Thursday Open Thread – Proposition 8 Edition

Last week was really a turning point for our country. We elected the first African-American President, and it seems as if our country is heading in a new, positive direction.

Then Proposition 8 passed…or as people have called it, Proposition H8.

This past weekend, my friend Jennifer introduced me to her wife, Beth. Inevitably, the talk turned to Proposition 8 and their (and my) confusion as to what the passing of the proposition means? Is their marriage legal? For how long? What’s going to happen? What should they do? etc., etc., etc.

I can’t begin to understand why anyone would vote yes on Proposition 8. It is so hateful and discriminatory. I just don’t get it. So I did what I always do, search the internet for any glimmer of hope. I found a few that I thought I should share.

LGBT Advocates in Utah are taking the Church of the Latter Day Saints at their word. State Senator Scott McCoy and two lesbian colleagues — with the help of Equality Utah — plan to introduce legislation in Utah in January that will codify other rights afforded to LGBT individuals in California that the LDS swore it supported. Good for them!

Anti-discrimination groups and bar associations are sending letters to the court contending that the initiative, which bans gay marriage, is a sweeping revision of the state Constitution, not an amendment. They are joined by 44 state legislators and are calling on the California Supreme Court to overturn the anti-gay marriage initiative.

Even the Governator expressed hope that the California Supreme Court would overturn Proposition 8. He also predicted that the 18,000 gay and lesbian couples who have already wed would not see their marriages nullified by the initiative.

“It’s unfortunate, obviously, but it’s not the end,” Schwarzenegger said.

So, I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful that this hateful anti-gay marriage initiative will get overturned by the California Supreme Court. But if it doesn’t, I’m hopeful that in the very near future, people like my friend Jennifer won’t require the “authorization” or “approval” of the short-sighted, hate-filled, 52% of Californians, who say they have “nothing against homosexuals”, yet voted “yes” on this initiative.

Jon Stewart had some interesting things to say about this topic. But I think Keith Olbermann said it best…


Ok, this is an open thread. What’s going on with you?


27 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread – Proposition 8 Edition

  1. Gotta scream.

    I HATE WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ARGH!  They launched a new expansion last night at midnight, and DH (and the D does NOT stand for Dear) stayed up until 6 AM playing the damn game.  6 am!  ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He will be totally useless today.  I’m so peeved.

    I have nothing trenchant or cogent to say about Prop 8.  Sorry.

    • wow

      This is totally the kind of thing my DH would do.  

      You know, I’ve got this t-shirt you should virtually borrow for the day.  My sister made it for those of us that were the “cheering team” for her DH when he was doing an Ironman — it says “you brought this upon yourselves”.  I come from a snarky family, and in a sea of fans that wore shirts with inspirational messages, our shirts suited us quite well.  


    • Heh

      My DH ordered the disk, I guess, plus he worked last night and will tonight.  But I expect he’ll be engrossed all weekend.

      However, he’s going to cancel his account while on leave after the baby is born.

      The most annoying, but amusing thing, is he has been having me log on as one of his characters (a blood mage?  I think) while he is at work so he can…learn spells or something.  So then I get to send these emails in the middle of the night telling him he learned a Wolf Glyph or whatever.

  2. Good for the groups in Utah

    I REALLY want to  get out to the City for Join The Impact on Saturday, but the 2 kids, dog and wheelchair seem like a problem.  ::sigh::  I’ll be there in spirit!

    • blog

      round peg, I just checked your blog and I wanted to say Congrats on the new dog!!!!  

      She is just gorgeous. Any dog who will let you dress her up in a fireman costume is a keeper.

      And your brother looks so happy with her. I really believe the right pet is can be so good for our health and wellness. What a happy story. I’m all teary-eyed now.

      : )

  3. ugh, layoffs

    nothing like working for a company for a little over a month and watching layoffs happen. Such is our economy, I guess. this end is safe though across the hall didn’t fare well. Ugh.

  4. SF restaurants?

    Does anyone have recommendations for good restaurants in San Francisco, ones that would be good for a business dinner (expensive ok).

    Is the Carnelian (sp?) Room a good one?

    • Greens at Fort Mason

      I always try to make it to Greens at Fort Mason when I’m in SF.

      The view is great if you are there during daylight.  It is a vegetarian restaurant, but very well known.  I don’t know if that will be acceptable since it is a business dinner.

    • There are so many

      Farallon (would need to ask specifically for a quiet banquet table along the walls. The tables in the middle are really loud due to a beautiful dome that is the ceiling).
      Fifth Floor (in the Palomar Hotel)
      Masa (freaking expensive though)
      Bacar (this is a bit out of the way, as it’s south of Market, but huge wine list)

      I’ve never been to the Carnelian Room, so I can’t speak to that one.

    • Love

      that video, makes perfect sense to me.

      Even though the yard signs are down, I know every single house in my general vicinity that sported a Yes on 8 sign and as I drive by each of them, I still feel venom.  Much like I used to feel towards the people sporting W 04 signs and stickers.

      It will take a while for me to get over that feeling.

      • I’m glad it’s not just me

        I have this odd urge to stand in front of the houses with a camera, waiting for the people to come out. When they ask what I’m doing, I’ll say, “Trying to get a picture of people with horns, what else?”  

        I am also 99% convinced that every one of those houses has at least one divorce under their belt.  I don’t care who’s married or divorced, but it pisses me off that they feel the right to dictate other people’s arrangements.

        • I wonder

          I live a fairly cloistered newslife, so I don’t know how far the opinions I expose myself to extend into the wider society.  But I wonder if this defeat may end up being a turning point.

          I’m sensing a much higher degree of straight outrage over this than before.  After all, CA has been immersed in the gay marriage debate for many years.  There has always been this sense that this was “their” fight – gays and their immediate circle.  The rest of us could be supportive but I’ve never felt there was any sense that this was our fight too.  But the kinds of things we’re expressing here, or the KO rant, these sentiments seem more widespread and resonant than in earlier discussions.

          • couldn’t agree more

            I was surprised to see so many people as pissed off as me, taking action.  Surprised in a very, very good way.  I do take it as a sign of evolution that more and more people get that it’s “our” fight, that unfairness hurts us all.  And the fact that other states are involved is even more encouraging.

            I heard someone on the radio last night saying that nothing energizes the conservative base like feeling like the underdog, which in my formulation is another way of saying they crave the feeling of persecution, and it’s very energizing for them.  The commentator went on to say that evangelicals were very upset when Obama said he planned to appoint judges who had the capacity for “empathy,” because obviously that means he is looking for “activitist judges.”

            I have to admit I was gob-smacked by that one.  Where’s the bibe verse where Jesus says, “Aw, f*ck ’em.”  You know, the one that really captures the true essence of Christianity???

            Sorry, this really brings out the snarl in me.

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