What a Dumb Ass

I am down with democracy and all that, but damn it is scary when guys like this vote.

Ed Hamilton, of Kerr County, Texas, is challenging fellow Republican Mindy Williams in the primary for county treasurer. His platform? He wants to eliminate the position, according to the Associated Press.

Hamilton said if elected, he would hand the duties to someone else and petition state officials for a referendum on a constitutional amendment that would allow any county to eliminate the treasurer position if it chooses.

Williams, who was appointed last spring to the $46,000-a-year post, said the job shouldn’t be eliminated. It provides accountability on the county’s spending, a check and balance that is “essential to county government.”

Hamilton says “check and balance” is “a euphemism for duplication of effort.”

Please tell me this made news because Hamilton is an oddball — even in Texas. One of the scariest things to come out of the Bush administration is how “check and balance“ is a four-letter f-word whether it’s in regards to war or our justice system. Ugh.  

In related news, two non-profit journalism organizations conducted a study that found that the Bush administration released at least 900 false statements regarding the national security threat in Iraq, according to AP. Hopefully, this will encourage traditional media outlets to once again act as “a check and balance“ to our government’s powers.


4 thoughts on “What a Dumb Ass

  1. ditto on the dumb ass

    Yes George Bush is a lying sack of shit! And the media is no better. The media in this country is no better than in communist countries. You have to take everything they say, produce, post with a grain of salt. They twist, manipulate, delete, cut edit, and more, to make the big bucks. Not to say that all journalist are, but it seems as whole the media is in everyone’s back pocket!! GREEDY MONSTERS

  2. Must be a former Enron executive

    This guy must have no accounting credentials at all!  This is a great idea, have the staff that collect the revenue also write the checks to pay the bills.  This way a county employee can have options on how they want to divert revenues into their personal accounts.  It must be that ‘reality’ thing that Bush and company have problem with.  No need to have controls in place, fraud is just a figment of the imagination.

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