Weekend Open Thread

For the first time in nine months, I feel rested. My parents have been awesome, entertaining the kids while DH and I take naps or even go out — alone — which hardly ever happens in California. I can understand why someone would move closer to home post children.

If only I could get my father to quit smoking and my mother eating healthier…There is always a flip side, eh? But overall, the trip has been great.

I have spent a lot of time with my grandmother upstairs. She looks wonderful. She has always looked young for her age, does not have a hint of a wrinkle and hardly any grey hair. But she is definitely forgetful and painfully aware of it, which is the hard part. She can’t remember the recipe for dishes and must lean on others to cook for her. Also, she forgets from one day to the next whether someone has called or told her something. It has been sweet to see her hold Eli — Eli adores her, too, BTW! — and in that sense this trip has been worth it.

How are you spending your holidays, MotherTalkers?

Now for some celebrity gossip from — People magazine!

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Divorcing: Actor Sean Penn and his wife of 11 years, Robin Wright Penn, are divorcing. No additional details of the breakup were provided.

On Paris Hilton’s Inheritance: Paris Hilton’s grandfather, Barron Hilton, just earmarked 97 percent of his heirs’ inheritance for charity, leaving the remaining three percent to his children and grandchildren. Paris’s share would be $5 million, which is $95 million less if her grandfather had passed on the money to her rather than given it away.

I am sure Paris will be just fine with royalties from her sex video.  

Where are the Celebs on New Year’s?: People gave the lowdown on who was going to be where on New Year’s. Kanye West, Pink, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne, Lil’ Jon will either host parties or perform in them in Las Vegas.

Ashlee Simpson, Eve and Mandy Moore will hit the scene in Miami.

Kid Rock will host a party in New York City, while Carrie Underwood performs in Times Square.

Where will you be on New Year’s, MotherTalkers?


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  1. New Year’s

    Meh. I’m a grump about New Year’s. Just can’t get too worked up about it.  I’ll probably go for a  New Year’s Day run early in the morning, and if the weather is nice, maybe we’ll take the boys for a nature walk (that’s our code for a hike in the woods, if you say hike in the woods, Miles says no).

  2. Glad your family time

    has gone well! While my kids are older and we can nap anytime we want [and can find the time], we did enjoy having  my inlaws here so DH and I could go see “Juno” on Saturday. But I’m glad you got to see your grandmother with Eli; that will be a nice memory for you to have forever.

    We have a very low-key New Year’s usually. We fix “party” food but stay home with the kids. We play games or watch movies and sing karaoke. Then a bit before midnight we go up into the kids fort [it’s 10′ x 10′ so it’s big enough for all of us] and watch some neighborhood fireworks from there and talk about what our year was like, and what we’d like to do in the new year. We toast with champagne and sparkling cider at midnight.

    • Oh, and on the celebrity gossip front

      I was sad to read about Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn. I think the article said they’d been together since 1990 and have a 16 year old and a 14 year old. They seem to have done a good job keeping their kids out of the media glare and that impresses me. So I’m sad for them and for their kids.

      As for the Hilton fortune, good for grandpa! Not that I think it will hurt Paris any — since she can get paid thousands of dollars just for showing up at a party, I don’t think it will change her life much.

        • OOPS

          somehow that got posted before I finished — I loved Juno and found it funny and very touching. Did not expect to cry at the end but I did. The young girl who played Juno was great, and I thought the subject matter was handled well in that everything did not wrap up in a neat little bow.  

          • We loved Juno

            too – it seemed more realistic than any other movie handling teen pregnancy and Ellen Page who played Juno was brilliant.  Great writing all the way through.  My DH and DD loved it.  I think my son who is 21 has been hearing rave reviews from a few friends and now he wants to see it.  

  3. No real plans for NYEve

    Guess we’ll let the kids try to stay up til midnight. 10yo might make it this year. I’m really looking forward to Wednesday the 2nd–Back to School day! 😉

  4. New Year’s

    I am giving DH a kitchen pass to go solo to the party we go to every year while I stay home with the kids.  I have given him the list of approved kisses, which is short.  Yes, I am a kind and generous wife.  And I expect plenty of sucking up in return.

    We put a contract on a house (FINALLY!) and it looks like we will be moving around mid February, so 2008 is already starting off right.

    • Congrats on the house!

      How exciting for you!  I bet you’ll have a busy 2008, painting and gardening, etc.  We moved in 2 1/2 years ago and we are still working on stuff here.  It never ends!

    • Us, too!

      We’re closing on a house early this year, too, and hope to move mid to late Feb.  Very excited, and more than a little stressed, but mostly really happy!

      • Congrats to you!

        I am sooo ready to get going.  I hate that we even have to wait that long!  I am already shopping for appliances, paint colors, a new couch.  I’m on fire!

  5. I LOVE New Year’s

    Few things are more exciting than the thought of a New Year to start fresh with.  This year has brought many, many challenges and I just have such optimism for 2008!

    Hubby and I are going to Reno for a couple of nights to drink, gamble, have some alone time and ring in the New Year.  Can’t wait!

  6. No plans for NYE

    or as they say in Scotland, Hogmanay.  NYE is a big holiday over there and pre-kids we did it up right.  Now, the idea of a hangover sounds bad to me.  Loud kids the next day aye-yi-yi.

    My brother and his family are still here from San Jose and will be here through New Years, so I suspect we’ll probably have a few drinks at home and some champagne at midnight.  Nothing too crazy!

  7. New Years, so what

    I have never been crazy about the New Year as a holiday. It all seems rather arbitrary. And overhyped. The past few years, we’ve opted out of parties to get a good night’s sleep and an extra chance to sleep in. So we’re boring, so what. This year, we told DS we’d take him to the Chipmunks movie. He’s pretty psyched. We’ll go to an early show and be home by 8. I am excited about a nice little bit of low-pressure family time. We’ve been doing a lot of work around the house (finshing the basement, installing new light fixtures, buying furniture) so it will be nice to just take a little break. Should be a good time.

  8. Home

    in bed! LOL! :) Hopefully I can stay up until midnight, but I’ve been so tired with this pregnancy there is no way of knowing.

    DMIL has offered to have DS sleep at her house tonight. Ah! Mommy gets some free time. Yeah! DH and I are going out for dinner tonight and then we plan to enjoy some quiet time at home.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  9. Near wine country

    We’ve rented a big Victorian house near the Russian River and another couple with two little kids is joining us. I never go out on NYE, yet we’ve never gone out of town either. So looking forward to it.  My friend’s husband has offered to do up a NYE dinner. Yay, him.

    So a little wine tasting and a lot of hanging out over the long weekend. This last week has been nice and slow around here, I’m trying not to think about dh returning to work next week.

  10. very low key

    we’re in the throes of summer now – 100 degrees today, 105 on NYE. We’ll go over to the SIL and do something veeery calm I hope. I have realized again that I don’t really like hot weather – what am I doing in this country!?

  11. Nothing

    Nothing much here.  Just stay in.  Probably watch TV a bit.  

    Kathy Griffin is supposed to be on with Anderson.  She’s one of my faves, so that should be funny, unless CNN manages to find a way to suck the soul out of her too  : )

  12. i’m staying in- don’t know about my husband

    i think he’s going into nyc because a friend of his from england is still visiting

    i’ll let the kids stay up till midnight (even though they won’t be able to)  

    my ex husband always called new year’s eve “amateur night” – we don’t agree on much, but we agree on that

    i don’t like exagerrated fun, and it usually feels like that to me

    also, because i used to work as a waitress and also at a hotel i probably have built up a negative view- new year’s eve is the worst- there’s always problems

    my ex husband and i met at the restaurant/bar his sister owns, and she always closed on new year’s eve- she didn’t want to deal w/ people’s nonsense

    but she always opened the bar thanksgiving night, which i thought was nice- w/ everyone home for the holiday it was always fun

    this is silly, but i read somewhere you should never, ever go out the night after new year’s eve because then people will know you didn’t go out new year’s eve

    but 8 years or so ago i did- my son was at his dad’s so i went to my favorite comedy club- the comedy cellar.  i used to go all of the time, and if you’re ever in nyc, you have to go- it really is the best one

    anyway, one of the waiter’s said “i can’t believe who’s out tonight”  and he was right- the crowd was very difficult, and the whole evening was strange

    now i’m remembering y2k- remember that?

    an IT friend of mine told me not to worry, so i didn’t, but as i was falling asleep new year’s eve i thought “damn- i should have bought some cans of food or something.”

  13. I’d like to be in the hospital

    My baby is due Jan 8th but any time now is fine by me.  A baby on New Year’s Eve or a little before would be a nice little tax break not to mention that I just want this kid out now please.

      • No

        They both came a bit late.  DS1 was 10 days late and DS2 was 2 days late.  In both cases I was induced too.  

        So this time I would love to be one of those people who goes early and on my own.  Actually if I’m induced again I could care less.  I don’t have the non-induction experience to compare it to and my last labor actually only hurt for about an hour.  The pitocin took forever to kick in but then when it did the baby was pretty much there.  

        This pregnancy has been different from the other two so that’s giving me some hope.  However, I won’t be entirely surprised if I’m still pregnant on January 8th.

    • tax break

      My sister was born on 3 January but was due on the 30th, and apparently, my dad was calling my mom all day the 30th and 31st with hopes that labor had set in! 😉

      • Eli

        I hear this all the time about Eli. Yeah, I had a scheduled c-section. Yeah, it was 4 days ahead of my due date.  Yeah, we got the tax deduction for 2002.

        Like that’s why I chose the 27th? Nope, I picked it because it was most likely I would be home before New Year’s Eve.  I was reticent to be in the hospital over a holiday.

  14. we’ll go to the theatre

    with DS.  It’s become a tradition for us on New Year’s Eve.  We’ll see “The Color Purple.”

    We can use some suspension of disbelief / magic about now.  Last week we learned that we had to evacuate our house because the strain of black mold inside is very bad.  So we moved to a hotel and while it’s nice to have someone else make the beds, it’s disconcerting not to be home.  Plus the allergist told us DS has asthma (maybe a reaction to the mold).  He doesn’t cough or wheeze but after a breathing treatment in the doctor’s office his lung capacity went up 21%.  Poor kid hasn’t been properly oxygenated.  I am sort of scared to move back home!

    • oh, christ

      it can’t be helping you much, either; do you have asthma on top of everything else? Did your son’s allergist have a look at your lung capacity, too? I hope that you can get your house expertly cleaned and taken care of ASAP.

      • it’s funny

        I’m having some kind of respiratory problem at the moment, which is rare for me.  But I haven’t been to the doctor.  I keep forgetting that adage about putting one’s own mask on first.  I think I may try to see someone tomorrow.   The good — excellent! — news is that DS seems to be feeling better and better.  I’m sorry that he had to take his high school entrance exam at a physical low point.

        Thanks for your good wishes.  I keep thinking David Sedaris would have a field day with the situation, and that helps to keep my spirits up.

        • it would be a glass half full/glass half empty

          moment, wouldn’t it? It would be lovely to find out that something fixeable was wrong, but dastardly to have the problem in the first place.

          You’re so right about Sedaris. My mom gave me naked last year, and I just laughed and laughed and laughed. I love the way he portrayed his mother.

      • that’s the question

        I don’t have a clear picture on what will be involved in the clean-up.  it turns out the woman we’ve been counting on to keep us informed — a mold remediation specialist — is not allowed to say anything that might “alarm” us, which is why we learned from a physician and not from her that we needed to move out. She came over yesterday and tested each room of the house with a little machine.  I am hoping the work will begin later this week.  If it’s contained to Max’s room and the kitchen, it should go pretty quickly.  The insurance company is estimating 3 weeks.

    • Oh man, mamacita

      This is a lot to take in. How long do you have to stay out of the house?
      I’m glad you’re going to the theater. That sound lovely, and quite civilized.

    • Oh my

      Oh my word, mamacita.  I’m so sorry.  What a pain.

      How did you discover the mold, I guess you saw it?  So scary.

      I hope it all gets cleaned up for you soon and you’ll be back home (as fun as getting the beds made for you is).

      • we found the mold

        when DS wanted to re-arrange his bedroom furniture and the back of his bookcase was black.  YUCK!  He shares a wall with the kitchen, and we figured out there was leak from the dishwasher that affected both rooms.  

        We’ve removed part of the carpet and the affected drywall in his room but the mold is still there.  The first people we hired to fix it were scammers of some kind so all they did was dry it out with noisy dehumidifiers.  You’re not supposed to do that because it aerosolizes the spores :(  Now we know.

      • I think so

        We’ll get more test results next week of where exactly is being affected.  I get the impression it will be pretty easy to get rid of it once we get started.

    • I’m so sorry!

      Living in a hotel with no set going home date sounds awful.  I’d be scared to go home if I were you, too.  

      That sounds like a great New Year’s tradition, though.  I’m getting lots of steal worthy ideas in this thread.

      • thanks everyone

        for your support!  Fortunately this is happening during winter break so our lives aren’t too horribly disrupted.  And our insurance company has been great.  

        • I’m just reading my way

          through this thread and am so sorry about the mold in your home.  You are right to get it completely taken care of and very lucky to have found it before any of you became  sick.   What an ordeal and inconvenience.  That the insurance company has been good sounds fantastic to me since having just been through insurance turbulence with my knee surgery.

          I wish you heaps of good luck and a fast fix and return home!

  15. well…

    i had only the simplest of plans to go to a friends party at a lounge walking distance from my house.

    but in the last two days i have been asked to play two different gigs. so i will play the lobby of the Westin  Hotel here from 9:30 – 12:30, then break down soundsystem really fast and then hurry to my other gig and play from 1:30 – 3am, or longer, if people want to stay around.

    whew! it sounds like a big pain – but i love being busy doing what i love.

    • Oh God I remember that.

      I once played seven gigs on a New Year’s Eve, from 5 pm to 4 am. Some of them were in the same place, but not consecutively. Really fun to look back on, but madness.

      This year, I’ll be doing as little as possible for New Year’s Eve – DSO is in Australia, and neither I nor Ex has any plans, so wherever DS wants to stay is fine with both of us. New Year’s Day, however, some friends have a huge party with food and a jam session. Fun!

      • are you a deejay or a musician?

        I think NYE is highly overrated, personally. Although growing up, close family friends always had a NYE party in their NYC brownstone, and my folks hosted a NYD brunch/recovery. Great fun for everyone not throwing the party, but my mom and the other hostess from the night before needed, like, a week to recover each time!

        • Semi-retired musician.

          Our NYD hosts will need a week to recover, it’s true, but they’ll get it since they’ve been rehearsing and performing A Christmas Carol since October.

            • No, you don’t really.

              You just stop being a full-time member of any band and you stop freelancing at anything with a dollar bill attached.

              DS is staying with Ex; the way my cold is progressing today, I’ll be lucky to be awake at midnight; and the NYD party is 50-50 unless I rally. I hope everyone else has a better time than I will.

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