sidewalks, driveway, or parking area

    but there’s some slush from the little bit of snow the plow and shovels didn’t get up

    the problem is the upstairs tenants don’t know how to drive in the winter- i drove a visiting daughter’s car up the driveway yesterday, becasue she couldn’t.  it really wasn’t hard- i just drive in 1st gear, and i get right up

    and yesterday the grandmother yelled at my husband that we’re endangering people’s lives- but it’s a steep driveway, we’ve had it plowed 3 times, we’re constantly throwing salt on it, we’ve shoveled it a few more times because some snow drifted onto it, and everyone else can drive up it but them.  and i know some of them up there can do it- just not all of them

    it gets slushy at the bottom, but i think that’s just the way it is

    it’s not supposed to get below freezing tonight, and it’s supposed to be in the 40s again tomorrow, too

    am i at the weather’s mercy, or can i do anything?

    the upstairs tenants have me very anxious

  11. love the hair, Elisa!

    that’s really gorgeous! I can’t wait until I can get my hair colored again; I had some beautiful highlights going on, until we went into TTC mode. At least I can put some lemon juice in now that it’s summer. And I definitely, definitely need a haircut.

  12. Can’t Compare!

    I have to say that I love the curls, but then again, you are all dolled up and beautifully photographed with the golden outdoor light making your curls look luminous in that picture.  Meanwhile you’re in a dark sweatshirt,  indoors and without makeup in the picture with the straight hair.  So I can’t compare!

    You are lovely without makeup, mind you, but the other picture is so glorious!

    • That’s what I thought too!

      I want to see the straight hair in the same setting as the curly.

      Either way, beautiful. I do love that photo of you and Markos. Merry Christmas to you and the family!

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